Miss Independent (A Chapter Book)

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Miss Independent (A Chapter Book)

It was the year 2010. It was the ending of winter and spring was slowly starting to grow through the thawed land. All was beautiful, calm, and tranquil.

However, within the Silver Moon territory, tragedy struck the loving Alpha and Luna. Five days ago, Luna Isabella had given birth to another giggling baby girl but due to birth complications she sadly passed away.

At the same time, Alpha Tyler had been struggling with a illness and was soon about to follow his love.

He laid in his bed as his four daughters all surrounded him with tears blurring their vision. He looked at them all proudly and with so much love. Kaia, the eldest, held Gabriella, the youngest, in her arms. She sat in a chair on her father's right side and held his hand tightly in hers. The second oldest, Madison, sat on his bed at his feet with her legs crossed under her. The third oldest, Saige, sat next to her eldest sister.

"You girls have been the greatest things to ever happen in my life. I have been blessed with four amazingly beautiful, kind hearted, brave, and intelligent girls. You have all made me proud and I know you will all continue to make me and your mother proud" he croaked out in a hoarse voice. He then struggled to make himself sit up and Saige was quick to aid him.

"Daddy, you should be resting. You're in so much pain," Kaia scolded him and he gave her a weak smirk and a wink.

"I want to see my beautiful children more clearly, Kaia. Please hand me Gabby," he asked and she gently passed the sleeping infant into his arms.

He cradled her so gently and laid a kiss onto her forehead, admiring her beauty. "You all look just like your mother. Every detail," he told his daughters. They all smiled and tried to wipe their faces dry.

"You girls do know that this is my last day here with you," he stated sadly, and that only caused another outbreak of silent tears to stream down their faces.

"Daddy, no. You can't do this. You're strong. You don't have to go," Madison desperately pleaded, rubbing one of her father's legs. He shook his head as a tear slipped out of his eye as he continued to look at the sleeping baby in his arms. She was wrapped in a soft pink blanket with a matching pink hat over her head. Her onesie was a few inches too big for her but it kept her warm. She yawned in her sleep and scrunched up her nose. Her father smiled and rubbed his finger against her cheek.

"I'm so sorry that mommy and daddy had to leave you so soon, sweet pea. But we both love you so much and your sisters are always going to be there for you." He spoke to the little one and motioned for Kaia to take the baby back.

He then opened his arms out to let Madison know that she can crawl into his arms, which she gladly and carefully did. She silently sobbed into his chest and he rubbed his hands down her back comforting his little angel.

"You girls are strong and I know you will get through this together. You are my daughters," he told them.

"You don't have to go, Daddy. Please stay here with us," Kaia begged, holding the baby in her arms.

"I've been away from your mother for five days now. That's as long as I can deal. This illness hurts, but not as bad as your mother leaving. We've been together for almost 30 years, and the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other was half a day. I need to be with your mother again, my precious. It hurts so much," he croaked out with a sob.

"We're going to be so lost without you," Saige managed to speak. Their father shook his head. "In time, you will all find your mates and be as happy as your mother and I were. We are Woods and we never back down when things get rough," he told her.

"So is Beta Jeffrey taking over as Alpha?" Kaia asked.

Her father shook his head and motioned for Madison to sit up. "My successor is not my Beta. My successor is you," he said and shot a look of pride towards his daughter. Kaia's eyes widened and her tears stopped as shock took over and her sisters.

"But Daddy! I'm not mated! I know nothing about what it takes to be an Alpha! I can't—"

"No woman needs a man to be in power. Look at Queen Elizabeth. I've already put it in my will and Jeffrey and George have already been notified. You are the Luna of the Silver Moon Pack," he announced.

He then looked at Madison. "You are the new Beta of the Silver Moon Pack."

Finally, he looked at Saige, "And you are the new Omega of the Silver Moon Pack"

"This is a family business and I intend to keep it that way. I have no brothers or sisters and neither does your mother. You girls are now taking over and the pack is more than thrilled to have you three rule and protect this pack. I know you will make everyone proud and please, raise Gabriella for us. Nannies are not necessary. Kaia, Madison, you both have watched your mother take care of Saige so follow her steps and make Gabriella just as strong and brave as you three. Fall in love, have fun, stay close to the pack and keep them safe. I know you'll all do well." He finished his speech and laid himself back down in his bed.

At that moment, the pack nurse came in. "Girls... it's time," she gently told them and they hungrilly reached out to their father. Kaia grabbed his hand, Madison laid on his chest, and Saige ran to the other side to grab his free arm.

"Daddy! No!" they all screamed, begging their father to hold on. He smiled and let one last tear escape his eye before he closed them shut and let out his last breath.

The pack nurse stood there with her own tears coming out before she walked over to the bed with the crying girls. "Kaia, put Gabriella in her crib. Girls, go to your rooms, rest, we will be holding a service at dinner time," the nurse spoke softly through her tears and all the girls did was block her voice out as they each stared at their father's calm face.

He was gone.

Slowly and within time, each girl stood up and walked backwards out of their parents' room before shutting the door behind them.

Kaia walked to the small room next door and laid the sleeping infant in her crib and stood up to look at her. "Thank god you're not old enough to understand all this, Gabby," she whispered softly to her sister before walking out of her room and going up stairs to her room where her sisters have made themselves comfortable before she came in.

They all smiled at each other before Kaia closed the door and got into the middle of the bed with her sisters at her sides.

They were quick to fall asleep but Kaia was still wide awake and full of sorrow as her father's words rang into her head. She was now the official Luna of her pack and she was so desperately scared.

Ashelyn Abrego
Ashelyn Abrego
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