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Introduction to Tartaria

a strange old world

By Big DreamsPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Introduction to Tartaria
Photo by Jakob Braun on Unsplash

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a globe-spanning empire called Tartaria. At its peak, it reached from just East of Moscow, across the north and middle of Asia, and reaching around to North America.

One or two, or maybe more, cataclysms (or wars?) happened and Tartaria was destroyed in a conflagration called the Mudflood. Much of what is now Russia and Northern Africa were obliterated. The cities of the Americas were somehow emptied, but the buildings and infrastructure remained mostly intact.

A much smaller population remained after 1812, the latest of the Tartarian wars. The winners, or just the survivors of the cataclysm, expanded from Europe over to North America, and took over the empty cities, and rewrote a fake history to suit their agenda. Around 1850, the real work on this rewriting of history began.

Re-education events, mislabeled World Fairs, were held around the world, as they cleaned up and re-opened major cities. The main events were held in their giant, repurposed agricultural greenhouses. Orphans of the enemy, or perhaps clones, were sent by the hundreds of thousands to the West, to repopulate and work the farms.

Grand building, like castles and state buildings, were all a part of the empire. They were given different dates of construction and histories to explain their presence. Technologies, nicknames "antiquitech" by truthers, were either back engineered and claimed as their own inventions or torn down when they could no longer be used to to unknown factors, but possibly due to simple ignorance, or problems with the energy supply.

World Wars 1 and 2 were last ditch efforts of a power grab by those still "in the know", and still-running cities, such as Dresden, were finally destroyed with intention to hide the truth, or prevent a new resurgence of the old world.

It is possible only a few, if any, people in the world today were handed down, and keep hidden the truth of the matter.

We have lost the ability to design and build these marvels of architecture. Now, we can only make crude copies, or just live with the ugly boxes now in style. It is probably not due to desire, just incompetence and lost knowledge.

Tartaria was a world of strange transportation, energy resources, building techniques, sciences, and technology. Our knowledge is probably severely misguided, perhaps on purpose.

There is evidence that at least some of the Tartarians were giants. Besides giant buildings with giant, inexplicable doors, there were maps showing giants during "early" exploration of the Americas. There are theories that the first cataclysm or war was in the 13oo's, which cause much destruction, the dark ages, and the Plague.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a coincidental cycle of conflict between the East and the West. Both Washington DC and Moscow were on fire and heavily damaged in 1812, by supposedly separate conflicts or wars. Another interesting factoid is Crimea, which is often the center of conflict, such as in modern times, and in deep antiquity as the place of the beginning of the bubonic plague.

Is there a deeper conflict we are not seeing, or aware of? I mean as human beings. One that repeats in cycles over long periods of time? I suspect there is an underlying connection that is both symbolic and on a deeper level than the material realm.

Are we at the end of this cycle again now?

In further posts I will dig deeper into the various aspects of Tartaria. Giants, technology, energy sources, and all of the tiny details that make the theory of Tartaria so interesting.

fact or fiction

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