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The Evolution of Writing and the Relevance of Vocal Media

by Moshiur Rahman 7 months ago in literature
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Vocal Media is a glaring example of the massive evolution in the form of writing.

It is not doubt that platforms like Vocal Media has revolutionized the publishing industry

The ancient human race has struggled hard and took a long time to discover the gift of language which has also made this great creature unique in this planet. The endowment of language is only unique to humans. After birth, a child first starts to develop the listening from the surrounding. Then, after around one and a half year , it starts to speak, utterng the sounds which it has already installed into its brain so far. From this point of view, it is clear that humans have developed the art of writing long after they had developed the varbal language.

Humans' first endeavour to write was found to be inscribed on stones. The probable and primary reason was maybe preserving their message for the next generations or for reusing those next time whenever necessary. That is why they always chose something hard to write on. Stones and metals were their first choices.

How much challenging it was for the ancient humans to make pens? Certainly, they didnot have ink to write on. They used to write with pointed objects so that they could inscribe the symbols on the surface. There were dozens of symbols they used to communicate with. With the intention to standardise the written symbols, they fixed the specific ones known as the alphabet in a language. The machanism inbuilt inside of us are really favourable to make a language. That is why we have hundreds of languages around the globe.

People had to go through cubersome and intricate processses before they had invented ball point pens and smooth papers. Even just few years back, not any educational activities was deemed possible without pen and paper. But in most recent developments, we have seen the trends of how quickly online educationa and exams are becoming popular.

Time has changed. We can now write pages after pages, forgetting the papers and the pens. Even it will be very difficult for many to remember when last times s/he used pen and papers to write something. The most interesting thing is that we can write now even without using a key board. If we know how to use the voice command, we can talk and writing is done instantly by the software. We can talk in any languages because the translator can translate any words and sentences. That is also an added advantage. People's efforts have been saved a lot in terms of time and energy.

The editing task in the past was a lot more time consuming and tough. Writers used many forms like writing the same story multiple times for the fulfillment. When they had tape recorder, they recoded it and listened multiple times until it became as per their aspirations. Another popular form was to choose a specific group of audience to whom the authors used to present their writings for constructive feedbacks. Erasing and retyping have made the task of writing much easier. Softwares like spell-checkers and grammar checkers have made the writers more confident about their writings.

We are now writing on the Vocal Media, one of the most modern forms of writing platform, containing whole lot of facilities for writing. We have everything ready here, the audience, publishing platorm and the rewards. The platform has connected the whole world. One can easily add any kind of pictures and videos in one's writings. It depends on how much creative one may become.

What would be the future of writing is not known. It is being evolved very quickly. The good news is that platforms like Vocal Media has been able to stop the decreasing trends of reading habits among the young generations. It is now proven and evident that folks have lost their reading habits because of gadgets, social networking sites and youtubes and musics.

The best thing I always feel about Vocal Media is that It gives me immense pleasure while I write something. It is a great time pass and a means of great satisfaction that the time on Vocal Media is spent in a creative task that is good for my mind, brain and soul. That a lot Vocal Media for doing something positive for the whole world and for the greater well being of the mankind.

Thanks a lot for reading this article. If you love this, please leave me a heart. Tips are not necessary but a great encouragement to create more.


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Moshiur Rahman

My mother tongue is not English. But I like to imagine, think and write in English just because it is my passion and I love to do that.

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