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How deep can you possibly dig?

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By Beatrice OkoroPublished 5 months ago 7 min read
How deep can you possibly dig?
Photo by patrickltr on Unsplash

what's the deepest hole you can possibly

dig do you remember that absolutely

divine feeling you had as a child when

you were digging in wet sand at the

beach deeper and deeper have you ever

wondered where you would have ended up

if you kept digging without stopping

great news even if you never managed to

find out how far down your little tunnel

could go this video will tell you maybe

someone has already used modern

technology to reach the core of the

planet and we just haven't heard about

it yet but before you start digging for

the truth hit the red subscription

button that's how you get to the bright

side of life

where numerous secrets are ready to be

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let's start our dig at a depth of 2.3

feet you'll find numerous Mole tunnels

and rabbit warrens by the way a mole can

dig a tunnel longer than 65 feet in just

one day if we move down a bit more we'll

get to the standard depth of a grave if

we're speaking about Western culture of

course that's about 6 feet down in fact

the actual depth of a grave can vary but

the expression six feet under didn't

appear out of the blue that was the

burial depth in plague infected England

and it was a stipulation of the Mayor of

London in 1665 such a depth was believed

to prevent the spreading of the

infection deep burrowing species of

earthworms can be spotted at a depth of

10 feet one of them draw witih grandis

can grow up to 3.5 feet long


gigantic worms haven't managed to scare

us so we're digging further down about

13 feet underground we come across the

tomb of pharaoh tutankhamun it was

discovered by archaeologist Howard

Carter in 1922 20 feet is the maximum

range of a metal detector

even so a high-end detector will

probably spot a car hidden underground

at this depth but if a detector is not

so advanced or if an object is small it

won't work you can still find the roots

of tropical forest plants if you dig 23

feet down tropical trees need such long

roots to store water during dry periods

william little of Hackney aka The Mole


lived in London and managed to burrow 26

feet under his own house he started in

the 60s and this process took him more

than 40 years the web of caverns and

tunnels the man dug spreads more than 65

feet away from the house

almost 40 feet down and you'll see the

deepest burrow made by an animal

surprisingly this super deep hole is dug

by the Nile crocodiles when we arrive at

a depth of 60 feet we can see Beijing's

underground city that's a subterranean

bomb shelter consisting of a vast

network of tunnels and underground rooms

it is situated under the capital of

China at a depth of 66 feet the Paris

catacombs are located they were

discovered in the 18th century these

catacombs contain the remains of more

than 6 million people well this might

sound a bit shocking but at a depth of

110 feet there's an underground farm yes

they use a former bomb shelter to grow

veggies and herbs in London the deepest

swimming pool in the world

the y40 diving pool in motsi grotto

Terme Italy goes 131 feet down if you

fell into this pool when there was no

water in it it would take you three

seconds to reach the bottom do you think

that's too long or not long enough tell

us in the comments below in Cappadocia

Turkey there's an underground complex

that probably dates back to the seventh

century its name is the darin caillou

underground city and it's situated

almost 280 feet below Earth's surface at

328 feet you'll find yourself at the

death in which radioactive waste

stored and just a bit deeper at 346 feet

you'll be able to see where the deepest

metro station in the world is situated

that's our cinema metro station in Kiev

the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK

with France is situated at a depth of

377 feet a wild fig tree that grows at

the echo caves near auric stats ow that

ax has the deepest roots known to people

they go down 400 feet but there's a

hotel room that situated even deeper

than that you can find the deepest hotel

room in the world 508 feet underground

at Salas silver mine in Sweden sounds

crazy right but what will you say about

the deepest half marathon at a depth of

695 feet it took place in 2004 at the

bak Nia Salt Mine in Poland the deepest

railway tunnel is located at a depth of

787 feet that's the maximum depth of the

seek and tunnel in Japan that opened in

1988 and the deepest Road tunnel on

earth is the Ike's and tunnel in Norway

it goes under the sea and reaches 942

feet below Earth's surface even if we

could get down to 1,001 feet we'd still

be in the danger zone for the be 8 to

earth penetrating nuclear warhead that's

its maximum destructive depth at a depth

of 1286 feet we'll see the deepest

hand-dug water well Wooding dean water

well is located near Brighton UK it was

created in 1862 and is also likely to be

the deepest hole in the world ever dug

without the use of any technology

remember this number

2110 feet that's how far down that

deepest natural shaft in the world goes

it's the verdict Lavasa cave in slovenia

if you were unlucky enough to fall down

the shaft your fall will last 11 seconds

before you reach the bottom however even

deeper than that

at 2,000 297 feet 33 Chilean miners

trapped for 69 days it happened in the

San Jose copper and gold mine in Chile

in 2010 all of the miners were rescued

at a depth of 3,800 feet there's a

deepest bat colony in the world about

1,000 brown bats spend every winter in a

zinc mine in New York the deepest

concert in history took place at a depth

of 4,000 166 feet in a mine in Finland

in 2007 the performer was a band called

agonizer then there's home state gold

mine in the USA its death is 4855 feet

in 1965 this mine hosted a successful

experiment scientists detected and

counted neutrinos subatomic particles

from the Sun the deepest coal mine is

the ginger ik2 mine which is located in

the Czech Republic it has a depth of

four thousand nine hundred twenty feet

and closed in 1991 about five thousand

nine hundred twenty feet down and we

arrived at the deepest part of the 227

mile long Grand Canyon its average depth

is five thousand two hundred eighty two

feet the deepest cave known to humankind

is krubera cave in the arabica Massif in

Georgia the cave goes down seven

thousand one hundred eighty five feet at

seven thousand six hundred seventy seven

feet below the earth's surface that

deepest radio broadcast took place it

was held by CBC and happenin Creighton

mined Ontario Canada in 2005 the deepest

laboratory in the world is the jinping

underground laboratory in China and it

is situated 8200 two feet underground

let's dig a bit deeper

voila ten thousand two hundred three

feet down and we see the deepest single

shaft elevator in the world it's located

in the MOA

coats on gold mined in South Africa if

you decide to take the elevator down it

will take you four and a half minutes

but if you opt for a shortcut and jump

into the shaft you'll reach the bottom

and just

25 seconds the deepest known

multicellular organism dwells at a depth

of 11811 feet

that's a worm found in the tout ona mine

in South Africa now let's go deeper down

the tout on of mine in fact it's the

deepest human destination in the world a

trip down to the bottom takes more than

an hour the temperature there will

definitely make you sweat it reaches a

whopping 151 degrees Fahrenheit the

average depth of the oceanic crust is

almost 20,000 feet this is also the

depth of the deepest known microbes they

were found in rocks below China's song

Lao Basin at a depth of about 36,000

feet there's the deepest point of the

ocean Mariana Trench

but people have managed to get even

deeper than that until recently the

absolute champion of the depths was the

Kola super-deep borehole this is the

second deepest artificial hole on the

planet and it's situated in Russia the

depth of this wondrous human creation is

40,000 355 feet that was a project of

the Soviet Union they tried to drill

through Earth's crust however they only

made it 1/3 of the way

after that the temperature reached 356

degrees Fahrenheit and the drill

couldn't operate any longer if you

stumble across this hole by accident you

aren't likely to recognize it its

diameter is just 9 inches and it looks

absolutely nondescript on the other hand

it probably helps to prevent people

accidentally falling down there

if you drop a coin down the shaft it

will fall 450 seconds before it reaches

the bottom and the winner in the

category of the deepest artificial hole

on earth is Z 44 shave Oh oil and gas

well this shaft is drilled down to a

whopping 40,000 604 feet that's 15 Burj

Khalifa's put on top of each other the

shaft is located in the Russian Far East

how deep underground would you agree to

go tell us in the comment section below

hit the like button if this video

managed to impress you and remember to

subscribe to this channel life is always

more fun on the bright side


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