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Ten Applications That May Save Lives

by Justine Obodozie about a month ago in apps
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Apps have emerged as the preferred new platform for brands and companies to connect with their customers

The world was introduced to the App Store on July 10, 2008, and since then, the way we use and interact with technology has never been the same. Apps have emerged as the preferred new platform for brands and companies to connect with their customers. The invention of applications has sparked all kinds of bizarre and fascinating, but more importantly, useful, developments.

There are many excellent, cutting-edge apps that improve people's lives and even those that may be able to save lives. These ten apps are just a sample of the many versions that are currently accessible; more with superior technology and more innovative features are still being developed.


10. ICE Medical Standard

In Case of Emergency is referred to as ICE. For both iOS and Android phones, this software has been created to be the industry-leading medical ID. Using the app Medical ID, you may display your emergency contact information on your smartphone's image overlay lock screen. First responders, EMS, EMTs, FEMA, and ER staff can therefore access your emergency contact information as soon as they turn on your phone in the event of an accident.

They developed a color-coded system that is simple to understand so that emergency personnel can determine how "high-risk" the person is. Even the healthiest people could benefit from having this software on their phone because you never know when it can come in handy and save your life. Within seconds of taking up your phone, doctors can access your allergies, medical conditions, and any medications you might use on a regular basis. In order to safeguard your private information, you can also choose which personal information appears on your lock screen.

9. What3Words

It's critical to be able to pinpoint your whereabouts in an emergency. For instance, consider yourself in need of medical attention while out in the woods. A street address would be of little use to you in that situation. As a result, you must be able to clearly describe your location when necessary, using details other than a standard address.

What3words is useful in this situation. This program generates 57 trillion distinct three-word addresses for each of the 57 trillion three-square-meter (9.8-square-foot) squares in the planet. You can now point someone to a certain square of the planet with just three phrases because they were randomly created for each square and will always remain the same.

Their app currently covers the entire world with three-meter squares; the uses for this software are essentially unlimited. It was initially created as a way to find more odd or remote addresses. You can also search a what3words location right into Google Maps thanks to their addon for Mozilla and Google Chrome.

8. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

With the help of the software Zello, users may use their smartphones as walkie-talkies or two-way radios so long as they are connected to a network or Wi-Fi. If no other options are available, the service will even send communications over outdated 2G networks. People all across the world can converse with this software even if their cell phone connectivity is unreliable.

Without the pricey traditional radio hardware, this technology makes it simple for emergency personnel to communicate and receive notifications. It enables uninterrupted and unambiguous communication between various first-aid teams.

Additionally, channel owners can broadcast loud, repeated Channel Alerts in times of emergency. Every minute, loud sounds and a text message are sent to subscribers by alerts, whether they are connected to the channel or not. As a result, eight billion live messages are delivered each month and tens of thousands of first responders use Zello every day. This is undeniable evidence that this program is significantly improving the lives of numerous people all around the world.

By collaborating with AGIS (Advanced Ground Information Systems) to develop LifeRing, an app to boost first responders' and military personnel's productivity, they are furthering the development of this technology. It will be interesting to see how push-to-talk communications are evolving, with Zello undoubtedly at the forefront.



The best app to keep you safe when you wish to go long hikes across the woods is Cairn. Since its 2015 release, it has given many ardent hikers an extra measure of peace of mind as they take in the scenery.

The one and only goal of this software is highlighted by its tagline, "Get home safely from any adventure." Trail alerts and real-time location monitoring are a couple of the helpful connections on this app. If you're running late, trail notifications will immediately contact the people you've specified (friends or family). The real-time tracking could save your life if you're walking alone in a dangerous area. It makes it possible for your chosen contact to know exactly where you are at all times.

To know where to go if you need to make a call, you can use the app to find out which locations have phone coverage. Every time a user launches this app on a new path, it adds to the quantity of data that is available to the following hiker because this component is crowdsourced.

6. Stay Alive

A "pocket suicide prevention resource" that is "filled with important information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis," as it describes itself. They have developed a free app that provides assistance and direction to individuals who require it. Stay Alive alters this for everyone who believes they have no one with whom to discuss their struggles.

It has many features that are intended to motivate people and make them feel less stressed. A safety plan, a "Lifebox" where you may save images that are particularly significant to you, and, of course, linkages to national crisis resources are just a few of the useful features.

It was created by the UK-based nonprofit Grassroots Suicide Prevention, which aids localities in avoiding suicide. Both professionals and individuals of the community are taught suicide prevention techniques. And even if it could seem like a complex topic, it is crucial for nonprofits like these to develop cost-free, modern services.

5. First Aid by British Red Cross

A number of apps have been developed by the British Red Cross, the country's representative to the International Red Cross, to help everyone learn vital first-aid skills. The ability to administer first aid quickly can minimize a person's recovery time and determine whether the patient will experience a short or long-term handicap. And encouraging others to learn the fundamentals is unquestionably a noble endeavor.

The company's main software contains 19 abilities that users may use to help themselves or others while going about their daily lives. With more than 500 thousand downloads just on the Google Play store, it is helping to put some much-needed knowledge into the hands of many individuals.

It teaches users how to respond to occurrences like car accidents and extremely cold weather. With the use of films, interactive tests, and step-by-step instructions, it presents the material in an interesting manner.

4.Share the Meal

According to reports, one in nine people globally suffer from hunger or malnutrition. Additionally, 2.3 million children die from malnutrition each year, according to the nonprofit Action Against Hunger. An app called Share the Meal works to address this important issue. It was constructed using a crowdfunding strategy in conjunction with the United Nations World Food Program.

Many organizations were delighted to see the release of an entertaining, simple-to-use software that informs and enables people to donate. It was acknowledged as one of Google's and Apple's "Best Apps" in 2020. This app accomplishes its goal of "making battling hunger accessible to everyone" in full. The majority of individuals would say they are prepared to give to charity, but perhaps fewer did in the past due to the stigma associated with making modest gifts. Users can now donate as little as 80 cents to Share The Meal in a matter of seconds. The maximum proposal is $293 to provide 365 meals to a family. It provides pre-set donation choices with descriptions of how many meals each amount will provide.


3.Pulse Point

The goal of Pulse Point, a technology startup, is to improve healthcare through machine learning and automation by building platforms that enable those in need of assistance to get it more quickly. They have developed an app that enables anyone with CPR training to help those experiencing cardiac arrest in their neighborhood. The "CPR Needed" alerts are programmed to override the do not disturb setting on mobile phones and have a distinctive alarm sound. Additionally, because it connects to 911, it will alert both local residents and the appropriate emergency services.

Users of the app can contribute to lifesaving efforts even before someone is in danger. They have developed a feature that enables anyone to locate AEDs (Automated external defibrillators) anywhere on the map, along with a brief description of the establishment to which it is connected and a picture to help contextualize their position.

Now, app users can select to receive notifications of other occurrences including wildland fires, flooding, and utility problems that may affect them and their families. And while it is presently only available in North America, there are plans to make it available worldwide.

2. My Earthquake Alerts

My Earthquake Alerts is another absolutely free app that was created with the safety of the global populace in mind. This user-friendly software was created exclusively to warn users of earthquakes throughout the world and has more than a million downloads and 4.5 ratings in the Google Play store.

There are thought to be 20,000 earthquakes worldwide each year, 16 of which are predicted to be significant ones (at a magnitude of 7.0 to 8.0). As a result, a mobile app that alerts users to events as they occur will surely be able to save lives. No matter where they are in the world, users may choose which areas to get notifications about, giving them confidence in themselves and their loved ones. This program, which is accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones, may undoubtedly benefit anyone who resides in (or travels to) an earthquake-prone area.

1.Snug Safety

This app was created as a daily check-in service for persons who live alone, with a focus on the elderly and the vulnerable. It gives families a way to make sure that their loved ones are safe and healthy. This software can give you the piece of mind you need while traveling far from your parents or grandparents or give you a long-term solution to make sure they are remaining safe while living alone.


Two million check-ins have already been made, according to their website. It is evident that they are having a good impact on the aged care industry because they have been featured in Forbes and AARP: The Magazine. The software asks the user to check in at least once daily to let their loved ones know they are safe. There are alerts that give reminders before the check-in deadline. It will, however, phone their emergency contacts to let them know they missed the check-in if the deadline passes without a check-in. The premium edition of the program also provides the option to call each of your contacts sequentially. Additionally, if they haven't checked in yet and the dispatcher doesn't have confirmation that one of their emergency contacts will do so, they will ask for a formal wellness check to be made to the last known location of their cell phone.


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