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Take you into the inner world of Capricorn part 5: Capricorn's perception of emotions is meticulous

Comprehensive analysis of Capricorn

By GiovanniPublished about a year ago 5 min read

What is Capricorn's request? You can more friends friends will say ah, Capricorn is really special will ask ah, I went out with him to eat what he is listening to him, we both go out to play what is also listening to him, his birthday also took the initiative to talk to me, said his birthday to me to send him a gift, you this is to ask? Let me ask you a question, Capricorn birthday, and then implied that you said he was going to birthday, he is trying to ask you for it? No, he is afraid that you forget, he is afraid that you forget not to prepare a gift for him, he does not feel embarrassed, he is afraid that you are embarrassed by this. You really do not think Capricorn is so delicate people ah, but Capricorn is really so delicate people. Some friends said I said Capricorn mouth cheap, said Capricorn tongue, and he made a game, he forced Lai Lai mouth non-stop, think you are very humorous, you are wrong again, Capricorn why forced Lai Lai mouth non-stop, you know? He also released a fear of embarrassment, for example, you and Capricorn play together to play the game, you send, and then Capricorn casual sentence, oops, and dead ah, and then you mouth a mouth, and then Capricorn continue to play, a word did not say, you think Capricorn you messed up on it, no, he will then keep talking, keep talking, and then suddenly feel oops this fielding good dish ah, oops, the opposite is really quite strong The next step is to get a good idea of what to do.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. You can not feel this emotion, subject to this mentality, can understand it? You don't have to get along with you put now you seem to be angry, and then his first reaction is regret, oops ouch, and said the wrong thing, hate to hit their own mouth. But he also can not apologize, because he apologized for the words will look more stupid, he will find a way, this is what I said emotional barriers, expression barriers, he also can not apologize, can not bow, he also can not ask if you are angry, he will deliberately joking, deliberately said a sentence is not, deliberately in that mouth bitch you feel in against you not, he is trying to test your real attitude, he wants to see if you really in the end Angry, that's all. That Capricorn his angry point will be because of what? Do you know? Capricorn his last point of anger will be because.

He feels that he has made so much effort, so little to make you happy, you are still angry, or ignore him? He is not angry because you are not reasonable, and he feels that he should not say that sentence to make you angry, and he feels why he is so cheap, to go to the hot face to the cold ass, he is still angry because he is angry, he is angry because the communication did not work, he will not feel that he has lost, but feel that he is too stupid. I tell you, really, you are really rare to think with this kind of emotion, what is he thinking? Capricorn he is really proud? Not pride, but humility, all fruitless, so much pride. You have to know is such a logic, is what I said Capricorn he does not go to exclude aggression and humility, but aggression and humility does not have any meaning, he will be proud, but he feels no point is not to say that they have suffered a loss, fooled, but the other party does not understand themselves, or a kind of self-blame, because as I said Capricorn scold neighbor sentence, and then you eat mouth scolded Capricorn ten sentences, Capricorn angry, he also will not blame you, he blames himself why scold you that sentence really. So you for.

What? Sometimes you will find that you quarrel with the mother Capricorn, red you, and then you say to him, oops, it's okay, you do not get angry, do not get angry, he ignored you instead, because the face to quarrel with the mother Capricorn, you say to him, oops, it's okay, do not get angry, he got red face, not angry, is ashamed, and then angry because of their own shame, why their hearts so soft? He was angry, obviously on no, but also determined not to want to be with you, determined to break up with you, let you say two good words, he was soft-hearted, and then he did not want to care about you, I today I did not see you, he was angry with himself ah. So why I say Capricorn is really a very pure person, I really think Capricorn is quite good, really because of this, Capricorn is really a person who can not afford to be angry with others, he is really soft-hearted to very difficult to blame others. Why am I stressing? I said Capricorn really like the kind of people who do not have any heart, because you really do not know, if you are a person who does not have any heart, you coax Capricorn how simple it is, you know? I will cite a kill ah, Capricorn seven hours of female breakup, a sentence I said a run to coax him to say you do not get angry? You really do not want to be angry? Then cried.

Capricorn will be more difficult than you, will feel how they are so not something ah, his mother how so excessive it? Mom, he is such a good person, you still make him cry ah, you are really too inhuman. He will then resolve to be good to him, probably Capricorn next month will not provoke you, that Capricorn will not say anything, oops, I will not provoke you to cry again, the baby he will, oops, you cry what well, and then go over to hug you, so bright not to cry, and then Capricorn not say a word, from the beginning of the second practice, this Capricorn attitude towards you directly transformed, never to make you angry again Why and for to guilt, he will feel that this person for me to cry, it is my fault, he is like this, a cry is not sent, a smile is not sent, you and peng said quarrel, quarrel with you suddenly a suddenly laugh, I also do not send, this person he is not a fool? I said he is a fool, I also scolded him, I said sick na, and then even scolded also scolded can not go on, ah, forget it forget it, forget it, with him scold him what is meaningless, a cry also may, a smile also may, why as long as the Mo Fish see between the two people still have feelings, he will break out feelings will always be able to pry open the door of the Mo Hao, even if he was angry last second of saying.

No longer let you in, as long as you have a tone, he will open the door, do not say magic determination, I have first put the words here, it is really so, as long as you have a tone, he is willing to open the door, eh, you try you will know, okay.


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