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Shadow Academy, chapter 7

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

The next few weeks were among the most painful of my life. Although the indoor classes were okay, my other ones made me pass out every night after dinner when I returned to my dorm.

Somehow, I managed to turn in my assignments on time, getting great grades. Clare still didn't like me on a personal level, but it had no effect on my school performance.

My combat, weapons, flying, and shadow powers class was a bit of a different story. I was having some trouble with those, especially still I couldn't seem to pry my attention from Maeve.

And she made me pay for that everyday, embarrassing me every time she made an example out of me.

With flying, at least I could give most of my muscles a break, my wings burning at the end of each session. Similar with my zyllah class.

Weapons was the only physical one where I excelled, my whip always with me. My classmates weren't bad, but I was better, and Tarek wasn't so distracting.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Wren whispered, since we studied in the library everyday.

"Just about my time here."

"It's only been three weeks."

"I know, I'm just so tired all the time." I yawned, rubbing my eyes.

"Are those shadow kids keeping you up?"

"No." In fact, I had yet to do any activities with my zyllah counterparts, which wasn't easy, because I didn't like not participating.

Wren gripped my shoulder, "Well, give it time."

"I just wish I was more awake."

She nodded, reading one of the school books. I was already done with my assignments, closing my eyes for a moment. Maybe a nap wouldn't hurt, resting my head on the table.

Before I knew it, Wren shook me gently. "Wake up, it's almost dinner."

I groaned, rubbing my eyes, "Really?"

"Yep, you slept for like three hours." She put her stuff back in her back.

I sat up, rolling my neck, which hurt. But my eyes weren't so heavy. "You let me sleep."

"I don't need your help reading."


Wren smiled, "Now come on, you have to eat."

We walked to dinner, my stomach telling me it wanted food. Now I could eat much more, which kept me from collapsing in class.

Grabbing our food, we met with Elys, who had already started eating, and who looked perky as could be. I sat next to him, taking a piece of fruit, slightly jealous.

"You okay?"

"Just exhausted."

"I remember those day." He drank some kona, handing me the cup. "Want some?"


"It helps with the tiredness."

I stared at the black liquid. "You sure?"

"You need it more than me."

Taking the cup, I sipped the kona. It was both bitter and nutty. It was pretty good. I drank some more, feeling a bit of energy trickle into me. I sighed, finishing it off.

"Feel better?"

"Actually yes." Although I'd probably pass out later. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Elys sipped from the other cup he had.

I continued to eat, more of the sleepiness fading. It was amazing what food could do for you. I also drank my water.

I hung out with for a little while after I finished eating, enjoying their company. They were a great distraction from my aches and pains, plus they made me laugh, which I didn't do much of.

Once I left the Mess Hall, I groaned, muscles sore. When would this end? Although I hadn't trained much at my House, this didn't feel normal and I wasn't going to majorly injure myself pretending I was okay.

So I shuffled to the infirmary, sensing the asa and amity magics as I walked inside. It was fairly empty, only feeling three student shadows.

I decided to sit on one of the beds, which conformed to my body. I sighed, my eyelids suddenly heavy.

"What on Kaelum are you doing here?"

I blinked, Clare glaring at me. "I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with me."

"You look fine."

"Are you a healer?"

"Well no."

"Then don't tell me I'm fine." I crossed my arms, hoping an asa would show and defend me.

"Who's fine?"

I froze, watching as Tarek walked up to us.

"He claims something's wrong, but I think he's full of it."

I almost mimicked a growl.

"And why would he fake it?"

Clare rested both hands on her hips. "Students try this all the time."

"But normally while classes are going on, not after dinner." Tarek raised a brow at her. "I'll make sure he's not faking it though, you may leave."

I had to bite back a grin at her priceless expression before she stormed off. Served her right. No one knew my body like me.

"So why are you here?"

"Are you a healer?"

Tarek smirked, "I am half asa, so yes."

"I don't think my body's recovering as it should."

He hummed, "Well, zyllahs aren't known for fast healing."

"Except for you apparently."

"Well being half asa has its benefits."

"I bet."

Tarek's hand was on my forehead, warmth rushing through me, not all of it from the magic. I closed my eyes, riding the wave, something I'd learning to do in my magic 101 class.

"Well, it seems you know your body well." He pushed more magic into me. "You aren't healing the way you should."

"What do I do?"

"Don't worry, I can fix it, just relax."

I hissed as a burning sensation filled my veins, everything seizing. Asa and amity magic continued as the pain intensified, but my muscles felt better as the process went on.

Sweat coated me when he pulled his hand away, my stamp pulsing in my shoulder. I fell back, panting as the burning disappeared instantly. Now I was exhausted.

"Some of you magic pathways were blocked, but I fixed it." Tarek breathed heavily. "You can stay here for as long as you need to, I'll make a note for you."


"Yes, you need to recover." He poured some liquid in a glass. "Drink this."

I did, its coolness sliding down my throat. Some of the internal rawness faded.

"Now rest."

Even if I wanted to leave, my body weighed me down to the comfortable bed, and that was the last thing I remembered.


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