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Stranger in the Woods

A Fantasy Short Story

By Anna GanoPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Once, long long ago, there was a nice big mansion in the middle of the woods. A beautiful young black-haired woman named Zayana, was sitting on her front porch and flipped her sketchbook to a new blank page and started to draw something, right then, she heard something.

She looked up and noticed something in the woods, she sees glowing red eyes staring at her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes then she opens them again, the glowing red eyes disappeared. She muttered to herself, “This isn’t real, I can’t be seeing things from my imagination.”

A teenage girl walked up to her and asked, “Are you alright, mother?” Then Zayana looked up at her daughter and nodded, “Yes, I’m ok. It’s nothing, Addison.” Addison looked at her mother and smiled.

Zayana spoke “Sweetie, will you go get your brother Aidan please?” Zayana got up and she walked into the house. Addison hollered at her twin brother while entering the house.

Later in the night, a shadow was crawling through the mansion and entered the twin’s room. Aidan sleeps softly, but his sister couldn’t sleep, she turns over and saw something standing next to her brother. Moonlight reflected on a shadow was a black-haired young man looking at her.

Addison gulped and blinks that she whispered to him, “Who are you and what do you want?” The black-haired man answered, “The name’s Derek and doesn't say a thing about this to your mother.”

Addison nodded then Aidan groans and fluttered his eyes open. He saw a man standing right next to him and gasped lightly. Derek looks at the twins and smiled “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt you. I just need to check something in this place and something about your mother.” he spoke.

Aidan gulps that he took a deep breath. Addison tries to observe something about Zayana and Derek and how he knows this place. The twins noticed something about his eyes and they were glowing red like blood.

Aidan shivered, but his sister just stared at him that she asked, “What are you looking for?” The room became silent then Derek turned around towards the window and jumped out. The twins yelped; they ran to the window that they noticed no one’s there except a black wolf running through the forest.

Next morning, Zayana wakes up and got up from her bed. She grabbed her robe and put them on. She walks to the twin’s room and checked on them.

While she was entering their room, no kids are in her sight and she just started to freak out. She runs around the house and then she saw her kids chilling in the sun.

She sighed in relief as walked out and spoke to the twins, “Hey kids you guys should’ve just told me where you were. I just freaked out when you guys just disappeared into thin air.”

Addison groans in annoying tone then looked at her mother, “Why do we always have to tell you? We are 16 years old and we can take care of each other.” Zayana looked down and sighed quietly, “You are right. I’m sorry. It just you guys are the only people in my life.” She walks into the house to be left them alone. Aidan stared at his twin sister and wondered what’s with their mother.

At sunset, the twins decided to go deeper in the woods since they want to know what’s in there. They laughed and ran a lot deeper and then they got lost. Addison decides to look around and saw a full moon and the moonlight was reflecting a shadow that the twins have never seen before.

A guy with a dark mouth and sharp silver teeth, his face was covered in bandages that nobody can see his face. The twins gulped and shivered trying to hide, but Aidan stepped on the twig and took up the guy’s attention.

Aidan glanced at his twin sister and gulps “Addison, did you know the myth of Kitsune? Well, this one is Void Kitsune called Nogitsune. It absorbs and feeds on negative emotions caused by pain, chaos, and strife.” Addison gasped quietly and exhaled a bit, “Oh no, it’s just us here. What are we supposed to do? Kill him or run away?”

Suddenly they glanced and saw the black hair guy, Derek, standing in front of the Nogitsune. Derek snarls with his eyes glowing red with fangs growing that the twins noticed something strange about him.

Addison gasps that she breathed lightly “Derek. you are a werewolf.” Derek nodded and tells them to go back that he explains everything at the house.

The twins ran back to their house and walk in, they smell something very strange and bad. Aidan groans with the strong stench that he pinched his nose. They walked into their mother’s room and saw blood on Zayana’s bed and they started gulped.

Addison gasped and grabbed her brother out of there and cried. Aidan looked at his sister very confused. Addison is breathing heavily that she muttered to herself, “Mother is dead….Mother is dead….” she says to herself.

Aidan opens his mouth and stares at her then he yelled with anger. Addison jerked and looked at her twin brother screaming in anger that she noticed his eyes aren’t normal. Yellow eyes and fangs growing underneath his mouth.

“Ugh...why something strange going on here?!” she spoke as confused. She tries to calm her twin down that he groans in pain and looked at his sister. “Let’s go and find Derek…” That they started to run in the forest.

Till a few hours later, they saw Nogitsune standing that Derek is laying on the ground dead. Aidan growls that his sister wasn't expecting him to transform into something different. A werewolf.

His face was the appearance of a werewolf and has fangs growing out and the eyes transform into golden color instead of regular hazel colored eyes. He snarled as dashed towards the Nogitsune.

Aidan started to fight the Nogitsune and it would be hours before sunlight comes up. The Nogitsune snarled and spoke, “Well then did you kids know Derek is your father?” The twins gulped and shook their heads quickly that Aidan is still fighting the Nogitsune. Addison looked at him and tried to tell him to stop. Aidan ignored his sister and fought him.

Nogitsune looks at Aidan’s necklace and snatched it that Aidan felt weaken. Addison screamed, “Aidan!! NO!!” But it was too late. Nogitsune stabbed the black-haired boy in its chest that the blood flowing on his body.

Aidan gasped in pain and fell to the ground and Nogitsune absorbs the pain from him. Addison screamed and ran to his brother that she yelled and grabbed the katana, sword, and ran towards him “You killed my brother, Nogitsune!” As stabbed him in his weakness with her katana through the void kitsune.

Nogitsune groans and started to demolished and disappeared. Addison dropped her katana and ran to her brother that she held him. Aidan gasped that he spoke his last words, “I’m sorry sister, but do this all yourself and I knew…” he exhaled his last breath and died in her arms.

Addison started to sob and scream, but her scream changed into a howl like a wolf. Her eyes were bright blue and fangs grow.

She laid her brother back onto the ground and transformed into a wolf and ran deeper into the wood. A black wolf with glowing red eyes and other with dark blue eyes stared at her and lets her go. The two black wolves howled at the moon.

Moonlight glows through the forest while the wolves run on the trail and never to be seen again.


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