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Shadow Academy, chapter 6

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Relaxing in the common room of the zyllah sleeping quarters before dinner, I perused all the applications on my tablets, each related to the Academy in some way.

There were several communication oriented ones, like if you were working with other students on a project, or if you had to ask your instructor a question and you weren't in class.

Most of them were geared toward learning, like turning in homework or research. Even the games were meant to work the brain, which I didn't mind.

And the rest had to do with accessing the various buildings, our school identification being one application on the smaller tablet.

Rubbing my eyes, I leaned back in the chair I lounged in, muscles stiff again. Divine, how would I survive classes tomorrow? Everything felt so heavy, and tiring.


Moving my hands, I saw Kade standing in front of me. "Hey."

"I see the instructors are beating you into shape already."

"Uh-huh, yay me." I closed my eyes. "I thought you would avoid me."

The seat dipped as Kade sat next to me, "And for the most part, I probably will, but the first few months are difficult, and I promised Ma I'd check on you now and then."

I smirked, "I'll be okay, I think."


"I made a couple friends today, if you're interested."

"Oh I know, and you have Taryn's attention too."

I knitted my brows, turning my head. "And how do you know that?"

"People gossip around here." Kade leaned forward, hands folded together. "Just be careful who you choose as your friends."

"I am."

"And just some advice, not all shifters are as welcoming as Wren and Elys toward people like us."

"I know, and I'll be careful."

He nodded, "Well, I got lots of work to do, so see you."

I waved him away, "Bye."

It was the nicest Kade had been to me in a while. I didn't totally blame him. Ma paid more attention to me and praised me more than him, not matter how hard I tried giving him the proper credit.

I wasn't sure why either. We were both her sons. Yes, I was the younger one, but I tended to be a troublemaker back at the House, whereas Kade just did his own thing and behaved.

Maybe being at the Academy would give us a chance to strengthen our relationship.

I sat forward, groaning from my aching muscles when Ry'anne walked in with a few other zyllahs, all of them enthralled in their own conversation.

She noticed me, tilting her chin up. I mimicked her, lowering my head right after. How was I supposed to get up? My legs were like noodles. But I needed to put my tablets and books in my room, then meet with Wren and Elys for dinner.

I managed to pull myself up, shuffling to the moving stairs, happy I didn't have to walk them. I went to my dorm, tossing the tablets on my bed, then locked the door behind me as I went back down.

The walk to the Mess Hall wasn't terrible, my legs strengthening with each step. The warm temperature outside helped me speed up, my skin hot from Solara's rays by the time I got inside.

I slipped into line, my stomach rolling from hunger. I would have to eat a lot more from now on, piling everything I liked on my tray before heading toward where Wren and Elys sat.

"Whoa, someone wants to clear out the food," Wren smirked, biting into whatever she was consuming.

"I'm hungry, and hopefully it'll help with the fatigue." I started to eat, sighing from the flavors. "Divine, this is amazing."

Elys shook his head, but his mouth twitched up, "Is this that how we look when we eat?"

Wren tapped her chin, "In our angel forms, most likely."

"Now I know why people mock us."

I ignored their commentary, enjoying my meal. It was too delicious not to be eaten. I made sure not to eat too fast though. Enough of my body was sore without giving myself a stomach ache.

And I ate about two thirds of my tray before I grew full. I never ate that much in one sitting. But my muscles decreased in their shaking and the fog cleared from my brain.

Wren pulled my tray toward her. "May I?"

"Go ahead."

"So, you survived your first day at the Academy." She picked at my tray. "And with minimal pain."

Elys bobbed his head. "I'm impressed."


"Most newcomers end up crying on their first day." He smirked. "Like little bird here."

Wren growled, "I was stabbed in the stomach by you, you jerk."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"It was in my shifter class, which we share, and he decided to use his claws as knives during our sparring."

I must have look horrified, because Elys chuckled, "She healed within a couple hours."

"And yet you hang out together?"


Wren nodded in agreement.


"Because although shifters hurt each other a lot, it gets the negative emotions out of our systems and we can go back to being friendly again." She resumed eating. "It's how we work."

After hearing this, maybe I would be just fine. Nobody had stabbed me, and I was sure everyone was too curious about me to want to inflict damage on me. Only time would tell for sure.


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