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Love rejected shaman acts

Love rejected shaman acts

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Love rejected shaman acts
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Amara, with eyes the color of twilight and hair like spun moonlight, stood before Kael, the village's most respected shaman. Her heart hammered a frantic rhythm against her ribs. Today, she would confess her love for him.

Kael, tall and strong with wind-sculpted features, turned from his herbal concoctions. Amara, a skilled weaver, had often brought him offerings of her craft – intricate tapestries depicting the hunt, the harvest, and the village itself. Today, her offering was her heart laid bare.

"Kael," she began, her voice barely a whisper. "I... I have something to tell you."

He raised an eyebrow, a flicker of curiosity sparking in his dark eyes. "Speak your mind, Amara."

Emboldened, she poured out her feelings. She spoke of the way his presence warmed her like the summer sun, of the way his voice calmed her like a rushing stream. She confessed she saw not just the respected shaman, but the man she loved.

Kael listened intently, his expression unreadable. When she finished, a long silence stretched between them, heavy with unspoken words. Finally, he spoke, his voice gentle, but firm.

"Amara," he said, "your words honor me. You are a skilled weaver, and your spirit shines brighter than any tapestry. But my path is one of solitude. The Great Spirit demands my full devotion."

Amara's heart plummeted. Rejection, sharp and cold, pierced her. Tears welled in her eyes, blurring Kael's image. "But... but you could have both," she pleaded. "The Great Spirit and..."

"Love is a distraction," he interrupted, his tone kind but resolute. "It clouds judgment and weakens focus. My duty lies with the village, with channeling the spirits for their protection."

Disappointment crushed Amara. She understood the importance of his role, but the pain of his rejection was raw. Leaving his hut, she wandered into the forest, her steps heavy. The lush vegetation no longer held its usual comfort.

Days turned into weeks. Amara went through the motions of weaving, but her creations lacked their usual vibrancy. The once vibrant tapestry of her life had become a faded echo. One night, under the cloak of a star-dusted sky, she stumbled upon a hidden clearing. In its center, an ancient oak stood, its gnarled branches reaching towards the heavens.

Legends spoke of the oak as a bridge between the spirit world and the physical one. A desperate hope flared in Amara's chest. If Kael wouldn't open his heart, maybe the spirits could intervene.

Under the oak, she started weaving a new tapestry, unlike any she had created before. Threads of moonlight and starlight intertwined with threads of heartbreak and longing. She poured her love for Kael, her pain, and her unwavering belief in their connection into the intricate design.

As she worked, a strange energy crackled in the air. The wind picked up, rustling the leaves and whispering through the branches. Amara felt a presence – powerful, ancient, and watching.

Suddenly, a vision materialized before her. A majestic stag, its antlers crowned with moonlight, emerged from the shadows. Its eyes, pools of celestial wisdom, locked with hers. The stag, a messenger of the spirits, bowed its head in acknowledgement of her offering.

Exhausted but exhilarated, Amara finished the tapestry at dawn. It shimmered with an otherworldly light, a testament to her love and desperation. Knowing its power, she draped it over the branches of the ancient oak.

News of the tapestry spread like wildfire. Villagers were drawn to the clearing, awestruck by its beauty. Even Kael arrived, drawn by the whispers of a magical creation. As his gaze fell upon the tapestry, a gasp escaped his lips.

It wasn't just the artistry that captivated him. He saw himself reflected in the threads – his duty as a shaman interwoven with Amara's love, a tapestry that could strengthen, not weaken, his connection to the spirits. In that moment, a truth dawned on him. Love wasn't a distraction; it was a source of strength.

Looking at Amara, her eyes filled with a mixture of hope and defiance, Kael understood. He had been blinded by his devotion, but the spirits, through Amara's creation, had shown him the error of his ways.

With newfound clarity, he approached her. "Amara," he said, his voice filled with regret. "I was wrong. Your love is not a weakness, but a gift. It can guide me, strengthen me."

A tear traced its way down Amara's cheek, this time a tear of joy. The tapestry, born of her heartbreak, had woven a new path, a path where love and duty could coexist. It was a love story rewritten not by fate


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