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The Natural Laws of Existence

Are there "God" given laws?

By Peter RosePublished 7 years ago 7 min read

What are the natural laws? Those rules that affect everything and can not be avoided. Some may call them God's law while others say they are the scientific rules of physics.

Why the importance of universal natural laws? Because if they exist and if we can live by them then we would be in equilibrium with the whole of the universe, we would be an active part of creating, we would have a long term future in existence.

Some things do seem to always come true

The laws of homogeneous attraction, sometimes explained as birds of a feather flocking together, seems an obvious one. People who think about life in the same way have an understandable tendency to communicate and congregate with each other.

The expectation that the denser the object the more it will sink also seems obvious; a ship does not sink because its shape means it is overall less dense than water.

Gravity pulls all things “down,” where this is defined as towards the center of the greater mass. Large astronomical bodies orbit around a barycenter (the point is determined by the relative size of the bodies and the distance between them).

Some things are only true under Earth normal conditions:

  • What goes up must come down — unless it goes far enough up to escape Earth gravity
  • What goes around comes around — as long as nothing gets in the way
  • What you sow is what you reap — unless weeds are present

Do these things apply to moral issues, spiritual matters and the intellect or only to the physical? Even more intriguing, when humans get to explore other galaxies, will these same laws and rules apply? Are there such things as universal natural laws?

Do great political leaders get unconsciously adjusted by the interaction with other great political leaders? At the moment all we have in most of the world, are politicians more concerned with the power to act, than with the act they wish to carry out. So do we always have to have several great leaders and thinkers at the same time? Is it impossible to have just one at a time.

Think of history and greatness in humans; they seem to go in “clumps.” We have periods when several poets who we call great flourish and work at the same time, then we have periods when the mediocre seems good because of the lack of competition. This applies to the visual arts, look at the history of great artists. It applies in the sciences and in the theater.

So why is this? What natural law applies to this? Is it, in fact, a direct result of the law of homogeneous attraction, with only one person of “greatness” do you attract more that are like them?

Is our modern trend of everything must be instant and everything criticized to the last dot, destroying the evolution of great thinkers, great writers even great singers? If the TV is to be believed, if a singer has not achieved fame and fortune by age of 20 they never will. Historically rubbish but is this a self-fulfilling modern media demand?

Are we in fact creating a whole society where blandness, avoiding controversy, having right “look” rather that right ability, is so entrenched that this law of attraction means it is all we are going to get? In every aspect of life and human endeavor we are now praising the average, the conformist, the politically correct and we do not even acknowledge the existence of the wayward genius, the rebellious but brilliant creative talent. I know many will deny this but rebellious now means some one who pronounces politically correct socialist views from a drama stage. This is not in the same cosmos as say Richard Burton or Peter O'Toole in their pomp.

Greatness begets greatness seems to be a natural rule, thinkers who shift the boundaries come in groups. I hesitate to use the word “progressive” thinkers because it has been hijacked by the political correct left to mean someone who supports their views and they seem to be the greatest advocates of mediocrity must be praised. Even in the education of children, the aim is to save the slowest from criticism and not to promote the wildest free thinkers.

If this is a natural law then we have to get back to accepting the outlandish eccentricities of greatness or we will prevent greatness from occurring. Do this and humanity will stagnate, decay and die. Deservedly so.

What other laws are possibly universal?

Much of “new age” thinking is that the laws of attraction work, many expecting positive thinking will attract positive events. I suppose the success of those who write books allegedly guiding people on how to use power of positive thinking will show it worked for the writer, the publisher but will it work for the reader?

Does believing you will win the lottery mean you will win it? Depends on the time frame, if you play the lottery for a thousand years you should win, the mathematical of the laws of chance say this; if you don't the advocates of “new age” claim you did not believe it enough.

Is there truth behind this law of positive attraction? May be there is; certainly, those who expect to fail will most often do so. Those with confidence will win over those with ability but no confidence, this seems to be accepted on a wide level. In physical contact sports “going in” with fear is dangerous while “going in” with commitment and expectation of success, most often prevails. So positive thinking does have a right to be considered as a natural rule for success.

Many of the ancient philosophical belief systems evolved over long — in human terms — periods of time and many question the nature of “reality.” Even quantum physics changes our perception of what “reality” is. So how does this affect the existence or absence of any universal natural laws?

If everything is built around the vibration of electrically charged particles, do these obey any natural laws? Surely all the laws they obey, are natural laws.

What about the existence of multiple universes, the idea that everything that could happen does happen on one of an infinite number of co-existing universes. This does not alter the idea that there are universal natural laws since these laws would apply in every one of the infinite numbers of alternative universes.

Some of human conceptions of what are naturally right have to be questioned. The old European concept of moral rightness does have to be challenged. I understand that when these Europeans arrived in, what is now called America, they found native people who had totally different concepts about ownership and even God. Although many claimed to be acting in the name of God against those they called heathen, in reality it was the usual human trait of greed, the desire to posses and own tangible assets that was at the base of conflicts. If the native Americans did not understand claims that anyone could posses the land, the water, the sky, they may have been morally many many years ahead of the white invaders, but moral correctness does not win human conflicts. Since the coming of Christianity just about everyone involved in any European conflict has claimed God was on their side. So may be one very old concept is a natural law: Might is right. Those who have the power to rule must be right in doing so? This goes against our modern morality but it was held to be a correct “law” for several thousand years and so may in fact may be a true universal law.

Many religions claim to have the understanding of what GOD wants us to do, how we should worship, how we should be subservient to the appointed priesthood. So many of these claims turn out to be control mechanisms when examined closely.

Evolution has caused humans to take various forms, even more various modes of speech, language. Even more varied belief systems. Despite the one head, one body, two arms etc. there is such a vast variation of humans, that it defies logic. What is common to all humans is a curious combination of abilities. The ability to remember, the ability to control actions, the ability to feel emotions, the ability to imagine, the ability to create ideas, the ability to invent, the ability to communicate across species. This combination of intelligence, intuition, and instinct is unique to the human species on earth. Maybe unique in all of creation, we do not know. Is this why we exist? This unique combination of abilities is our purpose, our reason for existence?

If so finding all the universal natural laws and living within them is important.


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