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The Evolution of Industrial Maintenance: What The Future Holds?

by Kurtis Wilcox about a year ago in tech

Future industrial maintenance trends

The Evolution of Industrial Maintenance: What The Future Holds?
Photo by Crystal Kwok on Unsplash

Maintenance management is one of the most burning topics when it comes to industrial maintenance. In general, industrial maintenance, also referred to as plant maintenance, came a long way ever since the First Industrial Revolution changed the world by transferring manual production to machines using steam power.

Ever since, people from various industries gave their best to cut expenses, optimize processes and operations, and increase profit.

Industrial Maintenance

Over time, various industry leaders discovered that maintenance is the key when it comes to sustainability and lower costs. Applying best practices to increase equipment uptime in a manufacturing environment, tracking, right replacement, and proper information at the right time are essential for avoiding any roadblocks in the production process.

Fast industrial development and better maintenance practices lead to the evolution of manufacturing industry standards, various tools, and unique approaches that can help numerous industries save money and fasten their processes.

Now, when everyone knows just how important regular and preventive maintenance is, people want to know what is next?

Thanks to globalization and industrial networking, various tools and solutions are shared daily, and best practices are continuously implemented throughout the process of maintenance. So, what's the next step for industrial maintenance?

The Future Is Already Here

People are often so focused on the unknown and what the future holds, that they forget to look around and see what's trending now, right next to them.

Since the world is expanding thanks to technology, it comes as no surprise that the next big thing in industrial maintenance is already here.

The next big evolution step is simple to use, customized, and has a world-class high-performance. To many, this digital solution is known as software.

Software Support Isn't Expected, It's A Norm

The use of high-quality and user-friendly computerized solutions is mandatory. Therefore, software like automated maintenance management systems (CMMS) has helped move forward from corrective maintenance to more proactive and predictive strategies and actions.

These softwares are carefully designed to manage various activities, a mostly critical one, within maintenance management, including inventory control, work order management, cost management, and much more.

This is why the best CMMS software is the key when it comes to the evolution of industrial maintenance. The best part is that these solutions are already here, helping industries cutting their expenses.

CMMS Software Benefits for Industrial Maintenance

Did you know that 76% of manufacturing facilities follow a preventive maintenance strategy? It seems that it's always better to be safe than sorry.

To support this claim, the software is designed carefully to support work and improve operations. Below are listed the most common software benefits that one business can benefit from.

  • CMMS (Maintenance Management Software) meets the needs of today's managers - created to help them do their job faster
  • Brings the accuracy and consistency of information on equipment maintenance
  • Easy to use and adapt to various industries
  • Enables monitoring of financial implications of repairs
  • Better internal understanding of the company
  • Simplifies the work of administrators and technicians

The Possible Future Of Maintenance

With the continuous growth of digital transformation and constant evolution of innovations and business models, consumers now want more and expect more.

They want to interact with machines and use them as an extension of themselves to deal with manual work and things that can easily be outsourced, such as self-driving trucks.

Consequently, it's expected to see the boom of IoT (The Internet of Things) big data maintenance, supply chain collaboration, and virtual/augmented reality present in the aircraft maintenance industry but are slowly but surely finding their path into other sectors.


Kurtis Wilcox

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