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The Astrology of the 2024 U.S. Democratic Primaries: Who Will Win?

Because Joe Biden isn't necessarily our only option

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 4 months ago 16 min read


Previously, I wrote about my predictions for the Republican primary but to establish a prediction for who will win the general election, we also need to look at the Democratic primary. Many people take Joe Biden to be the sole candidate but he is not the only one running (in fact, he doesn't even appear on the ballot in some states!). Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips are also running. While realistically, it is true that historically, no candidate within the same party has won a primary against a president running for their second term, the political climate is changing (perhaps partially as a result of astrological transits like Pluto in Aquarius) and given how many people are either unhappy about Biden's performance as president and/or concerned about his old age, it should not be considered an impossibility for another Democrat to gain traction. Although she isn't running, I have included Kamala Harris in this article, as well, because Biden's place in the race will also affect her stars, and as his Vice President, she will take his place if anything should happen to him.

This article is not about my opinions or who I want to win. I'll most likely vote for a third party candidate when the time comes (and I plan to write about their astrology next!), so I have no stake in this race. Instead, I intend to use astrology as objectively as possible in the service of making a prediction about the election's outcome, regardless of whether or not I am happy with it.

Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is, of course, the current President of the United States. He is also the former Vice President to Barack Obama and the former senator of the Delaware state. He was born on November 20th, 1942 at in Scranton Pennsylvania at 8:30 AM.

I have written extensively about his natal chart in the past and correctly predicted his win against Donald Trump back in 2020 (which of course lead Trump's fans club to accuse me of being a Biden supporter and a bad astrologer, hence the disclaimer in every political article I write) .

Joe Biden is a blunt and fun-loving, Sagittarius Rising, known for his "gaffes" which constantly get him into trouble. His ruling planet, Jupiter, is exalted in the sign of Cancer, an indicator of good luck, and a philosophy of caring/nurturing those less fortunate (especially since in the 8th house). Jupiter is, in turn, disposited by an exalted Moon in the sign of Taurus, showing an inner sense of stability and steadfast loyalty to the causes/people he cares about. That said, his Scorpio Sun and stellium (comprised of Venus, the Sun, Mercury, and a domicile Mars) in the 12th house indicates a secretive personality and a potential dark side, especially since square Pluto in Leo. Because Scorpio (along with its modern ruler, Pluto) is often associated with obsession, power and control, I suppose you could argue that Biden was destined to be a politician.

Joe Biden is 81 years old, which means he's currently in a 10th house profection year, putting the focus on his career, public image and overall life goals. His 10th house is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in the 12th house conjunct Sun/Mars, suggesting themes of secrecy and self-undoing, things that his job most likely involves. What does Joe Biden's Solar Return chart for November 2023-November 2024 have to say?

Joe Biden's Solar Return Ascendant is located in the confident, fun-loving and strong-willed sign of Leo. A Leo Rising is associated with leadership and celebrity-like status. However, it is ruled by the Sun conjunct Mars in the 4th house, placing a stronger focus on his home and family rather than his career. The Sun-Mars conjunction could, perhaps, indicate conflict in his personal life. Due to its rulership over the 9th house, it might also suggest a move or travel abroad. Alternatively, due to his unique position as president, this aspect could refer to concerns about an attack from a foreign enemy or war with another country.

Despite the heightened focus on home and family, his career, nevertheless, continues to maintain relevance. Both Jupiter (his natal Ascendant ruler) Retrograde and Uranus are located in the 10th house conjunct the Midheaven in Taurus. While Jupiter on the MC is normally interpreted as a lucky aspect, it's retrograde motion could suggest that this "luck" is misleading or Biden may start to feel like he's beginning to lose the luck he's had. Meanwhile, Uranus on the MC indicates sudden changes to his position, jolting shocks and surprises. However, this may have more to do with what is expected of him in his role than whether or not he wins another term, per se. I say this partially because the 10th house ruler is a well-placed Venus at home in the sign of Libra. Venus is in the 3rd house, making a nice sextile to Mercury (his natal 10th house ruler and the 11th/2nd house ruler of his SR) in the 5th, suggesting popularity and pleasant interactions with the common people, and increased popularity amongst young people, in particular.

Lastly, we need to consider the Moon in the 7th house, directly on the Descendant. This puts the focus on Mr. Biden's relationships, particularly his marriage but other relationships (such as his business partnership with Kamala Harris and perhaps, even diplomatic ties with other countries) as well. The Moon's t-square to Uranus in the 10th and Mars/The Sun in the 4th does show some conflict in his ability to get along with others. There could be conflict with his wife and this could potentially have a negative influence on his campaign.

Dean Phillips?

Dean Phillips is a businessman and U.S. representative for Minnesota known for his moderate views. He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on January 20th, 1969 but unfortunately, his birth time is unknown.

As with Republican candidate Nikki Haley who shares his birthday, this is especially troubling in his case, because he was born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius and the Sun could be either sign depending on the time. So, while we can take a look at his stars using noon chart, our analysis cannot go as deep as we'd like it to.

Born on Inauguration Day, Dean Phillips could either have an organized and ambitious Capricorn Sun or a creative and humanitarian Aquarius Sun. Either placement would be good for business and/or politics, although arguably an Aquarius Sun would be especially favorable, as it makes a trine to the South Node/Uranus/Jupiter in Libra, suggesting good diplomacy and an ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Likewise, he could either be an aloof and eccentric Aquarius Moon or an emotional and empathic Pisces Moon, depending on time of birth. That said, both Aquarius and Pisces energies exist in his chart either way. Venus in Pisces trine Mars in Scorpio suggests a compassionate nature and an ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Mercury in Aquarius indicates a intelligent mind and honest/open communication style, although when retrograde, could also indicate misunderstandings with others, which due to the square to Mars in Scorpio could lead to conflict.

Unfortunately, without a birth time, we cannot do a proper Solar Return reading. However, we can still look at what the stars looked like on his 55th (an 8th house profection year) birthday and go from there.

On January 20th, 2024, the Sun shifted into Aquarius while conjunct Pluto, both planets moving from 29 degrees Capricorn to 0 degrees Aquarius on the same day, an ingress believed to be era-defining. While a Sun-Pluto conjunction generally speaks to themes of power, influence and transformation, the transition to Aquarius, in particular, is predicted to bring major changes to society, and it seems that Dean Phillips may somehow be involved with these changes on a personal level. The two planets in Aquarius make a harmonious trine to the Moon in Gemini. Meanwhile, Jupiter in Taurus was sextile Saturn in Pisces, an indicator of hopes and dreams 'manifesting' into something real and concrete. However, the Sun's square to Jupiter does warn against hoping too high. Then, there's the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn which could suggest, harsh words, conflict, argument and/or deception. That said, without a birth time, we cannot read too much into any of these aspects.

Marianne Williamson?

Marianne Williamson is the New York Times-bestselling author of a series of New Age and self-help books, and the creator of a number of charities. This is her second time running for president, after losing to Biden in the 2020 Democratic Primary. She was born at 3:53 AM in Houston, Texas on July 8th, 1952.

Marianne Williamson is a smart, social and open-minded Gemini Rising. Known as the sign of the twins, Gemini Risings are known to have a variety of interests, a trait that Williamson most definitely displays, with her passion for both politics and spirituality. With her ruling planet, Mercury in the sign of Leo in the 3rd house, she communicates like a leader, confident in sharing what she thinks and always curious to learn more. Of course, Mercury's t-square to the Taurus Jupiter (ruling her idealistic Pisces MC) in the 12th and the dignified Scorpio Mars in the 6th could indicate conflict caused by over-confidence and impulsivity. However, Mercury is, in turn, disposited by the Sun in the emotional and nurturing sign of Cancer. The Sun is wedged right in between Uranus and Venus, forming a triple conjunction indicating a kind and loving but eccentric and rebellious persona. Interestingly, we can see this in the populism of her political views (i.e. Medicare for All, to use one example), which are considered "radical" and "controversial" despite - or probably because of - their emphasis on peace and power to the people. Located in her 2nd house of money and finances, these traits are most evident in areas of economics and materiality security, giving and receiving, as evidenced by her many non-profits (i.e. Project Angel Food, which gives food to homebound AIDS patients in Los Angeles). However, with the Sun disposited by a debilitated Capricorn Moon in the 8th house, she likely has had a fair share of her own personal struggles, which have likely made her stronger and more ambitious but could have also lent a more cold and calculating aspect to her nature.

At 71 years old, Marianne Williamson is in a 12th house profection year. The 12th house is traditionally associated with misfortune, isolation, seclusion and loss, although in modern astrology, it carries more spiritual associations. Natally, Marianne Williamson has a Taurus Jupiter (ruler of her Pisces Midheaven) in the 12th house, which is interesting because Jupiter is currently in Taurus, again, which means she is experiencing her Jupiter Return. The Jupiter Return is a transit that is often said to bring about good luck, although in the 12th house, that luck might be more private than public like the life of a politician would have it. On another note, her natal Jupiter is ruled by Venus conjunct the Sun (L3) in the 2nd, which could indicate that she's making money this year by connecting with people.

Interestingly, the 12th house is very prominent in Marianne Williamson's Solar Return. The Solar Return Ascendant falls into the proud and fiery sign of the leader, Leo, with Venus and Mars in the 1st house, indicating an attractive and magnetic presence. Since Venus rules the 3rd and 10th houses, career and connection takes center stage, while Mars ruling the 4th and 9th houses shows she'll be doing a lot of traveling to promote her campaign. However, the Ascendant is ruled by the Sun in the 12th, indicating isolation and loneliness, maybe even depression. All is not as it appears to be. Mercury is located in the 12th house of the Solar Return chart, as well, and ruling the 2nd and 11th houses, it seems that those who act as friends might actually be her secret enemies and there might be some betrayal regarding finances. Mercury's opposition to Pluto in the 6th house, can in particular indicate power struggles and deception in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the 12th house is ruled by the Pisces Moon in the 9th house, a positive placement indicating foreign travel, higher learning and spiritual growth, the conjunction to Neptune showing heightened sensitivity of the most positive kind, as well as increased imagination and perhaps, ( a good kind of) escapism. The Moon's trine to Mercury shows that she'll probably have some positive and genuine friendships, despite the fake ones. Despite the negative associations of the 12th house, Jupiter's conjunction to the Midheaven (overlapping with her natal 12th house!) indicates good luck and expansion in her career, while Saturn's conjunction to her natal Midheaven also indicates hard-earned success.

Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris is a former prosecutor, former presidential candidate and current Vice President of the United States to Joe Biden. While technically she isn't running for president at the moment, I thought it worthwhile to take a look at her stars, anyway, seeing that she is the Vice President and will be president should anything happen to Biden.

She was born on October 20th, 1964 at 9:28 PM in Oakland, California. I have written extensively about her birth chart in the past, prior to the 2020 general election.

With a Gemini Rising trine her Libra Sun, Kamala Harris is an intelligent individual with an ability to see all sides of an issue. This, along with an air sign's ability to connect with people, makes her quite skilled at law, politics and debate. Her Ascendant and Sun make a grand air trine to Saturn in Aquarius, blessing her with keen organizational and skills and success in managing the political world. Her ruling planet, Mercury, in the sign of Scorpio gives her a probing and investigate mind, and despite the apparent openness of her Ascendant-Sun trine, discreditation in regards to what she says. Born on a Full Moon in Aries, there is a fiery side to her, further indicated by her Leo Mars in the 3rd house. She is strong-willed and does not back down from a fight, although the exactness of the Moon-Sun opposition indicates tension between her internal feelings (authentic and aggressive) and outer appearance (fair and balanced).

Kamala Harris is 59 years old, which means she is currently in a 12th house profection year. The 12th house is traditionally known as "the place of bad spirit" and interpreted as an omen for hospitalization, exile, illness, etc. but in modern astrology, it often carries a more spiritual meaning. Her natal 12th house ruler is Venus in Virgo conjunct Pluto/Uranus in the 4th, placing the focus on home and family. With Pluto & Uranus there, there could be changes in her home, marriage or relationship with children or female family members. However, just like Marianne Williamson, she has Jupiter in Taurus (ruler of both her 7th & 10th houses) in the 12th house, meaning that she is currently experiencing her Jupiter Return, a transit typically associated with good luck.

Kamala Harris's Solar Return Ascendant is located in the meticulous and detail-orientated sign of Virgo with Venus, planet of love and beauty, in the 1st house. Venus rules the SR 2nd house, placing an emphasis on money and finances. This emphasis is further indicated by the Sun conjunct Mercury and the South Node in the 2nd house. Given the Sun's rulership over the profected 12th house, it unfortunately looks like there could be a loss of some kind. With Mercury ruling the 1st, as well as the 10th house, this could be a loss of her reputation or her high position. Loss and power struggles are also indicated by the Sun/Mercury's square to Pluto.

However, things aren't all bad. The Moon in the 5th places the focus on fun, creativity and possibly, time with her children. The Moon's trine to Jupiter/Uranus in the 9th house and Venus/ASC in the 1st is especially positive, indicating pleasant surprises and spontaneity. While it could be that a loss at work allows her to focus on the things that actually bring her joy, the position of the SR MC suggests otherwise, as it makes a conjunction with her natal ASC, placing a focus on professional goals. It's also worth noting that, as with Marianne Williamson, the SR Saturn is conjunct Kamala's natal MC, indicating hard-earned success. Meanwhile, her natal 12th house overlaps with the 9th house of the SR, where she is having her Jupiter Return, placing a focus on spirituality, learning and travel.

Election Day

The general election, which will officially decide whose president, will take place on November 5th, 2024. Looking at an event chart for this date is helpful, as it gives us a chance to look at the transits of all candidates.

As I previously wrote, the November 2024 election takes place on a waxing crescent moon, a phase emphasizing new beginnings. This is when we put in the first steps to implementing the intentions laid out during the new moon. . The Moon will be in Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled sign, suggesting a re-structuring of the organizations that govern society.

Capricorn's ruling planet will be retrograde in Pisces and trine the Sun in Scorpio. Bureaucratic matters are likely to be slowed down during this transit. Pisces is a sign often associated with idealism and it is likely that some of these politicians will be treated by their supporters as messianic figures, but the retrograde might expose this illusion for what it is.

Interestingly, Pisces ruling planet, Jupiter, will also be retrograde at this time, in the sign of Gemini and opposite Venus in Sagittarius. The luck of the stars may seem to reverse itself during this transit, particularly since Gemini is traditionally a sign of Jupiter's detriment. Gemini would rather have variety than to settle for one thing, and it's possible this transit could cause people to question our limited "choices" i.e. why is it that we insist on maintaining an outdated two-party system?

Furthermore, Mars will enter the sign of Leo, having just finished its transit through Cancer. Mars in Leo is associated with matters pertaining to royalty i.e. the king and queen, or in this case, the president. It could be that both the winning and losing candidate will feel a degree of pride or entitlement to the position, which will likely trigger up some dramatic and newsworthy moments. The coincidence of the general election date with the Mars ingress alone is a traditional omen of war, conflict and strife, and this is especially true in Leo (a fixed fire sign) and opposite Pluto.

So, that gives us a general idea of what to expect on election day, but how will these transits affect the democratic candidates more personally?

Joe Biden: Venus will be conjunct the Moon in the current president's 1st house, with Mercury on his Sagittarius ASC, sharpening his wit and communication skills. Given that Venus rules his 11th house of friends and supporters, this is a very good sign. However, transiting Uranus in Taurus opposite his natal Scorpio Sun/Venus which is a shock to the system. Meanwhile, Mars in Leo will be making an exact square to his natal Moon in Taurus. While this could represent his own anger, with Mars in his 9th house, I wouldn't be surprised if this transit represented strong ideological disagreements with the opposing party, protests, etc.

Dean Phillips: Pluto will conjunct this rising star's Sun, with an opposition from Mars in Leo. This is an indicator of major transformation and rebirth, both for himself and the country at large, but also an indicator of major conflict and disagreement.

Marianne Williamson: Oprah's spiritual advisor will also be experiencing some significant transits on that day. Jupiter RX in Gemini will be conjunct Ascendant, bringing with it good luck and a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Venus conjunct Moon on her DSC is a good aspect for partnership while Saturn trine her Cancer Sun helps her to get her shit together and stay on top of things. Also, Pluto conjunct the Moon presents a sign of inner transformation.

Kamala Harris: Our current vice president will also have Jupiter conjunct her Ascendant in Gemini but also, her North Node, as well, which is a sign of happiness and good fortune, but also a sign of growth. The Moon/Venus conjunct her SN and Descendant is good for partnership (such as her business partnership with Biden) while Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus brings a nice dose of serendipity to her life. However, Mars' entrance into Leo makes a square with her Mercury in Scorpio triggering a major battle of the wits between her and her opponents.


So, who will the winner of the 2024 Democratic primary be? It feels wrong to come to a firm conclusion about the destiny of Dean Phillips without a known birth time. Astrology aside, the polls do not seem to be leaning in his favor, and this tracks with what I said about the Sun's square to Jupiter on his birthday "warning against hopes too high" but who knows? He could surprise us, but even if he doesn't win, Pluto in Aquarius's conjunction to his Sun hails him as the leader of a new era, where incumbent presidents (and big-name candidates) will be challenged in years to come. As for Marianne Williamson, the 12th house focus in her Solar Return doesn't look so good, given it's the 12th house emphasis that led me to correctly predicting Trump's loss in 2020. However, the Solar Return's positive elements such as the well-aspected Moon in the 9th house, as well as benefic transits like Jupiter conjunct her ASC, lead me to think that she'll find her own success, anyway, rather than take a loss as a failure. Who knows, though? She could also surprise us. But realistically, I know Biden is the most likely winner and I will admit this has biased my astrological reading. Despite so many negative aspects, indicating challenges within his role and decreasing popularity, the 10th house focus with a dignified ruler suggests that for now, he'll remain in the public eye. It's possible that with the help of Jupiter, Kamala will wind up taking his place instead! However, due to conflicting transits from Mars, this doesn't necessarily mean either of them will win or make it to the White House.


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  • Toby Heward4 months ago

    Personally I believe biden doesn't have a chance in any way or fashion unless something unscrupulous happens.

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