Rebel Heart: Mon Mothma Finally Rallies the Troops on 'Star Wars Rebels'

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Mon Mothma, one of the most iconic female characters in the Star Wars universe, finally made her appearance in the latest season of StarWars Rebels.

Rebel Heart: Mon Mothma Finally Rallies the Troops on 'Star Wars Rebels'

(WARNING: The following article contains spoilers to Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 18, "Secret Cargo." You've been warned.)

Mon Mothma, one of the most iconic female characters in the Star Wars universe, finally made her appearance in the latest season of #StarWars Rebels. And with that, the #Disney animated series not only gave us a more interesting Mon Mothma to enjoy, it also took us yet another step closer towards the galaxy as we know it in #RogueOne and #ANewHope.

Strong And Not-So-Silent Type

Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

From the films Return of the Jedi and Rogue One, and the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we've always known Mon Mothma as a strong and mostly silent type who is one of the key leaders of the Rebel Alliance. The Star Wars Rebels' version, however, has a lot of things to say and is quite determined that the entire universe hears her, including the Empire.

Just like Saw Gerrera is voiced by Forest Whitaker (reprising his Rogue One role), Mon Mothma in Star Wars Rebels is voiced by Genevieve O’Reilly, reprising her role in Rogue One and Revenge of the Sith (the majority of her scenes in the latter film were sadly left on the cutting room floor).

The 'Secret Cargo,' She Is

Ezra watching a hologram of Mon Mothma. 'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

In "Secret Cargo," we first learned that the crew of Ghost needs to help refuel a Rebel Ship carrying secret cargo essential to the Rebellion. Hera and Ezra then find out that Imperial Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila is in trouble for speaking out against Emperor Palpatine of what she think is pure tyranny. Realizing that she is unable to make any headway in the senate, the Senator decided to go out on a limb and make a stand against him in public.

Well, it didn't take the Ghost crew long to discover that the "secret cargo" is none other than Senator Mothma herself. Escorted by the Gold Squadron, she is on a mission to build an alliance by uniting all the Rebel cells across the galaxy and she hopes to kick-start the idea at an important meeting in Dantootine (which avid Star Wars fans will know as the planet Princess Leia gave as a Rebel base location in A New Hope). Even though it would be dangerous for them — as the Empire is hot on the Senator's heels — the Ghost crew has no qualms in getting the Senator to her destination.

Sharing Over A Cuppa

The Senator discussing matters with Hera. 'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

An insightful sequence that tells us more of Mothma's character was when she has a drink with Hera in the cockpit as the Ghost makes its way to Dantootine. It was refreshing to see two strong women of the Star Wars universe having a tête-à-tête (amidst all the chaos around them) on what drives them to do what they do. The Senator speaks of her work in the senate, and how, with frustration and resignation, she came to realize that no matter how hard she tries to speak up about their cruel and oppressive ways, the Empire always turned a deaf ear. That is when she decided she needed to start a rebellion.

But before the Senator could say, "I rebel!" Imperial ships under the command of Governor Pryce and Admiral Konstantine soon manage to snare the Ghost and demand that Mothma surrender. Here, the Senator shows her smarts by pretending to surrender in order to stall the Imperials until Ezra and the Gold Squadron arrive in time to save the day.

'This Is Our Rebellion'

Senator Mothma transmits a call to action to all Rebel cells. 'Star Wars Rebels' [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

Upon reaching Dantooine, Mothma makes a passionate speech on board the Ghost that is beamed across the galaxy, expressing her disapproval of the Empire's evil rule. She ends with a plea asking those who opposes the Empire to form an alliance with her, as she believes there is unity in strength: Together they can bring an end to the evil Empire and raise up their Republic once more. At first there was no response, but before long, ships start appearing on the hyperspace horizon, answering the Senator's call. Thus began the Rebel Alliance.

More Of Mon?

More of Mon in 'Star Wars Rebels'? [Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney]

It has always been a thrill when Star Wars Rebels bring in well-known characters from the films into the series. With Mon Mothma, they have succeeded in fleshing out her character even further, showing us exactly just why she is a key leader of the #RebelAlliance. We believe it won't be the last we will see of the Senator, or should we say, future leader of the Rebel Alliance? Here's to many more appearances, we say.

Star Wars Rebels airs on Saturdays on Disney XD at 9pm.

Watch a clip of "Secret Cargo" here:

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