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'Jedi: Fallen Order' | Who Exactly Was Eno Cordova?

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By Culture SlatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It has been over two and a half years since the last time we saw the character from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This game included many unique characters that weaved into the galaxy that we have never seen before. Fallen Order introduced us to some of our favorite characters, such as Cal Kestis, Trilla, Cere Junda, Greez Dritus, etc. Each of these characters from the fan-favorite game had their own fascinating backgrounds and reasons for coming together. We are all looking forward to seeing more of these characters in the next installment of the series coming next year. One of this installment’s more mysterious characters is Cere Junda’s former Jedi Master, Eno Cordova.

Eno Cordova was trained by the Jedi Order to become a Master of the Force. Later, Cordova became the Master of Cere Junda, who was one of Cal’s spiritual guides throughout the narrative of Fallen Order. Cordova was fascinated with ancient history and explored this as much as possible through the Jedi Order. In addition, he was obsessed with meeting representatives from other cultures and learning about as many as he could during his service to the Jedi Order. He was eventually granted the rank of Jedi Master because of the wealth of knowledge he had brought to the Order regarding the galaxy’s history.

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Cordova and Junda were sent out on a mission for the Republic at the height of the clone wars. They were overseeing the excavation of a temple on the planet Ontotho. During this, they got caught up in a battle between opposing forces on the planet. This mission would change the trajectory of Cordova’s path with the Force. He soon uncovered an ancient civilization of Force-sensitive people known as the Zeffo.

The Zeffo lived on a planet known as Zeffo. They were a Force-sensitive group of people known for extravagant statues and relics. They left behind tombs of their people’s Sages protected by Tomb Guardians. During the Republic era, this planet was frequented mainly by archeologists trying to uncover the mysteries of the population. Eno Cordova was the primary leader of these missions as he became obsessed with the ancient people. He mainly conducted research on the tombs built by the people. During the Imperial Rule, the planet’s ice caves and other parts of the planet were excavated. The Empire intended to use the planet’s resources and implement them in the Death Star. Many natives to the planet were driven out of their homes and villages under the Rule of the Empire. Cal Kestis came across Cordova’s research on the planet.

Cordova conducted extensive research on the Zeffo culture, and he uncovered many things about how they connected to the galaxy. This led Cordova to find that the Zeffo had ties to Kashyyyk, allowing him to reconnect with a familiar Wookiee known as Tarfful. While exploring a Zeffo temple, Cordova received visions of the fall of the Jedi Order and relayed these messages to the Jedi Council, who did not listen to these messages. The only Order member that listened was Jocasta Nu, who entrusted Cordova to protect a list of Force-sensitive children. He hid this list in a Zeffo vault on a largely unexplored planet known as Bogan.

Towards the end of his life, he recorded messages in his droid BD-1 detailing his travels to various planets across the galaxy and how they related to his finding of the Zeffo people. Cordova hoped that these messages would aid the Jedi in rebuilding their Order and lead them to the Holocron that he had hidden. He had to encrypt these messages in BD-1, which would cause the droid to lose its memories, but as it traveled throughout the galaxy, the messages were able to be uncovered by Cal.

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Written by Jacob Marchioretto

Source: Wookieepedia

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