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The Mandela Effect and The Lifting of the Veil

By Big DreamsPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
A view from a train

Reality seems to be fluid. Or so I thought, after a couple of years of experiencing the Mandela Effect.

Recently, I've begun to have new thoughts about what is going on.

This post, of course, is merely my opinion. Perhaps, even, the ravings of a mad woman diagnosed with a delusional disorder caused by the imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

Sometimes two seemingly opposing factors can both be true at the same time. That's a scientifically proven fact: quantum mechanics mathematically shows this.

But you are smart, and my apparent, possible attempt at the trickery of bringing "scientific facts" into the conversation merely adds to your probably opinion of my delusion.

I can claim you are still in the cave and that I have stepped out into the light. I think this is true, and maybe this shows a bit of hubris. I wouldn't put it past myself to be a little egotistical.

Luckily, I live in a world where it's OK to be me.

I can portray myself as an eccentric artist, a poet, a hippie with bare feet and messy hair. I enjoy my role, just as you probably enjoy yours too.

In other times, I would have been burned at the stake, or put in an asylum. But for now, I'm free to flaunt my craziness for all to see.

The other day I read Plato's Republic, where he brings up the Allegory of the Cave.

For some reason, I just happened to have an unread copy lying around. I remember attempting to read this book on the long drive home from a forgotten family vacation as a teen many decades ago.

But it managed to stick around for decades, without any interest from me. Most people have heard the Allegory of the Cave, if in a general sense. We live only experiencing a shadow of the real world.

I think in a very real sense this is true.

When I first experienced the Mandela Effect, I was shaken to the core. Reality seemed fluid, changeable, mutable. It was frightening, but I learned to live with it.

Nobody seems to understand what the Effect really is, including me. There isn't even a consensus of what it is, there are a wide variety of explanations. Simulation, time travel, parallel worlds.

I had a new thought the other day, that it might be the opposite of what we think it is.

Maybe the old world was the illusion. And maybe we are starting to see the real world. After all, the old world was simpler, less stuff, less complicated. Religions and metaphysics speak of illusion, Maya, and an unveiling. A revelation, which only means to reveal.

It makes logical sense: as we grow, we can see and understand more. It happens to every child who reaches puberty. There is a new, unexpected, completely different view of the world.

This is what could be happening to us now. I don't think reality is changing. I think it is becoming clearer.

When we are ready, biologically, we change. We don't always enjoy the process. It can be confusing, scary, unwanted. This is probably a simple biological change. Consciousness changes with growth.

It's not like it's really a huge mystery. People, mystics, religions, have always talked about this. Enlightenment. I think it is literally true. It has to do with light, vision, and it is somehow linked to how we experience things, especially consciousness.

Everybody is going through this. Most people deny it. People will laugh at those of us who talk about the Mandela Effect. But we know you guys are seeing it too. You are smart, but so are we. Everyone will wake up. Everyone will see.

fact or fiction

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Big Dreams

Writer and artist who loves dogs, beaches, coffee and solitude

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  • Dana Esposito8 months ago

    I never heard of the Mandela Effect. I enjoyed this article immensely! Subscribed.

  • C.S LEWIS8 months ago

    wow so amazing you can also join my friends and read what I have prepered for you

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