Silver Eyes

by Dav Stories about a year ago in science fiction

Vol. 1 - Emergence

Silver Eyes

She opens her eyes in a slow, fluid motion, careful not to startle her unusually sensitive corneas. As her eyes glide to an almost fully open position, she sees a flutter of light similar to something you would see if light was reflecting from a watch glass or small mirror. This made her tense and alert, hastening her slow emergence process to swiftly sit straight up. She finds herself strapped to a chair that seems to be just floating inside, what looks to be, a small galaxy shifting around her. The straps that contained her were almost invisible and could only be seen in silhouette by her periphery.

"Where am I?" she thought.

"How did I get here?"

"Why do my eyes burn?"

"I have to get out?"

She couldn't remember a single moment before this moment, as if she was just reborn in the middle of her life. She assumed just from her hands that she was about 20 years old. On her nails is chipped bright nail polish with gold dipped tips. Her eyes trailed up to small gold wiring inserted into each finger that pulsed with each breath. No feelings of pain stemmed from these pulses, but almost pure, steady motion. The steady influx was spiritually painful, and yet enlightening as if she had transcended any conscious understanding of love and death. Though she felt pain, her vision was better than it had ever been before. She could see everything in a different light which was not only physical, as if she had opened up to a whole new world of sight that included what used to be all of the mysteries of the universe.

She pulls herself together and tries to work her way out of her invisible shackles, to no avail. She struggles and forces and pushes until she can't go anymore. She lay her head back in defeat and started to visualize the shackles releasing and coming off. She was chanting over and over, "I wanna be free, I want to be free of these shackles, let me be free." After what seems like an eternity she feels that her wrists are free, and a translucent blue floor materializes under her feet. She jumps down from what was once her prison and studies the room. There are no doors, no windows, and no signs of life.

Then... footsteps. The soft sweeping steps seem to be moving all around her. She desperately searches for any sign of what might be coming, or what might already be in the room with her. She waits and waits and a figure never produces, but the sound continues. Moving along the walls that had materialized, she runs her gold fingertips along the smooth iridescent stone-like walls feeling for any seams or soft spots. All of a sudden she feels a kind of heart beating sensation coming from within the wall. She presses her ear tightly against the surface, and in comes a flood of feelings, emotions, jumbled words, and tears. She jumps back suddenly after noticing that she is looking through the wall straight into what looks to be a mind's eye. She is transported to another place of consciousness, becoming one with this place where she feels she is inside of a living, feeling being. The air starts to bend and move behind her and startles her, which transports her back to the room in which she began. When she turns around a figure, or more of a sentience, has appeared. It glows and pulsates with the same rhythm of the wires coming from her fingertips. It feels warm and inviting.

"Who are you, and why am I here?"

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