The Extra Terrestrial Hand Gesture

They're making the letter "E" for "ET."

The Extra Terrestrial Hand Gesture
Steganography by definition is the practice of concealing messages or information within other nonsecret text or data. Most people have never even heard the word. When you mention it to them they think you are trying to say stenographer or court reporter. Yet steganography is possibly the most widely used method of leaving clues on Earth that HET have been living among us the whole time man has been on Earth.The concept is so simple that when you explain it to someone they can't imagine a species of being who would possibly be way more intelligent than them would resort to something that seems almost childish in nature to leave a message that would be seemingly so important.That, in a nutshell, is the whole reason the EA can't figure out what is going on. The EA are just looking for the wrong thing. Basically, they are trying to think more high tech with things that cost lots of money and only extremely educated people can get involved in like radio waves (SETI). Rather than studying the Two Way Mirror Theory, The Estimation Theory, and understanding why all this can't be acknowledged prior to disclosure with The Prove It Theory, they want to follow the herd blindly into misdirection while simultaneously not recognizing subliminal dissemination.They are thinking like an EA instead of an ET. It's too difficult to believe something so simple has been sitting right in front of them the whole time and no one has figured it out. It also shows how highly intelligent the ET are that they can come up with something so simple and yet so unobvious when you don't know to look for it and then so glaringly obvious once you have it pointed out to you. So what is the hand gesture? All they are doing is positioning the two middle fingers on their hand together and positioning the two outer fingers apart to make the letter "E" for "ET". By placing this image in all the drawings, paintings, pictures, books, magazines, movies, TV shows and anywhere and everywhere they can throughout history they have left the possibility of a spiders web of steganography of unimaginable proportions.To start with, the easiest hand gesture I have ever seen is Christopher Columbus. If it isn't obvious he is making a hand gesture, this whole process will probably be difficult for you to see. Don't worry yet about the meaning of the hand gesture, just try to see that he is making one.

Christopher Columbus making a hand gesture

Christopher Columbus

Once you see someone making the hand gesture, the next question is can you see someone making it that is more obscure? If you look very closely you can see the possibility John Adams, the guy standing right in the center of the picture below, with his right hand on his hip is doing it. It symbolizes that all of this is taking place front and center but the EA just are looking everywhere else, at everything else, and don't see the most important thing happening right in front of them. More important than the moment on June 28, 1776, when the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was presented to the Second Continental Congress. It is similar to how the word Alien appears in the Declaration of Independence as unALIENable. Since there is a prefix and a suffix surrounding it no one notices the possibility the Hetlau founding fathers snuck that in as well.

John Adams Making an Obscure Hand Gesture

The Second Continental Congress

It is easier to see if you go to this link where it appears in a blown up image of it. Obviously looking at dead people doing it is no fun. Who is someone alive that is possibly doing it? The key is you are never going to know for sure if they are a HET, or an EA that knows what is going on, or are just an EA that is doing it by coincidence. They key is to sharpen your eye looking for it and then just put it in the list of repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Also, keep remembering the Rule of 1.So, for example, on the day I was writing this article, Carrie Underwood was in the news because she is getting a divorce. So I wonder, is she flipping the sign?

Flipping the sign is slang for making the hand gesture, sort of the way flipping the planet is slang for disclosure.A quick internet image search and voila, Carrie Underwood possibly making the hand gesture.

Carrie Underwood Making the Hand Gesture

Meghan Markle was in the news with something to do with her and Prince Harry. So is it possible she might be flipping the sign?

Meghan Markle Making the Hand Gesture

Meghan Markle

Does this mean Prince Harry would make the gesture as well?

Prince Harry Making the Hand Gesture

Prince Harry

So you can go back through history and see the possibility of examples of it in drawings and paintings. You can look in pictures, magazines, books, movies, TV shows.One key is to focus on people who are well known on a national or global scale. For instance, if you see a picture of an unknown person doing it the possibility exists they might be a HET or EA in the know doing it, but does it really matter? The key is to not waste a bunch of time and energy documenting every sighting of a hand gesture, similar to the mistake all the ufologists are making documenting every UFO sighting. Just get the highest profile ones involving well-known people. It is much easier to have a discussion about the possibility of a well-known person doing it than an unknown person. For example, imagine trying to discuss the recent UFO sighting over Topeka Kansas versus Roswell. Think of it like carrying ammunition around. The ammunition is heavy if you are good shot you only need a small amount of ammunition to hit your target. It only takes one good UFO sighting and it only takes one good, well known person making the hand gesture. You can add this to the big picture of things you are looking out for in terms of trying to understand the ET & UFO phenomenon. Just remember to think the possibility exists:

  1. ET are HET living among us
  2. TheESH are implementing an ETA
  3. They are at War (why?) with us (EPMS)
  4. They are using us as their slaves (EMSR)
  5. UFOs are called CTVs and Volutes
  6. UFOs don't FLYand travel at speeds above Tach One
  7. Try not to succumb to HNFS and Besser mode
  8. Don't be fooled by Misdirection and Subliminal Dissemination
  9. Be aware of the difference between partial and full disclosure
  10. Know the Two Way Mirror, Estimation, and Prove It Theories
  11. Look for the hand gesture a.k.a. flipping the sign
  12. Remember the Rule of 1
So, in summary, train your mind to look for the hand gesture. Realize the possibility it's part of the ET plan so recognizing it now instead of waiting for disclosure gives you the confidence you are elevating your mind to higher levels of awareness. Then when a news headline pops up about a nationally or globally recognized person, do an internet image search to see if they are possibly flipping the sign (a.k.a. making the hand gesture). For example, Stormy Daniels is in the headlines again because Trump's lawyer possibly screwed up with a statement he made regarding her settlement (article). A quick internet search and voila:

Stormy Daniels Making the Hand Gesture

Stormy Davis

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Flipping the Sign, a.k.a. The Hand Gesture

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Richard Van Steenberg
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