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New York Times and Ufo: new scoop coming?

The New York Times is preparing to document the existence of a government program to recover Ufo-crash findings.

By Marco BonomoPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

I don't know if you've seen it, I knew, but in the past few hours an indiscretion has begun to circulate in the ufological world: that the New York Times is preparing to document the existence of a government program to recover Ufo-crash findings. I don't know if it's the usual (unfortunately) false alarm, or not. If nothing else, the NYT in 2017 disclosed the famous statements by Luis Elizondo and it is possible that it now has a privileged channel with certain environments.

We are talking about the New York Times and the topic is that of UFOs, an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object, or unidentified flying objects. In the environment of ufology, the rumor has spread that the New York newspaper will soon divulge the details of a government program aimed at recovering the crash finds of these unknown aircraft. It could be the expected uncovering of the Pandora's box relating to extraterrestrial existence, although it should be emphasized that Ufo is not absolute and not even in the first instance synonymous with "alien". Rather, we speak of a phenomenon that is difficult or impossible to catalog. Among other things, the alternative - a bit specious in our opinion - of Uap, which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, unidentified air phenomena (including therefore also possible atmospheric episodes) was recently introduced. If the indiscretion circulates, however, the ears are to be raised. In fact, three years ago, the NYT published the interview with Luis Elizondo, a career officer in US intelligence who has carried out various operations (including clandestine and espionage ones) and who has recently dealt with the identification of threats. aerospace focusing on seemingly non-terrestrial technologies.

The service caused a sensation, also because it was soon accompanied by the famous footage of the Ufo interception by pilots of F-18 Super Hornet of the aircraft carrier Nimitz. Since that day Elizondo, also joining pop star Tom DeLonge and his "To the stars academy", has lectured around the world, telling the atypical nature of the phenomena and claiming that the technology associated with those strange moving objects does not it can be terrestrial in nature. On the other hand, has it always stopped here, failing to provide - at the limit in terms of personal impression - a possible explanation: are they aircraft from parallel universes that pass through special "tunnels"? Or are they the result of military experiments? Or is it still alien material? "No comment, in my situation I can't say more," Elizondo promptly cut short. There are those who interpreted his statements as the first act of a revelation that can only proceed in stages, in the logic of progressive acclimatization. If so, here is the possible new scoop of the New York Times would be framed as part 2 of the story. All that remains is to wait, of Ufo crash - despite the distrust and the harassment of the unbelievers in trinariciuti - the history of Man is full. If Roswell's from 1947 is by far the best known, the oldest dates back to a time fork between 10000 and 5000 BC: on a Chinese plateau on the Sino-Tibetan border, in fact, metal sheets and other artifacts incompatible with what happened in those days on Earth.

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  • Paul Guadagnoabout a year ago

    Most people are still oblivious to the whole UFO/ UAP / Alien phenomenon.

Marco BonomoWritten by Marco Bonomo

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