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Take you into the inner world of Capricorn part4: Capricorn is extremely good at using the veneer of reason to cover up the emotions inside

Comprehensive analysis of Capricorn

By GiovanniPublished 2 months ago 8 min read

First of all, let's analyze the Capricorn expression barrier, Capricorn expression barrier will be outrageous to what extent ah, because over the years I am also in contact with a lot of the kind of fans asked to take pictures with me, right? Let me tell you this, guess Capricorn I guess a right, never miss. Suppose Capricorn met a person he likes, he wants to go to someone to take a photo, or to find someone to ask for WeChat, or to find someone to do what, what kind of way he is ah? First he will be far away first see you, and then no expression on his face, and then he found that you see him, he quickly turned his head down and pretend not to see, and then wait until you go to do this thing, he then secretly observe, that observation after he will certainly pull out the phone to compare ah, so that they do not identify the wrong, and then after he compared, he will have to carefully observe again, to ensure that nothing is wrong. Ensure that nothing is wrong before he acts, and then he must not say ah, he sent and then rushed over, he will pretend to be careless while playing with the phone, while leaning this ah, slowly to this side, you do not speak he does not speak, you do not look at him, he does not look at you, he is behind you, maybe 20 meters away from you, where you go, and then you look at him again, and then he to you a.

I jump, eh ah seems, eh yes, I am running you, and then you eh hello hello Ran ah ah hello hello hello hello, and then fast walk over, and then also he will not mention that I just saw you in a very far away place, and will not say, oops I am concerned about you for a long time, it is like uh very coincidental kind of feeling, eh you you are also here ah eh and then do not say anything to you, he will talk to you ah chat chat chat suddenly fast walk After the first time, feel a little careless, hey suddenly come to a sentence, eh we together a road it uh then eh to you see uh, eh you see you want to P a little, uh, I I send friends can? Uh, can can can ah well, thank you thank you thank you ah he is such a person, then I said why do you say a recognition of an accurate, you say this series down how many details he has, he such details figure in which point? Why should he pretend to be diffidently unconcerned? Why should he pretend to be a coincidence, why should he carefully design each link, try to make him less awkward, that is because of this reason, is what I said Capricorn in the face of feelings, in the face of what they desire, he will reveal his most primitive, the most simple, the most simple side.

So in this state, he can't use any ruse and technique, so he will look panicked, he will be incoherent, but as I said, in this state, Capricorn will definitely use his rational brain to take over his body, armed with ruse and technique to make himself look less embarrassed, but because he has a feeling inside, it is this state of mind, he has no I can even tell you that he will pretend to be stupid, this kind of thing may often apply to Capricorn children, when reading, to approach their favorite opposite sex, he will pretend to be stupid, but pretend what stupid it? Oops, this modern so difficult ah, I really will not do, oops, I'm good, I'm really annoyed oh, you, I see you last test more than 90 points wow, you are really good ah, can you teach me a little, he is really learning accidentally see people now test 90 points, and then suddenly thought now so difficult, let you teach me a little ah, you're wrong, this konjac head has been trying.

How to approach the test, and then just see each other now more than 90 points, and then think of this this into the number of, and then eh, if I say oops I am too skillful, too set, I feel and not very good, and then oops on the pretend pure, so his behavior actually reveals a Capricorn strong expression barrier, this expression barrier comes from what? The intersection is from the emotional barriers, because I just stressed a point, what point, Capricorn in that look at you, and then you turn around and find that you see him, he immediately play dumb, and then wait until your second look at him, he smiled at you, you smile at him, he was greeting, why is such a process, very that to we say I look at you, found that you simply ignore me, I want to smile at you? Am I not sick? I do not smile, I found that you also saw me, you also noticed me, so I can proceed to the next step, I will pretend to smile, see if you will smile at me, found that you also smiled at me, I also smiled at you, that shows eh you are still willing to communicate with me, then I can say hello to you, right? found that you said hello to me, eh, show that you are willing to contact me, then I pretend to come closer, I came closer, found that you stopped in waiting for me, that shows that you have feelings for me, so I can take the initiative to go up, and then give you a hello, eh, hello ah, that found that you are also very friendly, you also to me.

Ah, this you show that there is a story between us, he has to make this step-by-step process to be so precise, that friend will say that is not very normal? Moyeux is afraid to lose face, you are wrong again, because normally speaking, a person is not often so fine. Capricorn's emotional state refers to the fact that he will always imagine the other party is very powerful, and then mistakenly believe that the other party is not interested in themselves. To put it bluntly, Capricorn's emotional barriers directly equal to the inferiority complex, and Capricorn in the relationship is the most inferior one, and this inferiority complex is a pure inferiority complex, instinctive inferiority complex, without any reason, without any solution to the inferiority complex, very cow, Capricorn any stage, as long as it is like a person of the opposite sex, the first reaction this person so good-looking, so good, there must be an object, you first time no reason. So Capricorn's expression barrier barrier combined with emotional barriers, representing him, he had to go through this way to test each other step by step in the end.

Tell what? Why does not he say directly? Because Capricorn proud, Capricorn how possible to ask people you have no object? I am more responsible to tell you, Capricorn as long as you ask whether you have an object, he must be 100% sure that the other party does not have an object, he asked you whether you have an object, come or not, I asked you whether you have an object, you said with me, how humiliating it, he must think clearly, so I am responsible to tell you, any of you, but where you can see, Capricorn are actively approaching you, and then create a pair of opening remarks. This opening he must have thought many times, you must have done a very in-depth understanding and research, and definitely not the carelessness that he showed. Like I said before, Capricorn reading like a person of the opposite sex, like what to do, he will probe each other like to eat what, and then go to each other like to eat that place to go shopping, and then with each other is to guide a chance encounter, this observation a are said to observe this person has no dinner with other people of the opposite sex, why he observed the head here will not even let the people around know they like this person, why fear Shame, I like a person who has an object, then how shameful it is, then this is the feelings love each other ah, that this kind of feelings.

Barrier, it will certainly produce communication barriers, because I am responsible for telling you, Capricorn in any relationship into the equal relationship will take some time, this thing I say honestly, and Capricorn has been in love with people do not understand, and even no one understands, but I can be responsible for the state, Capricorn any relationship experience, he is in the passive side of the downwind, it must be so, he wants to restore to the equal The sovereign relationship must take some time, why? Is what I said, he just contact each other, feel each other very hot, always worry about each other is very busy, always afraid of wasting each other's time and energy, always afraid that they affect others, trouble others, so he can only passively accept each other's invitation, as well as passive observation of each other Saturday is not empty, to ensure that each other Saturday nothing to do when the invitation will be launched, once found that the other party is very busy, will be active of know how to be polite, beat a retreat and say, oops, it's okay, I also with you can, can play with other friends to go well, nothing to worry about me. Then take the initiative.

The defuse of embarrassment, take the initiative to give each other a step down, take the initiative to balance the relationship between the two people, this is Capricorn in the first time together must do things, I can tell you in passing, Capricorn in the relationship to maintain feelings must be greater than to each other to ask, because Capricorn in a long period of time do not know how to ask for, ask for Capricorn is too difficult, I say this thing may be many friends can not I feel that with Capricorn, this Capricorn is very cheeky ah, how will he not know how to ask for it? He does not know how much he likes to ask for it, he is big-hearted, you simply do not understand it, you do not understand it at all.


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