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The Final Advantage

Precious Memory

By Lamar WigginsPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 11 min read
The Final Advantage
Photo by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash

My grandfather used to tell us stories about aliens and how to find them. It was all legend supposedly, cept I was the gullible one. My name is Manuel Sanchez, and this is my incredible story.

One group of aliens that was the focal point of my grandpas’ stories were called the Donado. They were supposedly from the Andromeda galaxy. Planet earth was part of a vacation package that was available to their citizens. Grandpa taught us a signal they used when they were ready to be picked up. He used a mirror and a flashlight to create the signal. He told us if we were ever on top of Mt. Atwaztixcate to flash the signal and they will automatically transport you to the mother ship which was a permanent satellite of the moon, we just cannot detect it. The Donado allegedly have waystations throughout our solar system so they can visit various planets in our vicinity.

In the late 90’s I planned a trip to Mt. Atwa; I called it that for short. I went there alone for the fact that my friends and family did not share my belief that the earth was teeming with extra-terrestrials visitors.

It took a half a day to get to the top of the mountain. It was about 2pm when I first decided to try the signal. I found a nice clear spot with just a few trees. I took out the mirror and used the sun, I found a good angle and began to flash it using my right hand to hold the mirror and my left to cover and uncover it like my grandpa showed us. I must have repeated the signal close to 100 times, pointing it in different directions in the sky. I even tried with the flashlight. Just as I expected nothing happened. I was not disappointed but was on edge since I did not know what I would do if did work. I walked around till about 7:30. That is when I found a very peculiar tree stump. It was normal except the fact that no one comes up here so there was little need to cut down trees for firewood. Also, there was a strange metallic color painted across the center of the stump in the shape of an X. I did not think much of it at first until I found several others. I located a total of 16 stumps in about 2 acres of land, all with the identical marks on them. At first, I figured that lumberjacks must have marked these spots for future work in that area. Then I thought, what if this is some sort of map for the Donado. It was almost 8:30 in the evening so it was time to set up my one-man tent before the sun left me for the day. After setting up the tent and having a snack I grabbed my flashlight and headed back over to the stumps. The closer I got I could see that the exes on the stumps were glowing in a dull gray color. I instantly got goosebumps and froze in my tracks. I then began hearing some rustling of leaves and twigs breaking. Someone was out there amongst the stumps. I got down low to the ground and just watched. I began seeing some flickering light toward the middle of the stump arrangement. The flickering was awfully close to my signal except mine was slower. All the sudden a red shockwave of light radiated from the center of the stump display, it swirled and swirled for a few seconds then stopped completely and was gone. I saw a shadowy figure step down from one of the stumps, it began rustling through the leaves and then disappeared. The question as to how I would feel was answered. YES! I was SCARED! I began inching my way back to the campsite, but I couldn't see the fire. What happened to it? Even if the flames died, I should still be able to see the coals. I was not going to use the flashlight since that might attract unwanted attention. Instead, I sat there and thought for a minute. “Someone obviously knows I’m here. They put out the fire. I can’t go back now, I came here to meet them, right?” That was the little pep talk I gave myself.

I took a deep breath, walked to the center of the arrangement and flashed my signal faster than normal. Within seconds the red light was back, it began to pulsate and blinded me. What was I thinking, I should have worn goggles or something? I couldn't even see my hands in front of my face. Next, I had the sensation of spinning. In fact, I know I was spinning because my arms and legs were being forced outward. After becoming nauseated from so much spinning I finally stopped. Where was I? I slowly opened my eyes to blurred vision. I was then grabbed by the arm and lead into a small room. I said, “Who are you?” A female voice answered and said “Shhhhh! Quiet, can you see yet. I said “No, not really”. She sprayed something on my face and slowly my vision began to sharpen to reveal a human like form. She was lovely. Her skin was a fiery red mixed with orange, her eyes were green and looked like human eyes, she had no hair but did have blue oval marks on her head, kind of arranged like a leopard's spots. She said “what are you doing here, how do you know the signal? You must leave at once unless you want your entire life erased.” I said, “I wanted to meet one of your kind. What is your name?” She appeared to be a bit bashful but uttered the sound She ace sa. I told her I was glad and honored to meet a real alien. She said, “Okay, now that you’ve met me, you must leave at once.” I said, “What’s the big rush, can’t you show me around.” She returned with. “The council forbids interaction with Urantians, or earthlings as you call yourself. As soon as your noticed you will be returned without your memory. It has always been a mystery as to how your kind makes it this far. The council believes that one of our kind is what you call an outlaw and is out there leading you to us. That is one of the reasons why your memory will be erased. Your memory is first read to see if you have ever encountered an outlaw, then it will be sold on our equivalent of your E-bay. You are then returned with permanent amnesia, therefore never finding your way back here.” I said, "Well, isn’t that already going to happen". She spoke, “I will only erase the memories associated with how you got here. I am not interested in your other memories” I didn’t want any of my memories erased so I offered a solution. I said, “What if I PROMISE to never come back, I only want to do this one time”. She remained silent for a while as she continued to twist some knobs on a console type thing. She turned to me with a devilish look and said, “There is one way you can stay for a while but in the end, you won’t remember any of it”. I said, “where do sign?”. That statement confused her, I guess she missed the course in earthling humor. Anyway, she led me to a booth. She said in order to blend in I would have to be fitted with a biochemical suit that they use when one of her kind is injured. The process took about an hour. When I emerged, she handed me a mirror, smiled and said, “I like you like this”. I myself was a little freaked out. I was completely covered in white scales. Every human hair on my body was removed. The pupils of my eyes were yellow. It was the makeover of the century. We rehearsed the story we would use when I interacted with others. She said my name was Kaigit (Pronounced Kye Jit), her friend from the supra star system. I was involved in an intergalactic accident during a delivery. She also said if I was caught, I was on my own. I really didn’t care at this point I was intrigued. I wanted to see, I wanted to know how they live.

We spent a lot of time together, mainly at her job. Everyone except members of the council were required to work 100 days a year. Their entire society is skilled at a lot of things. This time around she was elected to be a gate keeper and was working the night I was transported up. The Donado enjoy visiting the earth for obvious reasons and are here daily. The view of our planet from their vantage point is utterly amazing. It however does not compare to the view of Jupiter. This planet is colossal in comparison to the earth and the color scheme is amazing. She can visit any planet in our solar system via virtual reality, with no goggles necessary.

One night at the casino (Yes, they have casinos. They borrowed that and many other entertainment ideas from us.) I watched members of the council as they gave a demonstration of a helmet device. They placed it on a human-like dummy. When powered up, a halo of electricity that looked like white noise began hovering inches above the dummy’s head. This device was a memory extractor. Apparently, you can watch the memories as they are being extracted. Once the process is complete you then put on the helmet to watch and even experience the memories. That night I learned how they were getting their memories. Members of the council were deliberately sending outlaws to earth for the purpose of leading earthlings to them. The Donado government forbade the council from directly abducting humans, so they devised a way to attract us through our curious choices. Once here, they are allowed to take our memory so that the age-old question of whether there is life beyond our planet remains a mystery. Was my grandpa an outlaw? Was he working for them? I confronted She ace sa with the info about the council, she ignored me. I continued to voice my thoughts, she continued to ignore me. She then abruptly said. “I’ve arranged it so you can stay a little longer”. I said, “Did you hear anything I just said!”. She answered, “YES! And there is nothing we can do about it. The extractions have become a natural part of the balance an order of things, I’ll explain later. First you need to get a biochemical lab, your scales are starting to fall off”. She was right, it had been 8 days and my hair growing back was starting to push the scales off. On our way there we noticed 4 guards a small distance behind us a. Then 4 guards appeared in front of us. I was about to be apprehended for impersonating the Donado. She ace sa completely abandoned me, she said I forced her into everything that happened.

I was led to a cell where I spent the next 2 days peeling off scales and trying to remember every good thought I ever had because they soon will belong to some alien collector… I did have One Final Advantage though. She ace sa was starting to like me. I could tell by the looks she gave me. Our cultures may be worlds apart, but body language is universal. On the eve of the second day, I began hearing her voice. I looked to the left and right, I looked all around for her but never saw her but continued to hear her voice. I figured she must be communicating telepathically so I listened. “Manuel, Manuel, pay close attention to what I say. In ten minutes, they are going to come in here and take you to a master extractor. Your next memory will be on a park bench in Stanton’s Park 3 miles from your home. We will never see each other again. I will remember you, you will NOT remember me. The reason they have not yet taken your memory already is because the one who purchased it wants to be here for the extraction and he just arrived. You were right about one thing though. You do have One Final Advantage". With that said, out of the shadows she appeared and without warning kissed me on the lips. She then took two steps back, never taking her eyes off me. Within seconds I began to see the same pulsating red light, it quickly surrounded me and was constantly getting brighter. My vision slowly began to fade until I could no longer see the face of an angel that I have become accustomed to.

My next memory was being at Stanton’s Park, sitting across from my grandpa on a picnic bench. Wait! I could still remember everything. My memory was intact. I looked into my grandpa’s eyes, we smiled and then he said. “Now the real lessons begin.” My grandfather was also lured to the Donado, he made a deal with them. In exchange for his memories, he agreed to lead 5 humans to them which makes him an outlaw. He said I that he only told us those stories when I was a kid to scare us, like a good ghost story would. He didn’t know I would take him seriously. The council will eventually figure out what happened, and I trust She ace sa will be okay, she is a brilliant personality. In the meantime, I am considered a fugitive. I will be hunted for the precious stuff in my head. Not my brain but for something that I call mine and belongs to be. I created them and they are supposed to last a lifetime. Memories are invaluable. No matter how mundane life can be you always have the control to recall and relive the good times with the amazing power of memory...


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Lamar Wiggins

Creative writer in the Northeast US who loves the paranormal, mystery, true crime, horror, humor, fantasy and poetry. Take a chance, you'll be thoroughly entertained.

"Life is Love Experienced" -LW


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