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'Star Wars: Clone Wars'

What to Expect in Season 7

By Randy SinclairPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

*Caution, possible spoilers ahead. If you have not read The Dark Disciple, Ahsoka novel, or have not been caught up on Clone Wars or Rebels, I advise to leave the article now.*

With Disney dropping the wonderful teaser trailer at Comic-Con of Clone Wars season 7, I'm sure many fans jumped out of their seats in excitement for what could happen in a whole new storyline that happens before Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Now what, pray tell, could come of the new season of Clone Wars? For those who don't know, after Clone Wars was cancelled with Netflix's season 6 "The Lost Missions," many story lines went unfinished, and a lot questions unanswered. Luckily, thanks to some writers of the the show and lovers of Star Wars, some of those stories got an ending. Not all of them were happy, though.

Ventress, where art thou?

Cover of The Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

The last time Asajj Ventress is seen in Clone Wars is during the trial of Ahsoka where she was accused for a terrorist attack on the Jedi temple. Anakin had gone looking for a way to clear his apprentice's name and came across Asajj when her light sabers had been used at the scene of the crime.

After that episode she is never seen again in the show, even in the Netflix Season. But rumors were that she was going to have a story arc if the show had continued after season 6. Since that did not come about, Christie Golden took it into her own hands to finish what they had started. Within the pages of The Dark Disciple, it tells us what happened to Asajj Ventress after the events of Clone Wars.

The novel at first focuses around Quinlan Voss, the reckless Jedi Master we have seen team up with Obi-Wan in an earlier episode of the show. Essentially, The Jedi Council wants Dooku out of the picture so they get Voss to take the mission because god forbid any of them bloody their hands on an assassination mission. Obi-Wan tells him to look for Ventress, see what he can learn from her about Dooku, and go from there. Except what happens is Ventress tells him he needs to learn the way of the Dark Side to even have a chance of killing Dooku, so under her wing, Voss learned the ways of the Dark Side. To say the least, not everything turns out the way it supposed to, but when does that ever really happen in Star Wars? Voss gets captured by Dooku and Ventress is presumed dead and goes into hiding... again.

After some time, Obi-Wan looks for her to find out what happened to Voss and how Dooku supposedly has a new apprentice. After conversing on the matters, she agrees to save Voss and continue the mission on killing Dooku. Now I am not going into details on what happens in case you ever want to read this amazing book, but as you can guess, things don't go as planned. The story near the end brings us Voss and Ventress hunting down Dooku on one of the planets stuck in the middle of the Clone War, and Ventress trying to get Voss to look back towards being with the Light Side of the Force, go figure.

Now with season 7 on the way, I hope that they find the time to be able to put this arc somewhere in there because it's a great story and a good way to finish with a character that you never actually get to see in the films. Plus, Quinlan Voss is just badass.

The Sith That Just Keeps on Coming Back

For those who have seen the Han Solo film, seeing this fan favourite Sith come back to the big screen was quite the shock. For those who have watched Clone Wars and Rebels though, we knew he was just skulking in the back waiting to screw Obi-Wan over somehow. Now for what happens between Clone Wars and Rebels, we don't know much on how Maul manage to escape Sidious and how he got to where he started in Rebels.

It has been said in the Ahsoka novel that Maul somehow managed to escape Sidious and return back to Mandalore as its Ruler. What is hoped to be seen in season 7 is what Sidious did to him and how he escaped from his old master and managed to take over Mandalore again. But this we may not see until probably near the very end of season 7, which leads me to the last thing we hope to expect from this long-awaited season of Clone Wars.

The Return of Snips, Our Favourite Padawan

The big twist at the end of the trailer for season 7, the oh-so-wonderful Ahsoka Tano talking to her master before going all Darth Vader. The thing most exciting about this is the chance to see her fight with Anakin and Obi-Wan again in the Clone Wars, facing off what is to be the final threat of the separatist before Revenge of the Sith occurs. Now what is to be seen of her story line in the new season is to be interesting, because where they left her arc in Clone Wars was after her trial for the attack on the Jedi temple. To say the least, it was bittersweet seeing as her leaving the Jedi Order really affected Anakin and put into question the excessive amounts of pride of the Jedi. So, seeing her come back to the new season could easily finally be the thing to push Anakin over the edge and be the next step to him falling to the Dark Side.

What will hopefully been seen of her story is her teaming up with the Republic once again to fight off Darth Maul. We know he escapes from Sidious and takes over Mandalore again, because Mandalore just seems like the kind of place to hang out at for Dark Lords. What is mentioned in the Ahsoka novel and is hinted at in Rebels is that Ahsoka and the Republic join with Sects of Mandalorians to fight off Maul's reign of terror. From what is said between Rex and Ahsoka in Rebels, it's assumed that they do succeed in defeating and capturing him on Mandalore but like I said earlier, nothing ever goes as planned. That is why it is guessed that this part of the story, if it is to be in season 7 of Clone Wars, will probably happen at the very end of the season and lead of to the beginning of Episode 3.

Those are hopefully some story arcs of what we get to see in this upcoming season of Clone Wars. Personally, I would love to see Asajj and Voss team up against Dooku. Reading the book made me love their characters even more than the show did. Also seeing Maul fighting our favourite Jedi trio on Mandalore would be amazing and probably a true good way to finish the show. Don't get me wrong, Yoda and Darth Bane talking in the last episode of the Netflix season was great mostly because Darth Bane (who is voiced by Mark Hamill himself) is the best and is now Cannon because of the show. All in all, it will be great to see where characters we never knew what happened to end up at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.

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