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The Character I Really Want to See in 'Star Wars Resistance' Season 2

by Steven Shinder 11 months ago in star wars

It Would Be A Blast From The Past!

The Character I Really Want to See in 'Star Wars Resistance' Season 2
The Crimson Corsair in the trailer for Star Wars Resistance season 2. (Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm)

A trailer has finally dropped for the second season of the Disney XD animated show Star Wars Resistance, which is being advertised as the final season. The first season was somewhat of a slow burn, but it culminated in high-stakes events toward the end, pushing the characters in a direction that will be intriguing to see play out.

Star Wars Resistance season 2 trailer. (Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm)

Among the various things presented in the trailer, there was one shot in particular that caught my eye. At about 1:20 in the trailer, we see Sidon Ithano, also known as the Crimson Corsair. In The Force Awakens, he can be seen in Maz Kanata's castle. Finn considers leaving off-world with him and his crew.

Ithano was also featured in Landry Q. Walker's short story "The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku." Initially released December 1, 2015, this is my favorite of the short stories that were included in the collection Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens. So I am very excited to see the Crimson Corsair on Resistance, but with his presence comes my desire to see another particular character in the show. Be aware that in order for me to explain who it is, I'm going to have to spoil the aforementioned short story. So if you haven't read it, and would like to read it without being spoiled, go ahead and do so.

(Credit: Disney-Lucasfilm Press)

Within this short story, it is revealed that the clone trooper Kix from The Clone Wars TV series conducted his own investigation regarding the bio-chip discovered to be within every clone trooper (shown in the first arc of The Clone Wars season 6). As Kix learned more about the plan to have clone troopers destroy the Jedi, Count Dooku ordered for him to be kidnapped and interrogated. The Separatists froze him in a cryo-cycle stasis pod, and intended to ship him to Dooku's homeworld Serenno.

However, Republic forces encountered the cruiser carrying the pod and damaged the ship. To prevent Kix from falling into Republic hands, a battle droid called B1-CC14 made the jump to the desert world Ponemah, where the pod remained for half a century until it was found by the Crimson Corsair's crew. Not having anywhere else to go, Kix joined the pirate crew.

Kix in The Clone Wars. (Credit: Lucasfilm Animation)

Since then, we have only seen Kix in a panel of 2017's Star Wars Adventures Ashcan. It is pretty surprising that there has not been more Kix content, or even Crimson Corsair content within the past four years. One possibility (and this is just speculation) could be that Lucasfilm wanted to save the Crimson Corsair's crew for Resistance, and including them in earlier content might have risked contradictions with the show. With the Crimson Corsair now clearly on Resistance, it would be a great opportunity for Kix to return voiced by Dee Bradley Baker once again. With the inclusion of prequel aliens and Super Battle Droids (seen in the trailer), it doesn't seem too far-fetched for this clone trooper to appear on this show.

(Credit: IDW Publishing)

If Kix does not appear on the show, then there is the possibility that he could appear in another story, whether it be in comic, prose, or even video game form. Star Wars is a franchise where characters can re-emerge across various media. Just last week, the book Star Wars: Myths & Fables provided an update on a couple of characters from the now defunct mobile game Star Wars: Uprising. So there could be a place for Kix in something other than the show, but it would be great to see him onscreen. I remember that reading the short story made me wish that Temuera Morrison could have had a subtle cameo as Kix in The Force Awakens.

If Kix were on an episode of Resistance, he would surely have more screentime. One would have to explain how he looks the age that he does in this era, but I honestly believe that it would not require too much time to explain. Or perhaps with his Star Wars Adventures outfit, and how his hair looks, one would not even need to bring up the fact that he is a clone trooper within the show itself. But it would make for a bit of an interesting discussion with the show's characters.

Again, these are just hopes and speculation. We will just have to wait and see whether Kix returns. The new trailer promises that Resistance season 2 will already have some exciting things. But having Kix along for the ride would give the show an extra kick.

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