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Intonation enlightenment

Intonation enlightenment

By CHANEL MINNIEFIELDPublished 14 days ago 4 min read


Clouds to rain, snow to wind, night light to clear sky. Come to swallow, resident birds to sing insects. Three feet sword, six Jun bow, north ridge against east river. The palace of clearing summer heat on earth, the Palace of the Moon in heaven. Xiao smoke on both sides of the willow green, a garden spring rain apricot flower red. Liangbin wind and frost, the early travel; A rush of smoke and rain, the stream side late fishing.

Along the leather, different to the same, old to yellow boy. River wind to sea fog, shepherd son to fisherman. Yan lane burrow, Ruan road poor, north Hebei to Liaodong. Wash enough water from the pool, and wind blows outside the door. Liang Emperor talks with Tai Temple, the Han Emperor wine Weiyang Palace. Duzhong Ying heart, lazy caressing seven strings green qi; Cream Hua full temples, shame to see a hundred bronze.

Poor to rich, plug to pass, wild old to brook child. Temples to green eyebrows, white teeth to red lips. Day Hao Hao, day melt, sword against bow. Half stream water green, thousands of trees fall red. Wild cross Yan wearing willow rain, Fang pond fish bournous Dutch wind. Woman eyebrow fiber, forehead now a crescent moon; The man is strong, and his chest is full of rainbow.

Second winter

Spring to summer, autumn to winter, the evening drum to the morning bell. View mountains to play with water, green bamboo to pine. Feng Fuhu, Ye Gonglong, Dance butterfly to Ming Lei. Street mud double purple swallow, class close several wasps. Garden warbler cha-cha in spring, cold geese Yongyong in autumn. Qin Ling cloud cross, pass eight thousand miles; Wushan rain wash, saga 12 dangerous peaks.

Bright to dark, light to thick, on the wisdom of the mean. Mirror dowry to coat, wild pestle to village spring. Flowers burning Shuo, grass Mengantler, nine summer to three winter. Tai Gao famous play horse, Zhai trumpet flat dragon. The hand broke crab chelate from Bi Zhuo, clothed himself in a cloak of crane from King Gong. Wulao Feng high, show into the sky as jade pen; Three Gu stone, ring spread wind and rain if Jin Yung.

Snowflakes to cloud leaves, peony to hibiscus. Chen Hou Zong, Han Zhong Zong, embroidered tiger against carved dragon. Willow pond wind light, flower bed moon thick. Spring is appropriate to see the butterflies, the autumn wind that more night to smell the ears. Soldiers take credit, will borrow war into the brave; The Shaw people are comfortable, should be kept languorous by poetry wine.


Building to pavilion, household to window, giant sea to the Yangtze River. Rong type of account sticks to jade jia water-analogy-simulation for silver. Green cloth curtain, green oil building, sword to gold VAT. Loyal security of the state, lip cover home state. Shizu Zhongyan Ma Wu, Jie Wang lost road to kill dragon Pang. Autumn rain drizzly, diffuse rotten yellow flowers are full diameter; Spring breeze curl, Fu Shu green bamboo is Ying window.

The king against the king, the king against the king. Mountain to ten thousand water, nine ze to three rivers. Mountain Jijizhi, water gurgling and Jijizhi on the bell. Cool breeze wine house, bright moon according to the window. Xin Zhou on the army, the side of the sword child down. Summer pond, infested bath wave gull pair; Spring curtain, back and forth camp Yan Shuang.

-- Chu on two, only on two, Hua Yue on Xiang Jiang. Toward the car to ban the drum, the fire to plug the cylinder. Green zoar, green screen window, Han society to Zhou Bang. The music of the Sheng flute is fine, and the bell drum is ringing Master book Qi Luan name has a view, the Ji Zhongji surname Wei Pang. Su Wu herding sheep, snow frequently dinner in the North Sea; Otherwise, Zhuang Zhou would have been at the mercy of the Xijiang River.

Four branches

Tea to wine, Fu to poetry, swallow to warbler. Planting flowers for bamboo, falling catkins for gosser. Four eyes Jie, a Kui, the lobster starling to a bittersweet. Half pool red lotus-bud, a white bloke. A few array of autumn wind should be waiting, a plow spring rain very know. Zhi Bourne deep, Guoshi swallow deformation of charcoal; Yang Gong De, the city people stand up the monument of tears.

Line to stop, speed to late, sword dance to go. The paper to the grass, bamboo to the cone. Fen water tripod, Danshan monument, tiger leopard to bear. The flowers are red and the water is bright. Go to the wife because of the neighbor jujube, out of the wife for planting garden kwai. Flute rhyme harmony, fairy pipe just from the clouds down; The OARS creaked and the fishing boat moved into the snow.

Ge to a, drum to flag, purple swallow to oriole. Plum acid to plum bitter, blue eyes white eyebrow. Three flute, ground go, rain play against the wind. Begonia sleeps early in spring, willows sleep late in the day. Zhang Jun once wrote poems for locust trees, and Du Ling did not write poems for the sea Hall. Jinshi strange, comparable to a leopard; Tang Confucian knowledge, as five in short turtle.


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