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The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

The First UFO Sighting in Modern Times

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting

The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24th, 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine shiny unidentified flying objects flying past Mount Rainier at speeds that Arnold estimated at a minimum of 1,200 miles an hour.

What makes the Kenneth Arnold sighting unique is that it is the first sighting in modern history that started the momentum which leads up to the UFO movement of today. Throughout history, you can go back and find written entries, pictures, paintings etc...pertaining to UFO sightings. No single sighting started a collective movement, though. They are just recorded throughout history.

The Kenneth Arnold sighting helped evolve UFO sightings because:

  1. Aviation was entering the Jet era and the general public was starting to fly regularly on commercial airline flights, so flying was becoming more commonplace and things pertaining to flying in the sky were of greater interest.
  2. The crash at Roswell, NM occurred during June of 1947. Though information traveled much slower back during that era, the fact that these two events occurred almost simultaneously make that June 1947 era more recognizable than other sighting timeframes.
  3. Kenneth Arnold was a pilot, which tended to give it some credibility, as he was able to witness it from the sky and not from the ground, looking up as most sightings had occurred prior to that one.
The Kenneth Arnold sighting prevents evolving UFO sightings because:
  1. Kenneth Arnold's level of aeronautical and astronautical understanding was very limited, as were most professionals in the aviation industry at that time.
  2. This was something very new to the civilian population. Possibly someone had heard about one or read about one, but rarely was there any connection between a sighting and the news spreading with collective momentum. This sighting changed that and there were rashes of sighting after it and people collectively began to discuss them, though they were not professionally directed and careened into the area of a being considered nonsense or delusional.
  3. The Air Force coincidentally did not come into existence for three more months until September of 1947. At that time, the Army Air Force would tell pilots in WWII they might see Foo Fighters (resembling what Arnold described), so they were not able to provide any insight into UFO sightings. Note: that 70 years later, the military is still claiming to have no idea what these things are, yet the public still turns to them every day looking for an answer.
From this sighting, the terms Flying Saucer or Flying Disc were coined due to the shape of the craft. It wasn't until a few years later, in the early 1950s, that Edward Ruppelt would coin the term UFO for the Air Force to help better define what it was they were experiencing.Modern day UFO sightings have been denied every single time since this sighting by the military. It is as if they just rubber stamp every single incident and say "NO" because saying "Yes" will create a paradigm shift on the planet and, for a host of unknown reasons, they will not elaborate on why that is not on their agenda in the foreseeable future to disclose.What is unfortunate is that the civilian sector just keeps plodding along, sighting after sighting, military denial after military denial, without trying to figure out for themselves what is really going on. Possibly going back and looking at this sighting with the advantage of 70 years of aeronautical and astronautical experiences to reflect from, one might be able to redirect the course of UFO sightings and get the military to provide a more technically accurate analysis benefiting everyone involved.

For example, one might ask: "Are the vehicles actually flying, or are they transiting the Earths atmosphere, yet violating Bernoulli's principle?" Possibly, the vehicles are vectating (Vectored Levitation) and a new term needs to be created to replace UFO since the vehicles may not actually be flying.

The civilian or public sector needs to take the lead in the science of the study of Volutes (the technical name for these objects) and use the terms "volutologist" and "volutogy" in place of "ufologist" and "ufology." Until then, sadly, the best we are going to get is the redundant sighting/denial pattern and read throughout history, as if it is a lore, rather than discovering the dynamic reality of what these craft are doing violating our airspace.


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