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A Merman Story


=•Sam's POV•=

"SAM GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED OR ELSE YOU WILL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" My sister yelled from the outside of my closed door.

I let out a loud and tired moan as I rolled over, out of bed, and smashed onto the floor.

I let out a small yelp as I hit the floor. Then suddenly my door swings open, revealing my sister with a hairbrush in hand.

"What are you doing on the floor?" She questions me.

"N-Nothing," I say in a groggy morning voice.

"Well hurry up," she demands.

I sigh before sitting up.

Once I was more awake, I went downstairs for breakfast, ate some cereal, then went to go get dressed for another day of hell...

Out of all the kids at our school, the bullies seem to always target me. So at school, I always stay off their radar and hang out with my own little circle of friends, a guy named Corey, and another guy named Elton. He's a year older than us, but we don't mind. None of us are that popular so we stick together. Corey and I met at the beginning of high school and Elton joined in towards the middle of the year.

I threw some clothes on, grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. I met my sister in the driveway where she was starting up her car, waiting for me to drive me to school. She's in her last year of high school and she hates being late.

I hopped into the passenger seat and strapped myself in as she pulled out of the driveway and started the drive to school.

=•Colby's POV•=

Today was a bad hair day, and of course, it had to happens on the first day of my new school...

"Screw it," I told myself as I tossed my hairbrush on the counter beside my bathroom mirror, walked into my room and grabbed my Batman snap back. I slipped it on, covering my bad hair and examined myself in the mirror. "Better," I smiled as I grabbed my bag and left my room.

I got my shoes on, got my skateboard and making my way (Downtown) to school.

As I approached the school I noticed a group of kids, almost all of them had a cigarette in their hand. One guy who looked like their leader gave me a weird smirk.

I ignored it and picked up my skateboard. I bent down opened up my bag and slipped it inside, then continued on my way towards the main doors.

Before I made it to the door, another blonde came in front of me, but when we reached the door he opened it up and stood at the side, motioning for me to go first. "Thanks..." I say to him, he gives me a small smile before I enter the school.

The inside was no better than the outdoors, kids yelling at people literally right beside them, a paper's on the floor, people running everywhere, and no clear hallway where you will not get bumped into.

I stood up tall and started in the direction of the hallway that seemed slightly less busy. I bumped into about five people within the first two minutes before the main office came into view. I pushed past a couple more people until I was within the four walls of the office.

I stood in front of the desk. Behind it sat an older lady, who looked like she'd be that neighbor who gives the neighborhood kids piano lessons, but she's really strict, so the kids hate her, then one day once all the kids have stopped piano lessons she disappears. (Anyone recognize that piano teacher story?)

"Hi..." I said to get her attention. "You are new?" She asks me, while she continues to keep her eyes on the paperwork she was doing.

"Um, yeah, I need my folder... please" I add, trying not to get her mad. She turns her chair and reaches out towards a folder of papers. She smacks it down in front of me. "Thanks..." I give her a weak smile before grabbing the papers and leaving the office.

As I took a step out from the office, I realized that the halls were more empty...

"The bell rang, these halls become empty during class" The same guy who was smoking under the tree that smirked at me was still giving me the same smirk but this time he was leaning against the lockers in front of me.

"So, new kid what could your name be?" The guy asks me as he raises an eyebrow. "Colby" I tell him as he gives me a little head nod. "I gotta go find my locker..." I tell him as I continue walking in another direction, if there's one thing I don't want to do is be another popular kid...for reasons...

I soon found my locker. When I realized there were really no people in the hallways I thought

'screw it'

and plugged my earbuds into my ear and let my emo self come out as I put on My Chemical Romance playlist.

I let the music consume me as I emptied out my locker, dancing in the halls every now and then when the chorus came on.

When I finally had everything out and into my locker, I closed it and locked it...

Then realized I need to get my folder, which is inside my now locked locker. I let out a sigh of frustration as I went to go unlock it.

Soon later I was ready for class, it took me a while to actually find the class, but when I did find it, as soon as I entered the room, the teacher rolled her eyes. "Let me guess! You're Colby?" He asks me as I realize every head turned to face me. "Yea that's me!" I say with a cheerful, almost sarcastic tone.

"My name is Mr. Quill, take a seat." He gestures to a couple of open seats in the front row, but I choose the one right at the back of the class.

Mr. Quill continues his lesson, but I tune him out and start doodling on the back of my folder.

At the end of the class when I had filled up the entire back side of my folder with doodles, I actually opened it and looked to see what papers were inside. I flipped through them, but one caught my attention, it was a light blue page that had a small drawing of the beach at the top above the title. School field trip. It was a permission form for the school trip to the beaches this Friday. I rolled my eyes.

Of course, it had to be the same week as I come to the school.

I was kinda nervous, what if I didn't make any friends to hang out with at the beach? Whatever I probably won't even go...

Towards the end of the day, when I was walking through the halls, the same guy from the beginning of the day got my attention. He walked beside me. "Coming to the beach on Friday?" he asks me. I roll my eyes at the topic. "Nope," I say as I try to push past a group of people and leave him, but before I knew it he was back beside me. "Oh come on, bro! It'll be fun. You, me, the babes" he winks at me. I shake my head. "Sorry stranger, I don't do beaches," I say as I raise my arms in the air. "YOU'RE MISSING OUT!" He exclaims as I enter my last class.

Yes, I knew he was the jock and it would be good to get a good reputation at the new school, but I don't want to become what I once was...

=•Sam's POV•=

As I finished the last of my homework I noticed, I had yet to get my field trip form signed by my guardian, so my sister...

I honestly didn't want to go to the beach since 1. sand gets everywhere. 2, it's an open area, meaning it'll be the perfect place for me to be bullied... 3. I also have a terrible fear of the water, long story.

"What's this?" my older sister, Alex, asked, as she picked up the blue permission slip from my desk. "Nothing," I said as I tried to snatch it from her hands, but she moved away.

"Sam, why didn't you show me?" she asks.

"You got the same form..." I tell her since she's still in high school. "Yeah, I know. I was waiting for you to bring it up," she points out as she grabs a pen from my desk. "You're going to this. It'll be a good way to meet new people. Just so I know you go I'll bring it into the office for you." She gives me an evil smirk.

I sigh and sit back on my chair...

That night I watched Netflix in bed for a while with Alex. She's the only family I have left and, even though she annoys me, she's a really good sister.

=•Colby's POV•=

The next day at school the same guy and his friends walked near me in the halls.

"So bro, the beach. Just give us a try okay?" he asks me as I turn around.

"WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO BE IN YOUR GROUP SO MUCH?" I exclaim at them. "Bro, calm the hell down and relax. You're a cool guy and we think you'd fit in, but if you don't wanna join us then...that's your loss," he says as he shrugs. Everyone else in his group nods. I roll my eyes. "If I hang out with you at the beach, then you'll leave me alone?" I ask them. They all nod. "Okay, fine, whatever" I roll my eyes and walk away.

=•Third person•=

"Why did we want him in our group?" Kim asks Brad, the leader of the group. "Cause, he's worthy, plus we need another good looking guy in the group," Brad says as Dan, the only other guy in the group, gives him an annoying stare.

=•Friday morning•=

I stood at the back of the line for the bus. I wore a black tank top and my black gray and pink swim shorts.

Brad and his crew stood beside me as we slowly moved towards the bus.

When we reached the bus Brad told me his buddy was saving a seat for him at the back, Dan went with him. Kim and Kloe are gonna sit together, so that leaves me to find a seat on what looks like the most crowded bus ever. With a teacher trying to push me, I tripped into a seat where a blonde guy sat. He seemed familiar, his light blue eyes reminded me of the ocean, so deep someone could get lost, yet so pure and filled with hope.

I think I saw him on my first day...

"I'm Colby," I told him as he looked up from his phone. "Sam...." he says as we shake hands.

I was waiting for him to tell me he was saving his seat for someone or call me something, anything at all. But nope, he plugged his earphones in and watched the view outside the window.

After a couple minutes, I stopped waiting, I moved my back in front of me on my lap and got my phone. I started scrolling through photos and videos.

When the teachers stood up and the bus came to a stop, I lifted my gas from the screen of my phone and listened as the teachers explained some boring rules about the beach,

Sam had removed one earbud, but was still watching the outside world.

"You need to be with a group or partner at all times. The last thing we need is someone getting lost," the teacher explains.

Sam doesn't look at me, giving me the feeling he has a partner. But then again, I said I'd go with Brad and his crew...

Soon later everyone started piling out of the bus. Since we were near the front, we were some of the first kids to get out. The beach parking lot filled up quickly with high schoolers. It took me a while, but I found Brad, Dan, Kim, and Kloe.

We walked around while Kim and Kloe checked out the boys' swim team and giggled the name of pool boy. Brad and Dan walked beside me as they rated girls on the size of their rack.

I rolled my eyes and kept an eye out for a place to set up.

We found a spot in the sand, I laid out my towel, and sat down. The others went to go play in the water.

"Come on Colby, let's have some fun," Kim said as she literally pulled me off my butt and pushed me towards the others. They were splashing around in the shallow water. I slowly walked in and got splashed by Brad. I splashed back, a small smile kept onto my face as I joined the splash wars...

Then I noticed Brad eyeing someone who was sitting comfortably in the shade of a tree on the side of the sand borderline. I turned my head and saw Sam, he had what looked like a math book and was doing homework.

"What a nerd," Dan said to Brad. He stayed silent and gave us a nod in agreement.

"He should come and enjoy the water," Kloe said. Then an evil grin appeared on Brad's face. "Yes, Kloe, he should. Let's go help him into the water" He said in an unnatural tone. Before I knew it, I was following behind them as they went towards Sam. "Hey Sammy," Brad said, catching Sam's attention. "The water's a perfect temperature, why not go swimming?" Dan sounded really friendly, too friendly.

"Uh, no thanks. I didn't bring my swim shorts..." But before he could say anything else, Brad grabbed one arm and Dan grabbed the other, they tugged him up and pulled him to the water. "GUYS! You can't just shove him in the water!" I exclaim as I follow behind them. "Oh relax, he needs to learn how to have fun," Kloe says as she catches up with Kim and the others.

Soon I realize they weren't walking towards the ocean, but towards the rocks that overlapped the water. "Um, guys the water is this way," I said pointing towards the waves crashing onto the sandy shore. "We have other plans for him," Brad informs me as they continue their hike up the rocks.

"Guys, don't do this...." I said as they became dangerously close to the edge of the rocks. There wasn't that big of a drop. There were no rocks in the water below and it was clear and clean. It seemed like the place where a group of friends would jump off of on their last day of high school.

But even though it wasn't dangerous, the fear in Sam's eyes made it seem like someone was going throw him off a cliff.

Sam started to dig the heels of his runners into the solid rock, pushing, trying to stop them pushing him in. "If you do this, I'm going after him," I tell them. "Yeah, sure Colby, then you'd be just as low on the popularity scale as him," Brad smirks as he lets go of Sam then quickly rams into the back of him with his shoulder, sending him straight into the blue water below.


Before I could talk myself out of it, I jumped in after him

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