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We Think We Need It

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
You Have The Power

Many years ago I worked for EE and one of my colleagues remakes that we were effectively always on call if something went wrong. I agreed with her but said that that mobile phones were a sort of victim of their own success , and a lot of people expected quite rightly for their service to be available twenty four hours a day, and if it wasn't available for any reason they needed it fixed.

Over time the mobile phone has evolved into a hand-held computer that allows you to make phone calls , plus everything you used to do on your computer , as well as being an entertainment centre. People#s mobile phones have almost insidiously become essential to everyone’s everyday life.

How many phone numbers can you remember? You don’t need to because your phone has it stored and as long as your know people’s names then that is all that matters. Memory is a powerful thing, but mine has always been rubbish although , almost ironically , I always know how to find what I need to know,

I go with the Einstein scenario, when someone was shocked that he didn’t know the speed of light he retorted that he didn't need to know it because he could read it in a book. Now he could use a computer or mobile phone. This actually does mean you can concentrate on doing things and working out problems but maybe does make you a bit rubbish in a pub quiz.

The thing is all our electronic devices , while being very useful , all need power, and some use power quickly and if they are running on a battery you , in theory , may be without your portable knowledge base.

Going back to the first paragraph , if you walk into the house you flick a switch and expect a light to come on and if it doesn’t , you then call your power supplier , because you need the power for light , communication , and for heating , and lots of other things.

Without power I could not write this article, well I could but it would probably have to be hand written, and if it was dark I could possibly use a candle or gas lamp. Essentially we need power to run the devices that make our lives more convenient.

Phones have been powered by cable but now , more and more they are being powered wirelessly which extremely convenient and I was recently on a Megabus and the seats have wifi AND wireless charging as standard , which is very useful on a long journey. The phone stand doubles as a charger with a USB socket for wired connections.

If you go into anywhere there are always plugs to power whatever you need, all vehicles now have chargers of some sort although I suppose that sort of started with built in cigarette lighters.

Wherever we are we expect a power source and because of our relinces of our devices, mainly mobile phones and tablets we always expect somewhere we can plug in when we are not walking , that is in a car or on public transport, in a café, and office or someone’s house.

Some form of power is essential to use. Cars are also moving towards electric , but they both need and provide power to be an ideal solution to the user, that is me and you.

I have been in the situation where my phone lost the ability to charge, and I was away on holiday, luckily I managed to resolve the situation , and I suppose that showed my ability to use my mind.

Power does make our lives much more convenient and therefore easier , but every now and then we do need to employ our minds to get us through certain situations.

I reckon a perfect leader song is “The Power” by Snap.

I hope this makes you think.


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