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Review Gods Betting Site a comprehensive analysis of their Horse Racing tips service

Betting Gods Price: £1 for a 30-day trial. Try Betting Gods Website and any of their tipping services for just £1 for a full 30-day trial.

By Dear EmilyPublished about a year ago 12 min read
Review Gods Betting Site a comprehensive analysis of their Horse Racing tips service

Betting Gods Review a Comprehensive Analysis of Their Tips Services

Unfortunately, biggest isn’t always best which is where Betting Gods come in. I will delve deeper into this relative newcomer below, but there is a lot to be very excited about.

Ok, let’s start this review. I warn you now, it is a long one, as they have a lot to offer…

Product Title: Betting Gods Tipster Services

Price: £1 for a full 30 day free trial

Guarantee: ClickBank standard guarantee

What You Get:

– Access to the tipsters advertised, and their daily selections.

– Free Trials.

– Full help and support.

– After sales support from Betting Gods.

Who Are Betting Gods Ltd?

Betting Gods is what I refer to as a tipster stable. This means that it is an online service that brings together a number of different tipsters under a single platform (the same roof).

This allows Betting Gods to manage their tipsters’ services, market them and most importantly for you as a punter, ensure that the best quality tips are made available.

The whole operation is managed by Darren Moore who has bags of experience in the field of operating tipster services. In terms of what you can get from Betting Gods, it links punters up with tipsters in a variety of different disciplines. From football to golf, and horse racing to rugby.

Naturally, this variety means that there is something for everybody, no matter what type of betting you like, or your approach.

Betting Gods was founded almost 2 years ago and to say that it has grown exponentially is something of an understatement. It was born out of Darren Moore parting ways with his old business partner, Neil Stevens-Wood.

The pair had preciously run Tipster Warehouse, a similar set up to Betting Gods.

They ultimately parted ways after deciding that they both wanted different things.

If you aren’t too certain whether or not something like Betting Gods is for you, Darren Moore provides one of the most comprehensive and best quality free tipping services I have encountered – and I have reviewed a lot of them, and tested many!

Each day, a select tip from one of Betting Gods’ many services are sent out to people who are signed up for free tips. There certainly aren’t many good quality tipster services that give away something like this, so this is quite unique, and shows the level of confidence that they have in their services, which is very good to see.

At this point you might be wondering whether or not there is any legitimacy to Betting Gods, especially given the fact that so many tipsters are out to make a quick buck. To create some context, you simply have to look at the ways in which Darren Moore interacts with the racing community.

Betting Gods have sponsored a number of different races and courses as well as opening themselves up to unwarranted levels of scrutiny through reviews such as this. In fact, Betting Gods founder Darren Moore has actively called for regulation of tipster services to ensure that punters stop getting scammed, as there is a lot of it out there, and if you are one of the few services that offer a genuine service, then it goes without saying that you would want the industry cleaned up.

Who are the Betting Gods Tipsters?

Almost all of the different tipster services that Betting Gods is involved with have their own individual tipster behind the service, with very few choosing to extend themselves.

In fact, the only tipster who offers more than one service is one Quentin Frank. It is important to pick up on his involvement with Betting Gods, as well as to look at how long he has stuck around.

This is because when Darren Moore founded Betting Gods, Quentin Frank came with him from his previous stable.

Each of the tipsters have their own approach to betting and this is something that is clearly reflected if you take the time out to look at the results from one service to the next. Whilst some of the tipsters will tend to focus on value and outsiders, others prefer to look at their strike rate and win more often, albeit generally for less profit per bet.

This variation allows you to find a service that fits your betting style and you budget/bank balance. Again, the fact that FREE BETTING TIPS allow you so much access to their tipsters, all with no real risk if you choose to bet on paper. I have used the phrase ‘something for everybody’ before now and I definitely stand by this.

Whilst finding your groove in terms of which tipster is for you might be a little time consuming, there is also no reason that you can’t have fun with it. I can also say that I was genuinely quite surprised at some of the things that worked for me, namely because I was rather dismissive out of hand.

Below I shall take a brief look at the various tipster services that Betting Gods offer. I will attempt to summarise what each service is about, how it performs and how much you can expect to earn.

Betting Gods American racing expert Tips

Value Racing Tips is one of Betting Gods longest running services. It is also one of the most straightforward. As the name strongly suggests, the focus is on finding value bets.

Each day provides 3 win bets to subscribers which is combined with a simple staking plan of 1 point per bet.

Since launching all the way back in November of 2013,Visit to Site Value Racing Tips has generated profits of 409.62 points of profit.

This figure is made much more impressive when you see an average monthly profit of £128.01, as well as an ROI of 17.38%.

Master Racing Tips of Betting Gods

Master Racing Tipster is a tipster service that has been created to help subscribers to gain an edge over the bookies. In order to do this, Master Racing Tipster puts out selections as early as possible, usually the night before the race.

The staking plan for the service come with a little variation but given that it has allowed Master Racing Tipster to generate a hugely respectable 415.29 points of profit. Even more impressive is that this represents an ROI of 30.59%.

Tom Nelson Racing of Betting Gods

Tom Nelson Racing is a bit different to the services I have looked at so far in so much as it is aimed at serious gamblers. Tom Nelson sends out his selections almost as advice, in so much as he gives honest advice about his selections (allowing you some control over what you do, or don’t do.

There is definitely something to this approach however as Tom Nelson Racing has made almost £6,000 since July. This makes for an average monthly yield of £255.50.

Premier Greyhound Tips of Betting Gods

Premier Greyhound Tips is the first to stray from the proverbial sport of Kings, however it doesn’t mean that there is any less to be taken home. The name of the game with Premier Greyhound Tips is experience with the tipster behind the service having over two decades in the sport.

Tips are sent out to subscribers on a daily basis were they have made an average of £178.19 points per month, albeit to varied stakes. This makes for an ROI of 11.44% and a total profit since Premier Greyhound Tips of £3,563.70.

Big Race Bookie Busters of Betting Gods

Big Race Bookie Busters has been with Betting Gods since the back end of 2014 and since then, it has gone on to make some pretty serious profits through horse racing. This is definitely not a service that will suit everybody as it involves pacing big bets when they come in. With the tipster behind the service (Tim) having made his name by offering longer odd tips, you know that you are in good hands.

This is something that the profits for Big Race Bookie Busters also show with £4,462.30 made since launching. This means a very respectable ROI of 26.27%.

The Sports Guru of the Betting Gods

In many ways, The Sports Guru is something of a newbie to the Betting Gods stable as it has just completed its first year. The service is very high volume and involves betting on a massive variety of different sports. The staking plan foes from 1-5 points per bet so The Sports Guru can be an expected to cost you a pretty penny.

Despite this high number of bet and eclectic , The Sports Guru has attained a strike rate of almost 45%, which for a backing service is immense. So much so that it has gone on to make an outstanding £3,254.60 to £10 stakes in just over a year.

Max Racing Tips of Betting Gods

This is another relatively new service for Betting Gods with Max Racing Tips going live at the start of May in 2015. Since then, this straight forward tipster service has performed very well.

The tipster behind Max Racing Tips clearly knows his stuff as the whole service is based around statistical research and an aim to provide the simplest possible selections. This combined with an average strike rate of almost 35% makes Max Racing Tips a solid selection for any punter.

The average monthly profits of 15.19 points goes a long way to making it attractive too.

High Rollers Betting Gods

High Rollers Betting is another of the Betting Gods services that has recently celebrated its first anniversary. The selections are research based and are sent out daily to subscribers.

Betting Gods say that the only purpose of High Roller’s Betting is to make money for you, and in this regard, it excels. In 12 months High Roller’s Betting has made an outstanding £3,955.50 to £10 stakes. This means that each month you would have had an extra £329.63 in your back pocket.


As you might expect from the name, The Each Way King predominantly concerns itself with each way betting. Staking is advised at either 1 or 2 points. This is definitely an exciting betting service with odds going up to 18/1 in some races. Because you are backing each way however, the strike rate still stands at a very respectable 28.32%.

This means a profit of almost £4,500 in a year and a return on investment that dwarves most investments, coming in at 34.08%.

Betting Gods also offer to show you what they offer as a free trial of their tipster services: Click Here!

Golf Betting Expert Betting Gods

Golf Betting Expert is Betting Gods answer to a golf tipster service. It is also the one service that I feel it is easiest to get lost in the numbers. A simple look at golf as a sport shows that there is a massive amount to dislike, for example the strike rate is less than 10% which is frankly, abysmal. In spite of this though, the numbers make good sense.

For example, in just a few short months Golf Betting Expert has led the service to an ROI of almost 50% which is unprecedented whilst the average profit of £324 is still stronger than some tipsters.

Try Time Tips

Try Time Tips is a rugby sports betting tipster service and it is definitely one of the more interesting options that are on the market. In fact, with so little direct competition, Try Time Tips can really be used to identify the best possible rugby selections.

The fact is that Try Time Tips is a massively niche tipster service. Despite that however, since September last year, Try Time Tips has produced profits of £1,243.80 (far from huge when compared to some).

This is however based on a massively impressive strike rate of 48.61%, one of, if not the highest, service that I have ever looked at.

Is Betting Gods safe?

I can genuinely say with the utmost confidence that Betting Gods is probably the safest tipster service on the market. As well as the transparency and honesty that Darren Moore provides, there are free tips, 30 day trials and finally, all subscription options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank.

This is unprecedented in the tipster community with almost all other tipsters taking the approach that the dice fall how they fall and if you’re out of pocket, then it sucks to be you.

By offering the Clickbank money back guarantee, Darren Moore ensures that if for any reason one of Betting Gods’ services doesn’t meet your expectations, at all, there is an ironclad 2 month period to claim a refund.

This is possible as Clickbank actively process refunds themselves which means it is out of the hands of a vendor.

With all of this in mind, I would invite you to cast your mind back to the fact that Darren Moore wrote an article for Clickbank about his low refund rate. I think that this nicely sums up just how safe Betting Gods is as an investment.

All of that having been said, Betting Gods ultimately deals with tipsters and this means that there is bound to be some variation in performance from one month to the next. The fact is that any kind of investment or betting cannot be said to be 100% safe but I feel comfortable in saying that Darren Moore has done everything that he can to make it as close as possible.

Betting Gods are also a genuine company:

The company are genuine, and they do not hide. In fact their details are plastered all over Google for anybody to see, and find, as you can see below:

How can I become a tipster?

Signing up to be a tipster through Betting Gods is a pretty straightforward affair. In fact, you can very easily apply online. All that you have to do then is prove that you can consistently make money.

The reports from inside the Betting Gods camp are absolutely glowing in terms of the service and the management, and it is clear that Darren Moore has put together a very attractive package.

The income potential for a tipster is an outstanding 40% of all sales, before costs.

This means that for every pound your service makes, you see 40p (with Darren Moore estimating that £3,000 – £4,000 per month is a decent amount for a tipster to earn). Whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot of money and like you might be better going solo, Betting Gods does so much for their commission.

This includes full management of your service from updating results to sending tips out and managing subscriptions. They also provide a comprehensive customer support experience which means that your customers will never feel isolated.

Betting Gods also provide full promotion for your services. This ranges from things like reviews and email marketing to advertising campaigns in the Racing Post and even sponsorship deals. In fact, at the time of writing, Betting Gods are sponsors at Nottingham, Worcester and Wolverhampton race courses.

You are then left free to run your tipster service as you want, “with or without an explanation”. This means that all the administration is taken out of managing a service, yet you are free to run it how you want.

Profits with Betting Gods?

Darren Moore is extremely straight forward with you about what the various services can potentially earn you. As for the profits you can make, I won’t give a full play by play here, but you can do very well. On a monthly basis different services have averaged out at around £150 to more than £500 per month.

This is all achieved with level stakes of just £10 per point. This means that any results should be reasonably consistent and the income potential should always be attainable.

About Euro Football Punter in Betting Gods

Discover How Ole’s Betting Service Works: With an average monthly profit of £141.77, Euro Football Punter is one of the best football tipsters on the internet. Every month, Ole sends an average of 48 tips to members via email, on the Betting Gods members area and free mobile app.

But What Sets Ole Apart From Other Tipsters? Well… The fact that Ole has managed to pass our rigorous vetting is something for a football tipster. We’re particular about the performance levels a tipster has to hit before they can officially join the network. Ole is the only dedicated football tipster live on the Betting Gods network!

It’s Ole’s professional approach to betting on football that has allowed them to collect £3,260.75 profit since May 2021!

Key Details About Euro Football Punter: Discover When Bets are Sent, How They’re Sent and More… Click To Full This is Post Reviews here!

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