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Angela's abduction and those strange dots on her forearm that don't go away

by Marco Bonomo 12 months ago in fact or fiction

"He had the appearance of a canid with the head of a jackal and the humanoid body, the very divinity that the Egyptians called Anubis"

Angela is a young woman from Foligno who, through a mutual friend, wanted to share with me an experience that she claims to have lived. First she was hesitant - you will soon understand why - then she was convinced: no one should fear anything if, as in her case, good faith is involved. It is a story of alleged (I add the adjective for ethical duty) abduction, an episode of which it would still seem to bear the marks on one arm (the photos you see in the post are the "state of the art" immediately after the fact and from a distance a few months: the signs remain clearly visible, as it is easy to verify). True or not true? The judgment is yours. My job is to pass this on to your evaluation.

The story I'm about to tell you took place about a year ago. I was in bed, in my room, in a slight dim light illuminated by the half-open door from which the light of the room filtered: in my half-sleep, a "colossus" appeared at the foot of the bed, a dark shadow with clenched arms that overlooked me. I tried to figure out who he was: he had the appearance of a canid with the head of a jackal and the humanoid body, the very divinity that the Egyptians called Anubis. The being was covered with thick dark gray hair and dressed up with an Egyptian breastplate, armlets on the arms and the classic trapezoidal skirt. He stared at me with cold eyes, perhaps to frighten me.

At a certain point, at the foot of the bed, another humanoid figure appeared that leaned out and backed away as if afraid of revealing himself. I approached and the humanoid began to taunt me, insistently saying that I would never "get rid" of them. The presence of the humanoid caused me such resentment that I began to counter his words and inveigh against him: "What do you want? Who sent you? Do you want to scare me? ". Meanwhile, the jackal-man was still there imperturbable with his intense eyes staring at me. Finally, the dream ended without warning, as it had begun. Waking up had the bitter taste of restlessness, I kept asking myself questions after that distressing dream, nevertheless lived with extreme clarity.

On the same day, after the turbulent night, I also noticed a particular wound: many dots formed a triangle on the left forearm (see photo) which remained imprinted on the skin for about five months and which then faded but of which the trace on the skin. I could not explain the presence of the conspicuous scar: perhaps it was the confirmation of having come into contact with extraterrestrial or intra-dimensional entities and that those beings had carried out samples and perhaps installed a microchip under the skin. Unfortunately what I narrated was not the first and only anomalous manifestation of which I had been a victim: it was only the most striking one. In the previous months I had been prey to nocturnal paralysis in which the body was completely immobilized, but the mind was alert and awake. It was as if I was wrapped in an invisible straitjacket and was being pulled by the hands and feet by invisible beings. Maybe a real abduction. Finally, the most recent episode happened three months after the appearance of Anubis.

Same scenario, bedroom; in my half-sleep a character appeared on my bed whose face I could not make out all the details, but who I could describe as a bearded old man wearing a monastic habit. Not even time to reflect that the old man shook his hands around my neck trying to suffocate me. The fear was enormous, I was lying down, he was above me: instinctively I tried to slap him and at that moment I felt his bristly beard, almost goaty, in my hands. Believe me, I have never had a more likely experience than this. The fight ended in a short time, after my "slap" on the face, the dream stopped and I woke up with a whooping cough just as if someone had tried to suffocate me.

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Marco Bonomo

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