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'Solo' Writer Says Qi’ra May Be Returning In ‘The Mandalorian’

Qi'ra Needs To Return

By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Fans of Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ra from Solo: A Star Wars Story may get their wish to see her back in live-action again if the words of Solo’s writer, Jonathan Kasdan, come to fruition.

In an interview with ScreenRant at Celebration, Kasdan, who wrote the movie with his father, The Empire Strikes Back’s beloved writer Lawrence Kasdan, said he hopes to see the story of Qi’ra continue. Kasdan said he has had a conversation with Jon Favreau, claiming Favreau was a fan of the movie, and if anyone could get it done, he’s “the guy to figure it out.” Clearly, what he’s hinting at is Favreau’s helming of The Mandalorian, along with Dave Filoni, would be the place for the syndicate boss to make a live-action return.

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He also discussed a wish to see another Solo character return, that of Enfys Nest. When he saw the trailer for Andor, Kasdan claimed that he said to himself, “Well, Enfys Nest is going to show up somewhere in that show.” Nest, portrayed by Erin Kellyman, played the part of a rebel, with probably one of the coolest helmets and costumes in the live-action universe. Thought to be a pirate, it turned out that Enfys Nest was the leader of a counter-Imperial insurgency, and the coaxium they competed with Solo and Tobias Becket for was actually needed by the fledgling rebellion. As we know, Andor stars as Cassian Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a spy, and assassin for the Rebel Alliance. So it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that the two storylines do meet up, though nothing has been confirmed.

Note that this refers to a live-action return. Qi’ra’s story after dethroning Dryden Vos, now the leader of Crimson Dawn, continued in print when she was revealed in The War of the Bounty Hunters comic miniseries. In that series, she orchestrated a bidding war that brought the crime families, and the Empire, into a bidding war for the carbonite-frozen body of her former lover, Han Solo. It was a well-written series that branched off into other series as well. Doctor Aphra, the interstellar archaeologist, is involved and Star Wars heroes Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian.

Beyond that, she’s also the star of Crimson Reign, a trilogy of comic miniseries where she tries to outwit and take down the Sith now ruling the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. But, of course, Qi’ra is no stranger to the Sith, having dealt with the Sith-turned-criminal-warlord Darth Maul.

As of right now, it’s a lot of speculation, but that’s pretty commonplace with Disney’s tight-lipped approach to details about upcoming shows. However, it remains a strong possibility. For example, in The Book of Boba Fett, the titular character frequently discusses how he plans to take over the criminal syndicate that Jabba the Hutt had left behind. While he stated he wished to do so through “respect,” he took on the Pyke Syndicate and pushed them out of Mos Espa with the help of friends and bounty hunter muscle. Many fans speculated then that it wasn’t really the Pykes who were behind the spice market on Tatooine but maybe Crimson Dawn, hoping then for Qi’ra’s return. But that turned out to be wishful thinking.

Kasdan’s words bring new life into that wish, though, knowing that he’s talked with Favreau about her return. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful she would appear in The Mandalorian, as that series seems to be headed towards a rebuilding-of-Mandalore-centric storyline. However, if The Book of Boba Fett has a second season, and he continues his efforts among criminal syndicates, it’s entirely possible that Qi’ra has survived beyond The Return of the Jedi, that she could make a return and take on the fan-favorite bounty hunter.

Only time will tell.

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Written by Jeremy Brown

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