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The Entire Run Of Star Wars Comics Is Available Online For Free

by A. Walter Cox 4 years ago in star wars / vintage / science fiction

Jedis and Siths rejoice! The full series of Star Wars comics is available online—for FREE!

40 years ago, one of the most amazing sci-fi comic book collections ever made debuted. Based off of the smash hit movie, the first round Star Warscomics first hit store shelves in July of 1977. They soon became the foundation of a number of major story arcs that would later get featured in movies — and also became major collectibles.

For years, getting your hands on Marvel's run of Star Wars was expensive—but now, this isn't the case. The entire run of Star Wars comics is available on Issuu, free of charge!

Enjoy the full collection here.

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A. Walter Cox
A. Walter Cox
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