Full Disclosure, Please

Coming out of the Cosmic Closet

Full Disclosure, Please
It's time for me to get something off my chest, even if it means stigma and ridicule from many people. I have always tried to be as skeptical as possible and endeavor to research everything thoroughly if I don't have first-hand experience with a certain topic. There are certain things in our society that have been consistently viewed as laughable or the stuff of fiction, and what I want to talk about is thankfully starting to shed some of these judgments.

When it comes to ETs and UFOs I have both my own experiences as well as corroborating evidence and testimonials that I have gathered over the years. The most compelling work in my mind has been Cosmic Disclosure featuring David Wilcock and Corey Goode. I will provide a link to that program at the end of this article.

I want to offer my perceptions on this issue not to try to convince anyone to believe anything but to provide some suggestions and plant some seeds that I feel are an integral part of humanity's evolution. To summarize contemporary insights on this topic would take a few articles, but I will outline the basic premises I have gathered in my own words.

There have been many extraterrestrial races that have interacted with various human civilizations over the course of our history. Various ET groups have played integral roles in terms of influencing both our genetic makeup and technological advancement. Just as there are various countries and factions on Earth that have different agendas, so too are there various races and peoples from different parts of the galaxy that have different intentions for themselves, humanity, and life in general throughout the cosmos.

It can be extremely complicated to delve into the specifics around all this, so I am keeping this as generalized and practical as possible. Whether we like it or not, there are influences acting upon us from many different angles. The government we see on TV represents the tip of a massive iceberg involving, among other things, secret space programs that have access to technologies far more advanced than anything we see from NASA.

A key tenet of the Cosmic Disclosure series involves Corey Goode's testimony of his involvement in one of these secret space programs for many years. His main message involves sharing wisdom and insights from his interactions with the Blue Avians, a group of highly advanced benevolent beings that are sharing a message very similar to the authentic spiritual messages we find on Earth.

Basically, they implore us to meditate, raise our consciousness, become more loving and orient ourselves towards taking care of our own needs as well as serving others. They also advocate eating a healthy high-vibratory diet and letting go of toxic foods and substances. There are people in the Ufology community who view benevolent ETs as gods or saviors, and this is one of the key things people like Goode endeavor to counteract.

Similar to the idea of spiritual guides, highly advanced races do not wish to interfere with our development, merely to encourage us to do the much-needed internal work on ourselves as individuals and become more loving and altruistic as a unified human society.

I don't promote anyone's work unless it has had a profound positive effect on my own life. In this case, I have nothing to gain monetarily and am not associated or affiliated with this work other than wanting to share the massive benefits of knowledge, wisdom, and positive inspiration I have received. I also want to add my voice to the growing number of individuals who are encouraging the government and media to acknowledge what has been hidden from the general population. The public deserves to have full knowledge of the content and information that has only been made available through independent researchers, whistle-blowers, and truth seekers thus far.

My counseling and spiritual practice are all about planting seeds of love within the human heart, and it is time humanity became aware of how far reaching these seeds extend, well beyond our planet and into the unbounded mysteries of the cosmos.


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Michael Thielmann
Michael Thielmann
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Michael Thielmann

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