The Law of Attraction and Getting What You Want.

Cars, success, and a loving partner. These things are possible to obtain with the Law of Attraction.Through a change in mindset, what you want will be yours.

The Law of Attraction and Getting What You Want.

The universe we live in is made of energy. Everything we perceive is energy in some form or another, even our thoughts. All energy has a vibrational frequency, vibrating at a specific rate. We as beings transmit different frequencies of vibration into the universe. Our vibrations attract energies with the same vibrational frequency. This means that attitudes, emotions and even our thoughts that can raise or lower our vibrations that attract different energies to us, which in turn alters the physical world through its manifestation.

By raising our vibrational frequency we can attract the things we want.

The Mechanisms Behind It

As noted before, everything is energy, from the device you are reading this from to the cup of coffee I am drinking whilst writing this article. When we think, feel, or believe in something we affect the physical world and receive the result. The Law of Attraction works through changing your vibrations and your mindset. When we state our desire we must picture in our head and act accordingly. Rather than focusing on the lack of something, we should focus on the abundance of it.

For example, you are looking to become fit, instead of focusing on how you cannot run five km or bench press 100kg, you should focus on how it feels to be strong and healthy.

Through focusing on the abundance of our desire and positive thought, we raise are vibrations and attract that which we desire. If we were to do the opposite and focus on what lack or on the negative thoughts we have, we lower our vibrations and thus do not attract what we want and in fact attract that opposite.

The Law of Attraction also requires us to take actions for ourselves, which stands to reason energy does not change its form until it is acted upon. To take our fitnesses example again, we need to take the steps in order for use to achieve our goal, munching potato snacks on the sofa is not an option.

Through modifying our mindset and understanding our desire, the easier it becomes to manifest what we want. During the manifestation process, we will see signs that it is working they maybe small, but they are there.

Tips to Make The Law of Attraction Work

Be aware of your negative thoughts

The Law of Attraction functions on raising your vibrations; by staying positive your vibrations will be raised. In order to stay positive, you will need to be aware of what you are thinking. Negative thoughts and old routines of thought have the power to bring you down. By being aware of this you can take actions to maintain your positivity, knowing what triggers negative thoughts allows you to find the source and turn them to positive thoughts. Activities that bring you joy and happiness allow you to raise your vibrations, for example being creative, listening and singing to music you like, appreciating something beautiful, and even daydreaming.

And In Psychological Terms

In psychological terms, mindset is an important factor in how we view our reality and how we behave. By envisaging our desire and acting upon it, we are focusing our minds upon the desire. In short, we are creating motivation for ourselves. Through focusing on the positive we are creating a bias that allows us to view our reality in a more positive light, making us more open to new experiences and opportunities. We naturally look for reinforcement and want to feel that we are making progress. When we are invoking The Law of Attraction, we are also taking on a role. If we desire to be fit we take on the role of someone wanting to be fit, to do this we take actions like buying new trainers, a gym card and going to the gym in order to become fit.

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