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Us Bugs Rise

A creature's life, and afterlife

By Kalina BethanyPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 2 min read
Us Bugs Rise
Photo by Eduardo Gorghetto on Unsplash

Sacred Sleep Amidst

By Slava Yumatov on Unsplash

The ultimate protein was improperly injected verbally, while jesting as we scrambled towards the structure overpowering me - with crawling creatures around and beneath.

Recalling the memory is like a fever dream.

Imagine, though, a nightmare with ribbons vicariously draping fervorous real, live dreary sight all night. Loving a life such as this was a simple bliss where innocence juggles between sane and sandy feet.

They were everywhere, summoned by the birthday celebrations we partake in with the select few among our crew. Bugs anew surrounded you with curious glances upwards, afraid to see the state of their fellow beings of earth past the wake of '02 outbreaks.

Imagine the faces of those around me when I rose from the grave and burst - most literally as one could possibly be in the midst of a funeral at display - disgust amiss free - as I emerged into a family not recognized by me.

By Adam Bouse on Unsplash

I turned around and all I could see were corpses on top of me - or where I was supposed to be. The family physically above my gravesite, really a group of grave scavenging freaks! Surely they were not expecting to find such a feast like me - being a wholly live human being to eat!

And then she wakes up, the prey unable to breathe without coughing.

Or so it seemed, to the friends that buried her above, who didn’t see deep inhaling.

Hallowed cries seemed to mush the moonlight mud into clay as it refused to move even an inch away.

Solidarity with the bugs they had slain only hours before the respiratory ways of fellow breathtakers was taken by our human hands for play -

a dark, twisted, undesired fate

How it must bee, living amongst those that cannot see clearly enough to witness the burial of something so alive inside - that took all the energy completely away from within thee.

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Kalina Bethany. All rights reserved

Enjoy this piece inspired by a childhood memory?

My friends in first grade eating bugs in the field yard,

turned dark 'n' twisted micro horror piece in the graveyard, after getting accidentally buried alive during the game, after supposedly dying during the fun of it -

later to be picked up - literally! by creepy gravediggers!

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