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Take you into the inner world of Taurus part 6: victory over the demons of the heart for Taurus means victory

Comprehensive analysis of Taurus

By GiovanniPublished about a year ago 7 min read

I remember I wrote an analysis four years ago, what about my Taurus, which is divided into three parts, the brain, the inner, and the subconscious. I was able to write this kind of thing when I was 23 because I knew I was a particularly split person, what do you mean by split? Even when I'm doing this live now, I still have a voice in my head that keeps talking in my head, I just ignore him, so you should understand this kind of thing, and you don't want to pay attention to him, because that voice is really annoying, especially annoying how he says nothing good, huge annoyance. He is constantly sarcastic, demeaning, even in disgust, mocking you, what do you mean? For example, I saw a grandmother outside, I will go over to help her push, I just a push brain of this business you do to whom to see it? Really will be like this, people quarrel especially want to bow their heads, I know admit wrong, there are voices in my head, low what head ah, he scolded you like this, you still bow your head, do you want to shame it? It would have been very much like to bow down, very much like to apologize, mouth a pout, well, do not speak. In fact, I was thinking for a long time, this brain inside this thing in the end what is ah? Why is he doing this? No one knows why he is doing this, he is just constantly sarcastically mutating you.

Heart you disgust you, you are trying to move your feelings, you are trying to do good, you are trying to go talk to yourself, the brain will have a voice challenging to scold you. I'll be honest, I'm 28 years old now, I've just mastered how to fight it in recent generations, that's what I call the inner ningdom, do you know why the brain separates a voice out? Actually I said before, I said Taurus is a sign that likes to pretend especially because he is different inside and outside, right, they have a lot of thoughts, a lot of desires, but his subconscious and his brain think that this is not good, so he doesn't do it, he suppresses it, but these things he can't really suppress, he just suppresses it inside your brain, he doesn't give it out, so over time, the inner Taurus will Tranquil appearance under the production of a wicked, jumpy, aggressive and particularly strong a mind demon. You can say that Taurus's outer brain, subconscious and inner are trying to love the world, so he will not love enough to give him out of this thing, into a negative emotion, this negative emotion over time will form a demon.

In the heart, so I think this thing it is a collection of all the evil Taurus, if the Taurus external is a good to pure a manifestation of a contagious unity, but the inner demon is a self-evil self evil a thing, especially evil, this evil is evil, especially evil, but you have been pressing it, will be in a bad state one day, out of control when you let it slip out I also said that Taurus why a complacent, he will cause trouble, he just complacent, not to suppress his kind of evil, his whole person presents a reckless state, unpleasant, how to understand? I think this point of truth ah, as I speak ah, in fact, I am a very simple person, I think a lot of people's original nature and desire I have always retained, including when I was small, I like to tease him, I like to joke with me, why would I think this is a manifestation of intimacy, but I grew up and found no anger, I can not do so, but I would like to do so, I would think Am I wrong to do that? No, I wouldn't feel bad about it from the bottom of my heart, but I would use it.

In a different way to express, but in fact deep inside I still want to catch him, well, well, offend him, this is my inner thoughts and primitive desire, but he Taurus maturity, his external more and more mature, he more and more know what can do, what can not do, what can say, what can not say when he will be a lot of their primitive thoughts and impulses compressed, which In fact, Taurus he will be a very repressed person, because he does not know whether to listen to their own heart or listen to their own brain, very often, right, my first reaction inside leap, is surprised, is happy, is excited, but my brain tells me, you can not leap, can not be excited, can not be happy, as long as not clearly thought, Taurus is the face of a smile, this is a problem, is what I said, right? If you say there is a heart and brain even, Taurus there is a subconscious, Taurus body will be subconscious when empty, he as long as his heart and brain in opposition, his whole person is smiling, you do not say why did not think clearly, do not know how to say, so you say he is showing resilience? He will show his own capriciousness? Will show their own nature?

Showing his inner thoughts? No, because deep inside will tell him that this is not your deep inner thoughts, this kind of distortion is very difficult to deal with, he has an inner thought, and then the brain says you can't do this, and then inside you lie to yourself and say, eh, this is not an inner thought, you think wrong, you can't think like this, so these things he can't cut out, he can't vent out, it will become a voice, it becomes a kind of demon, in fact, you can't Say it is bad, can not say it is good, why? Because Taurus will often be unable to sleep at night, their own mind and their own demons battle head, the battle process, it will allow him to generate a lot of new inspiration and thinking, so this thing is not completely bad for him, will give him a lot of room for growth, because I think the vast majority of Taurus growth is because of this demon, jumped out to scold themselves, saying look at you this stupid Pussy, and offend people, that this year and test so little points ah, you, you mix to more than 20 years old, earn four or five thousand dollars a month, and then the gas does not break with him, and then found under the heart, I must grow, must be mature, must break through the self.

In fact, this is also ah, there is no advantage or disadvantage, because no matter what, this mind demon he will always be for their own good, you must be sure of this, he will not harm you, he will not advise you in the brain that, ah, you just lie down, you are a waste, he will not say so ah, he will say you are useless, you are not serious, you are not hard, you are too playful, you are lazy ah, is so ah, so he ah, although the mouth is cheap, but the heart is still quite good, this is true ah, I sometimes very negative, is to feel that they do not know why they are doing very tired when he scolded me, he has been scolding me, as long as the state is not good, small will always scold me, always scold me, always scold me, always scold me, that hard to me scold sober as if, and then sometimes why scold me I will I am very annoyed with the scolding, for example, I am playing a game, I did not write an article for two days, I am playing a game, playing and playing he scolded me in his heart, and said you still have the nerve to play the game, that night people are scolding you, that I scolded me especially annoyed, I intentionally put down, I went out running, why? Because I want to run to let you sober up a little, and then run two laps back ah, I think about it ah, write an article, and then also after writing, he began to praise me ah, quite happy, you can understand that he is your patron saint it.

So why I am now more and more serene, is because of this, I am reaching reconciliation with myself, really, this reconciliation will have to be a stage of life, there is a respect, there is a certainty, there is a satisfaction, there is a part of themselves, in order to make the solution and reconciliation.


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