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Infinite Dreams in Sandy Kingdoms turned Skiis

Inventing words and Landmines surrounding our night

By Kalina BethanyPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
Infinite Dreams in Sandy Kingdoms turned Skiis
Photo by Slawek K on Unsplash

Up until recently, Landmine, aka Busboy, a lame gaming name tag-only given to then it-boys playing with our team - but in actuality was headlining life, working as a Server Analyst with the Interrelations Dependant Unit of the Victorians army, their royal descent.

This was set up by the Seven Sisters’ States, including the nations surrounding that of Mars, South America and the United Aeropipsquires Victorians (UAV), better known as of fellow aliens to the rest of what’s left on planet Earth, the new maritime regions taking over scenes from views of Shifted States finally.

By Daniel Foster on Unsplash

Today, of all days, being the holiday of separation from the descending fellow countries from continents away, since the fall of capacity late 2043 - the treaties fell through unsurprisingly -

Heading homebound West, or is it EAST!?

The mayor shockingly died, while interjecting on a major hemp seed deal with my company, after they caught onto our recessionary attempts. Sadly,again unfolding typically - a turmoil feuding fury - the queen downed a gallon of fuel into their dream - to achieve space diligently - by setting up a booby trap forcefully, using its newly created digital wallet coin - crypto. Thoughts distraught, our luring air gust following men shortly below surface level, in the tall ancient tourist hits from out of town!

We witnessed Istanbul to Arkansas - all fuming against the relative below sea levels, a mystery to its predicted currency of beings and reality.

By Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

After this, a getaway was planned to the beautiful Alps before spring hit in Dubai, where my soon to be queen and I live comfortably after a pyramid stint.

Skiing was planned indefinitely until an ill-department on my end swiftly by curiosity near the tree wells, a sure sign of failing landscapes studies in Environmental Design University.

Testing all bases was a feat of greatly felt defeat, with rocks and rubble surrounding me as I speed through the final walk of shame from this forbone territory, only a mile in from tunnels dug before I came in.

We successfully escaped the deadly prison cells, a dream turned reality for the wrong part of reality - a video game script designer turned convicted murderer trialed, about to be persecuted unfairly for the service paid to brokerages illegally. The afterlife must've gotten immersed in a Halo of young naive children, for the third release through Bungie, his young mind created imagery in the infamous World of Warcrafts.

Classic Call of Duty Cold War from & Treyarch video game companies along with Blizzards in action as we trek through a sandstorm of action - onwards to missions only two years priorly seen as impassible missions unable to beat.

Pyramids had nothing on this, a building of steel and concrete for all to miss.

Ancient civilized saints, or those who clean up our dreary life without choice (unfortunate). They would simply discard and re-populate without disregarding their negligible categories of status and associated race to Mars!

Or so I dreamed, for almost 8 years.

2038 I was pushed away into a coma after dying internally while waiting to escape the wells of a great maple tree, only to arrive in a weary state... on a land distant at great space lengths - Mars - with my very own space, that is, a pod of lodging for my seeping memories.

Society Underneath Sheets, Perusing Together

In space since 2045 - now 8.3 space seconds, around the sun - vivid life dreams, which provided real airtime identity travel for the surviving prototype years, was sustaining our joint slumber of 16 life years now flying subtly through me as I lay staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

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Fun Fact - 'Aeropipsquires' was a new word, inspired by space - by obvious choice, but also squires - from medieval centuries,where inspiration was taken as his fate was laid in a prison cell before laying awake!


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