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The Other Side of Astrology

by Velvet Aura 2 years ago in astronomy
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A sympathetic perspective to the trade of star-studying.

Photo: Unsplash - @dulgier

I'm a 'spiritual hipster,' so I obviously believe in horoscopes. Do I have Co-Star? Yes... Do I know more than just my sun sign? Yes... But do I actually have a significant understanding of Astrology? No! Although, here at Velvet Aura, we've primarily been focusing on Tarot and Crystals, we don't want to be limited to those subjects - we want to talk about all things spiritual... so lets get talking!

So... I ended up having a little chat with Fiona Jane, Astrologer-extraordinaire, to get to know more (yes I'm aware I sound like a cringe-worthy TV presenter...)! Jane talked me through the basic, foundational understanding of the subject, and theeen we got into some juicy stuff! Within only a few minutes, we ended up diving deep into the subject, analysing the conjoining and aligning of planets, planets being in different houses, and more! Honestly, I'm not surprised how deep we got... we are talking about outer-space.

(me, in space)

I thought I would dedicate this article to exploring the world of Astrology, and it's reputation, a little more. So if you are on the same page as I was, originally, then you'll be all caught up for the JUIIIICY article to come! If you want to have a better understanding of the 101 of Astrology, Fiona Jane is totally open for people hitting her up in the DM's on Instagram - @fionajaneastrology. She offers an amazing starter pack, giving you the chance to align your personality traits to the planets all the way up there!

Now, let's talk about horoscopes.

Horoscopes tend to be what draw people into the world of Astrology, and for a lot of people, that's where they stay. A lot of magazines don't tend to explain that there's more to you than your sun sign, (Honey don't let them get to you! There is more to you than that!).

Jane further discussed with me that a horoscope is like a tasting sample of an Astrologer's work. 'Like what you see? Come and work with me!' kind of situation. I totally get it, Astrologers gotta make money too, right? Plus, Astrology is one of the areas of spirituality that really does require an education of the subject! That time and effort spent learning the trade should be rewarded!

Wanna hear something really cool though? When it comes to writing horoscopes, Astrologers focus on not only the Sun sign...but the Ascendent/Rising sign, as well, due to the sign influencing your attitude and how your vibe is viewed by others! More for me to read about ME?! Yes, please, thank you very much! So next time you're checking up on your weekly reading, be sure to read about the sign that represents your Ascendent/Rising, too!

more to read about ME?!

Why are people pessimistic when it comes to believing?

Sticking with the subject of horoscopes... although they're tasting samples, they can also be their own worst enemy. As the readings aren't analysing your whole chart - plus if you weren't aware of that - it does end up coming across kinda vague... not because that the written work is trying to please everyone, but because there's genuinely is way more to you! So, if the reader is a naturally pessimistic person (or as they like to say, realistic...) then the tragedy commences... the unknowing of the true lengths horoscopes can go to ends up fuelling belief's downfall. So if you're a pessimist, now that you know that there's more to horoscopes than what you may have thought... let's turn that frown upside down and get a little more onboard with the train of optimism!

Jane spoke to me about her struggles with people who don't believe in her trade. Commonly deciding to rear away from the subject when in conversation, Jane finds that it's best not to bring it up when she can easily predict their response: 'Oh, well I don't believe in that.' Automatically shutting the door to what could be a fascinating eye-opener! But oh well, we don't blame you for avoiding the subject Fiona Jane! Protect your energy!

protect that energy

She also planted a thought that I hadn't considered before. Yes there is science and mathematics related within the study of the stars, but there's a layer of understanding the metaphysical, as well. That's where Astrologers tend to lose people. It made me think...if scientists can believe in gravity, magnetism, all these processes that the human eye can't naturally see... then why must it be such a stretch to give the metaphysical world a chance? I mean... these are huge planets we're talking about! If the moon can have an effect on the ocean, creating waves, then why on earth do people find it hard to think that it can't have an effect on us as well! I'll go on protest walks... socially distancing or on zoom... if anyone wants to join.

It made me think...

But... why is Astrology important?

This is actually quite a big question, pushing an Astrologer to think about whether what they do is important. To respond, Jane told me a story: joint-hustling as a gardener, one of Jane's clients is a 'baptist, G-d-worshiping' lady. Jane would take note of the Zodiac signs within this client's family, and would then try and further make conversation about it to be friendly. As mentioned before, Jane would be faced with the automatic response, 'Oh, well I don't believe in that. I only believe in G-d.'

'...yes but G-d created everything?' Jane replied.

Anything that exists in this world is yours for the taking. Anything that you encounter along your journey of life is there for you to unravel and discover. Is it meant to be valuable for this world? Who knows? Like literally, who knows? So, considering that none of us really know the answers, we might as well study whatever's thrown our way, to help make connections from one thing to the next. Take subjects, such as Astrology, into consideration to increase your understanding of yourself, and the world around you. I sometimes find that learning about myself from a different perspective sparks my intuitive voice in my head, telling me something new about myself to digest that I hadn't heard before.

go on, surprise yourself.

Have an interest for getting to know yourself a little more? Want to learn more of yourself from a different perspective, conjoining theories from one to the other? Hit up Fiona Jane on Instagram (@fionajaneastrology), and she can help begin your astrology journey!

- Robyn xx


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