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It's the Turn-Around 20's

by Velvet Aura 2 years ago in humanity
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the new 90's are upon us... same but different.

yes they are.

I don't know about you but I'm getting that feeling that the attitude of the 90's are creeping back in... at least to the UK. I'm not talking so much about the excessive drug usage or 3-day benders... even though that's gotta take some type of strength that is commendable (perhaps not the type that we're trying to channel nowadays, but it's still something to look at in awe and say 'damn Universe, that's a hella lot of energy'). I'm talking more about the character, the mind-set, the approach to things that the youth of the 90's would have. The general character of the decade was so juicy and big, you feel as if you'd be on a huge sugar high from it that lasts years. Their uniqueness of everyone's personalities really stood out, and that's what I feel is going to come back.

People didn't give a fuck about what anyone else thought about them in the 90's. I mean, look at the Gallaghers, Nirvana, Paula Yates with her interview with Michael Hutchence?! People would let out their emotions when they were feeling them, whether it be angry af, happy as a clam, king-of-the-world-like, or just extremely turned on (let's also not forget Sex and the City first aired in 1998, no likely heavily influenced and encouraged by the openly sexual culture throughout the decade).

Ancient Greek-style living, when it comes to loving, is such a fucking vibe, and the 90's was definitely on that wave. The open and direct emotions of the time is so admirable, and is something that a lot of us (at least in the UK) have lost quite a lot of. I'm not talking about the topic of sexuality choice; I'm proud that that journey has still grown to this day. I'm focusing more on our ability to express our present feelings, as that has become challenging to quite a lot of us, through culture, and new advancements to our culture (i.e. social media - duuh).

A lot of you reading this will just relate this high expression of emotion to my previous point: excessive drug usage and 3-day benders. As this is true, don't forget I'm not talking about the cause of this behaviour, I'm talking merely of the actual presence of it at all. As long as we get to that phase, we're good, and I feel we have another way to cause people to do that.

So, the 'another way'... I feel a change in the wind, and I don't think I'm the only one either. Prior to the lockdown regulations from COVID-19, and throughout them, people are starting to do more inner work. They're coming back round to actually take the time to give more spiritual practises a chance, before they quickly reject them. These reconnecting-with-the-self journeys are the key, I think, to giving these 'Turn-Around 20's' the 90's flavour.

woohoo all for the inner growth.

Memes about star signs have helped people actually grow an interest in astrology. Co-Star has made knowing your whole chart become more trendy and sleek. People are going back to using bricks for phones because it's the 'cool thing to do.' Even the new music being released is giving us clues: not so much clout, bitches, racks...but more groovy, loving, happy songs again (i.e. Dua Lipa in general, Drake's Toosie Slide, Bazzi's ode to Renee in Renee's Song). All these spiritually positive things are happening, and I'm feeling more vulnerable (in a good way) and care-free because of it.

Lessons about following your gut are being valuable again. If you wanna manifest some mula, you totally can (law of attraction 101), you don't need to enslave yourself to get it. Spending more time doing activities like earthing, and stuff like breathing in the fresh air (heard of that one?), whether it be on a field of grass, or by an idyllic beach, is totally beneficial. Not only just 'cause, but also for following your body, staying connected to the bigger picture.

Letting yourself follow your emotions rather than bottling them up is award worthy. We're coming back to remembering that we're all connected, so falling in love is allowed to be easy. You're allowed to lose complete privacy with someone, because you're not 'losing,' you're actually gaining so much more. You're allowed to remember that love is also for yourself, so if you do not fuck with someone, then you can tell them to fuck off (simple). We're out here trying to make these stories of our lives, and we're getting back to the essence of not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks, without even needing 'excess drug usage and 3-day benders.'

I don't know about you but I'm excited...


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