The Redeemer of Vice City

by LUiS Thompson 23 days ago in fantasy

"When we suffer, we suffer in silence, and the world likes it that way."

The Redeemer of Vice City

Long ago before the earth was created, the fate of the balance of strong energies had begun undergoing a true transition. Both positive and negative needed to find balance among each other. As the war for humanity's soul raged on for countless centuries, every four hundred years or so a new warrior on each side of good and evil was able to be chosen. Legends of mystic and powerful warriors coming together in order to participate in a competition of sorts, somewhat known as a tournament, were held in high regard throughout Earth’s history.

Scouting the entire planet for suitable warriors of Light, those in charge of Heaven's army would chose one warrior fit for God's army. For the new chosen warrior of good that would be chosen, a rare and aggressive blood cancer of a particular college student would be the specific calling card for true redemption. A college student named Eerin Davonte entered a Miami-Dade bus stop known as The Angel Station one night, the flashing lights of heaven itself began to open to him from a light post above. The college student's life was changed forever when Heaven decided to abduct Eerin for all the extreme righteous reasons at hand. The voice of an angelic woman began to speak out to Eerin; she had a silhouette completely made of light, her aura was bright indigo. She began to explain how the battle between good and evil originated in his world and how the decisions at the moment would truly decide everything. The warrior of evil Hell decided to choose was named Spawn.

The angelic woman spoke cautiously on the latest Hell-Spawn, who had been seeking killers and murders to be collected for the army of the dead. The voice went on to explain how The Angel Station first became. It was originally known as the Orbital Station One, once used as a space station which orbited Earth. The Angel Space Station once was inhabited by two Heavenly essences which hollowed out the bodies of humans, and used their corpses as host for the coming battle. The angelic voice went on to explain how the Heavenly began to retrieve the Elemental Fire from the Avenging Archangels of Miami, Florida. She continued to explain that by using Heaven's power for the purpose at hand, this burning power would allow someone such as Eerin to become the next Anti-Spawn. After conversing with Eerin, the beings from up above would transport Eerin back to the space station on Earth in order to prepare him for the war that had already begun. In exchange for Eerin’s duty in protecting Earth from the evils of Hell, the powers of Elemental Fire would be bestowed upon Eerin. This Elemental Fire would not only allow Eerin to control the rare cancer living within him, it would allow Eerin to fight Hell's army in the coming days ahead. For the world could not begin to flourish with senseless wraith converting the world in it’s slime and filth.

With this heavenly power given to Eerin Davonte, the reincarnation of the Anti-Spawn had begun. To Eerin, the fact that he was constantly in and out of hospitals due to the aggressive flare ups of his lymphatic system was keeping his mind from the true legacy at hand. He was on a suicidal mindset when he happen to sit down at that Angel Station that night. Yet on his way to the station, he gave himself to the Lord’s bidding, eventually seeing the Heavenly light itself. Waking up in a daze, Eerin found himself asleep at the Angel Station, as if nothing had happened. However, the strange slightly glowing mark that wrapped around Eerin’s right arm had told him the strange vision or dream he had encountered was in fact reality now.

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