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K.U.R.I: The Original Galaxy Scout

Knowledge * Understanding * Reason * Intellect

By Michelle CooperPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Knowledge Understanding Reason Intellect

Before Earth was discovered, six planets from a faraway galaxy joined together to find a planet they could all call HOME.

On the planet INOS, its inhabitants were people born of the soil. They learned through visions and messages that came to them in their sleep. The one who dreamed of finding and joining other planets, he was called Liam. Because of this vision, he was appointed leader of the planet. Not long after this vision, a man from the planet Pripensi (a planet of great intellect) came to our world and introduced us to flying machines, capable of venturing to other planets and galaxies. He later divulged that he also had shared the same vision as Liam, and the message lead him to INOS. His people had called him Linus. Linus was what you would call today, a scientist. He was also responsible for a lot of the things you have now, but it took a very long time for Earth to accept them.

Liam appointed Linus to help him figure out a way to discover new worlds without risking the lives of our people. Linus agreed and traveled back to Pripensi to begin. For a very long time we didn't hear from him, and then after many new dreams and visions, he returned with several small ships he called "Discovery Pods" or "DP's". Inside the pods were little bots he had named K. U. R. I. (Knowledge, Understanding, Reasoning, Intellect).

He explained that these little bots were designed to assist people with their daily lives, but capable of being programmed to travel in the DP's to other planets and document the possibility of life. They could capture photographs and videos, and communicate with special code sounds. The DP's were built to charge the little bots so that they could continue their journey as long as they needed, and KURI's were programmed to return only after they had found a new habitable planet.

Five bots were sent out to scout for life on other planets and search for a new place to call home. Linus brought his people to our planet and they shared their knowledge with us, teaching us how to build and create new ways to travel. This kept our people busy while we anticipated the return of the KURI's. Much time passed and slowly, bots began to return with information.

A total of four bots returned. They had come with news of four other worlds. Linus said he could still track the fifth KURI, it appeared to be venturing out much further than the others had.

The first planet reported was Amoros. The inhabitants of this planet were created in pairs. They would later teach us the importance of intimacy and affection.

Sanigi was the next planet discovered. They were a planet of healers they discovered their healing abilities when their planet was dying. They united together and rejuvenated their planet through touch. They realized they could use this ability to help others.

VIRO was a planet of strength, energy, and virility. The inhabitants of this planet were extremely powerful and of great size.

Sirmi was the fourth planet reported. It was a world of inhabitants that referred to themselves as The Guardians. Their leader later shared that a messenger had told them it was their duty to protect the planets, but they were only aware of their own at that time.

Since the other bots had returned with news of planets that were already inhabited, we had faith that the last KURI would come back with news of a habitable planet where we could all co-exist.

By the time the fifth bot returned we had met with all of the other planets and shared our plans to find a new world. The KURI came baring news of a planet with rich soil, vegetation, and an abundance of water. It was perfect. KURI had discovered Earth just in time, we had just completed building the ships to take us all to our new home, and there was so much more to be done. #KURISTORY #HEYKURI

science fiction

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Michelle Cooper

I am a call center Nutritionist and a weight management consultant.

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