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Future Effects of Creative Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing

By Justine ObodoziePublished 4 months ago 6 min read

We don't often see examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing today, so it's easy to think of it as a futuristic technology. It's true and false at the same time. Nowadays, advanced artificial intelligence is commonly used in a variety of industries. However, the potential for imaginative automation in the future is mostly unexplored.

IBM suggests that imaginative problem-solving is the final frontier for AI. However, state-of-the-art AI algorithms and machine learning are reshaping every creative endeavor from copywriting to picture development. One issue of Cosmopolitan featured a cover created entirely by AI in response to the question "wide-angle photo from below of a female astronaut with an athletic feminine physique strolling with swagger toward the camera on Mars in an infinite universe, synthwave digital art."

Also, automation is already being used in platforms like AdCreative.ai to help businesses expand. Let's go further into forecasts for the future of AI and automation in the creative industries.

Can We Expect Artificial Creativity to Last?

With regard to the future of AI, many questions remain unanswered. However, Salesforce found that by the end of 2021, AI was responsible for 95% of brand interactions with consumers. What an amazing accomplishment!

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence disagree on whether the technology will ever reach the point where it can function as a fully autonomous creative partner or if it will always need human guidance and input. Even with the Cosmopolitan example, the long prompt that resulted in the final cover image required several drafts, tests, and revisions before it was finally settled.

Those of you who have read our article on whether or not AI can think creatively can attest to the fact that there are compelling arguments in favor of this hypothesis. Creative automation is here to stay; there's no question about that. The question now is what the future of advertising will look like, and how far machine learning and deep learning can go.

Do Computers Have the Capacity for Human-Level Thought?

Though AI has progressed to a point where it can produce creative results on its own, even the most advanced AI techniques and models of today still have limits or require human intervention.

Future advertisements may benefit from AI being taught specific emotions, such as happiness or sadness. Humans can teach or program computers, but only within the constraints of their own imagination. Based on metrics like an ad's conversion rate, AI can learn to determine if it's effective at eliciting a favorable response from its intended audience. In the long run, this can help ensure that the tone of brand-approved images is accurately represented.

Using AdCreative as an example, artificial intelligence engines have been integrated into various tools.

While ai is able to learn and change in response to new information, it still lacks the emotional intelligence to understand and appropriately respond to human feelings. Future technology hinges on answering the question of whether or not it is possible to program computers to recognize intangible concepts like emotion and tone.

What's even more fascinating is that so much about the creative process in the human mind is still a mystery. Some experts estimate that only 5 percent of creative work done by professionals falls into the category of truly transformative innovation, while the remaining 95 percent is merely exploratory. This suggests that AI algorithms aren't as far behind as we might expect when it comes to comprehending the creative potential of both computers and humans.

IBM's AI-Created Movie Trailer for "Morgan" | 20th Century FOX in High Definition

There is still a great deal to discover about how humans think creatively; could some of this be uncovered by AI?

This is a meta-level of conversation.

Does Intelligent and Imaginative Automation Have Any Limits?

While AI has made great strides, it still needs human help to operate. AdCreative.ai, for instance, can create an infinite number of distinct advertisements. Setting settings and uploading certain rules is necessary for its innovative automation, but this is quite easy to do.

AI is already a useful and creative tool, but it will be interesting to see how it changes and how it affects commercials in the future. For example, could integration between tools like DALL-E and platforms like AdCreative.ai be used to quickly create and deliver one-of-a-kind commercials across different mediums and channels?

Leaders of thought argue about whether or not AI innovations will finally make creative automation work without supervision or direction. Yet, even if something turns out to be technically feasible, should that be the objective?

Either way, AdCreative.ai isn’t slowing its gallop alongside this quickly rising technology. We can't wait to play a leading role as AI revolutionizes future marketing campaigns.

When Is the Right Time to Implement AI?

Before AI can completely replace humans in any task, it has a long way to go. However, it is already vastly superior in certain respects. AI could speed up or get rid of 99% of the boring and repetitive tasks that happen behind the scenes in digital media and any other industry that uses data analytics.

Not too long ago, you would have had to figure out how to resize and crop ad creative for multiple formats all on your own in programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Even as recently as last year, Adobe forum users were trading scripts designed to make image resizing faster. These sorts of workarounds are now (quite literally) obsolete thanks to AI-powered solutions.

Businesses are pushing the boundaries of AI and creative intelligence to explore automation's boundless expansion possibilities. Chatbots powered by AI is already in use in businesses of all sizes.

A growing number of businesses are realizing the potential of AI and automation to increase output and fuel expansion, and customer service is just one example. Developed using AI methods, superior cognitive capacities have benefited the healthcare, financial services, and retail sectors. By 2023, artificial intelligence chatbots will have avoided around $11 billion in yearly customer support costs by preventing 2.5 billion hours of wasted time. By 2022, it's expected that artificial intelligence will power 90% of banking sector client interactions.

The marketing and advertising sectors have long made use of creative automation to increase audience engagement, boost productivity, and speed up expansion. AdCreative.ai uses machine learning and deep learning to power its exact prediction models, allowing it to better select ad designs, categorize customers, report on consumer analytics, and respond to shifting market conditions.

Other sectors have tested and are continuing to investigate the potential of AI and imaginative automation. Future technology is expected to advance at an unprecedented rate; therefore, this is something to anticipate. To keep businesses ahead of the curve, AdCreative.ai wants to continue on course and advance the state of the art in AI capabilities and integrations.

What's the harm in letting AI have some say on our commercial concepts if we already trust it with our money?

Smarter Growth Through Intelligent Robotics

Creative automation systems like AdCreative.ai bring cutting-edge advertising technology into the present, helping businesses save money and effort while boosting their conversion rates.

With the help of AI, today's marketing campaigns can adapt to changing conditions far more quickly than in the past. AdCreative.ai can free you from the tedium of manually managing your advertising campaign, allowing you to put your attention where it's needed most: on the strategic demands that will help your business thrive.

You may use the power of AI to take your business to the next level if you're eager to expand.

There is a free trial period of seven days available on AdCreative.ai. Join now to use one of the most innovative automated advertising platforms available!

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