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Do We All Read Minds?

Is mind reading common?

By Peter RosePublished 7 years ago 3 min read

“Mind reading” may be far more common than we think.

How many times have you said something and your companion has replied, “I was just about to say the same thing”?

Have you ever telephoned some one and they have said “I was just about to phone you”?

You will hear of reports of mothers whose “instinct” told them a child was in difficulties of some sort.

Forget the fake show biz mind reading tricks, forget the phony clairvoyants who claim to read minds.

There is a realistic belief that powerful thoughts, when backed by genuine emotion, have a tangible, but ethereal, reality of their own. I hesitate to call it a life of their own as it does not meet the normal definition of life.

People working in teams, on a new invention or a new scientific concept, have powerful minds generating powerful thoughts and they are usually emotionally involved in their work. Excitement is an emotion. The team generates powerful thought forms, backed by strong emotions and these form an ethereal cloud. Others with initial thoughts, backed by emotion (and even despair is an emotion), about the same subject unconsciously tap into this cloud and so add to it. Then, although separated by distance and without deliberate conscious communication, the two sets of thinkers are sharing the same thought cloud. They may come to slightly different conclusions but they have shared the thoughts and understandings.

The need for an emotional aspect can be explained by an analogy with electricity. Electrical power is measured in Watts and this is made of two parts, Voltage and Amperage (current). The ratio and strength may vary but you need both to get Watts. Similarly to get water to move along a pipe, you need both volume and a rate of flow.

The ancients of China suggested all of existence is like this. Through a combination of Yin and Yang forces.

The need to have both serious strong thoughts allied with some emotion, explaining why thought form clouds are not formed by everyday mundane or idle thoughts and why when they are formed, they can only be accessed by someone with an emotional and mental connection.

The mother's instinct is actually the working of her shared thought form cloud with the child. The close friend who you were anxious to talk to has a similar connection.

There is a rule in physics which says the weaker gets attracted to the stronger—this to do with chemical interchange across a membrane. This may be also true with thoughts.

As with everything in existence, as far as our present knowledge has taken us, there are two “sides” to everything, including the use to which thought form clouds can be put. Even if that “putting to use” is not deliberate or intended.

Many psychotic people have powerful minds and strong emotions. If they generate a powerful thought form cloud, then weaker thoughts, backed by strong emotions, from weaker individuals, may get attracted to this cloud and so start to share ideas and intentions that are eviler than they would have normally thought by themselves.

An emotionally weak person, viewing savage torture films may generate powerful thoughts which gather with those from similar other people until they form a cloud strong enough to attract yet more and in the end, this could cause an individual to act out the savagery.

Battlefields where an unusual level of collective bravery are displayed or battles where one side exhibits uncharacteristic savagery; this may be the result of powerful thought form clouds engulfing all concerned.

Even in the animal kingdom, this can be seen; one animal starts to run and the herd follows in a stampede. The notion of “collective hysteria” can be an example of thought form clouds affecting group, especially an introverted group.

This is one of the many things in human life that does not have a scientific explanation, in that it does not have tangible, quantifiable evidence, but it does explain many things that are otherwise unexplained, so it should be a useful hypothesis until we know more.

One thing that is so far, unmeasured, is the speed at which thoughts gather into clouds and the speed at which another person's emotionally driven thought can connect to that cloud. The instances of mother and child connection suggest it can happen fast. So what is the future?

If we train ourselves, we could use this for communication.


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