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Is the Bitcoin Disrupting SETI Story Extra Terrestrial Subliminal Dissemination?

Focus on Bitcoin while having ET concepts placed into your mind.

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Searching for ET

Headline: Cryptocurrency Mining Is Stopping Us From Finding Aliens, Critics Claim (article). Don't worry the only thing that is stopping "Us" from finding "Aliens" is the willingness to believe in the possibility of Hetlau and the desire to do any research on trying to understand what that means.It has only been around less than a decade, yet almost everyone has heard of it. The new cryptocurrency that is making news headlines almost every day has now found its way into the ET & UFO phenomenon. Rather than spending a bunch of time trying to find out why the first question you should be asking yourself is, is this story subliminal dissemination? Subliminal dissemination or the process of telling you something without you being aware you're being told it has some real possibility with this story. Bitcoin has been around less than a decade. SETI, the organization that searches for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) in radio waves has been around almost a half century. A lot more people are aware of Bitcoin though. They may not understand what it is but they have heard of it. SETI not so much. The key to understanding what is going on here is disclosure. The possibility exists the HET have a real problem looming in the future in that in order to perform partial disclosure as is part of their ETA it is going to take a long time if they have to explain to everyone from scratch about such a complex subject like Extra Terrestrials. So in order to hasten the learning curve, the possibility exists they are teaching us about them every day the public just isn't aware of it. Thus subliminal dissemination is taking place.By placing content in the media every day without people realizing the real reason its there is the possibility it gets them to think about Aliens, ET, and UFOs without even being aware they are doing it. The effect this will have is that when it comes time for disclosure the public will already be softened up to the possibility of Aliens, ET, and UFOs. Thus making partial disclosure much easier and quicker for the HET having to perform it. So once you know the possibility of what their plan is you can just look at the title of an article and immediately decide is it misdirection or subliminal dissemination? Once you know whats going on you know those are the only two choices. This is very similar to the hand gesture. Once you know the possibility exists that their plan has them placing the hand gesture as steganography in pictures throughout history you know you can find it on daily basis without having to wait for disclosure.So when you see an article that is subliminal dissemination you know the possibility exists you can realize what the real purpose of the article is without having to wait for disclosure to happen.Once you have read the Two Way Mirror, Estimation, and Prove It Theories, and you are aware of the possibility of Hetlau, you already basically know whats going on. The only question pertaining to Bitcoin and SETI you should be asking yourself is why would you want to waste your money buying advanced computer processing capabilities so that you could timeshare code processing analysis for SETI when you have Hetlau? You could always search the internet for the founder of Bitcoin to see if they are flipping the sign but unfortunately, it's not known if Satoshi Nakamoto is even a real person or not. SATOSHI NAKAMOTOSA = USA (ecronym)TO = TOP (ecronym)S = SECRET (ecronym)H = 8 = EighT = ET (bracketing)I = Intelligence (ecronym)N = NOW (ecronym)AKA = Also Know As (ecronym)MO = Money (porpheme)TO = TOO (ecronym)

SATOSHI NAKAMOTO = USA TOP SECRET ET INTELLIGENCE NOW AKA MONEY TOOBITCOIN B = 2 (alphanumeric)2 = Two = Too (homophone)IT = ITC = SEE (homophone)OIN = NO I (enagram)NO = NOW (ecronym)I = IBITCOIN = NOW I SEE IT TOOIn other words, once you understand what is going on you will be able to say "Now I see it too" when you see stories like these and realize they are subliminal dissemination. Or you could look at it from ETI standpoint and say that you see the Extra Terrestrial Intelligence inherent in cryptocurrency.The most highly recognized director former director of SETI makes it a little easier:Jill TarterTARTER = exTRA TERestrial.

Jill Tarter Making the Hand Gesture

Jill Tarter

So, in summary, we have seen how to recognize subliminal dissemination when it appears in the media. We also were able to gain some insight into how ETI is present in new technologies being developed on Earth. This should make some basis for being skeptical about just what it is that SETI is searching for because it appears quite clear the possibility exists it has been here the whole time courtesy of the Hetlau.

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