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Dinner at the edge of space for only half a million dollars


By “M”Published 2 months ago 3 min read

«The "Neptune Spaceship" balloon will take tourists to a height of 30 kilometers above sea level, and passengers will enjoy a luxurious dinner at the hands of the world's most famous chefs (Space Perspective)»

The two private companies, SpaceVIP and Space Perspective, have teamed up to offer luxury meals to space tourists for $500,000.

The offer stated that customers will have a unique experience on board a space balloon that will fly them high, and that Danish chef Rasmus Munk, who holds two Michelin stars, will be the one who will prepare luxurious dishes.

In preparation for entering this market by 2025, Space Perspective is preparing the “Neptune Spacecraft” balloon, which will enter the testing and experimentation phase next month.

The spacecraft will fly at an altitude of 30 kilometers with 6 passengers on board, and dinner time will coincide with the sunrise time, which will rise from the distant horizon at the curvature of the Earth. Internet service will also be available so that passengers can share their unique experience with their friends on Earth via a live broadcast.

Chef Monk indicated that the menu he will prepare will be compatible with the nature of the trip itself with some unique dishes and items. It is worth noting that the “Alchemist” restaurant in the capital, Copenhagen, which Monk owns, has entered the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world for the year 2023 according to the Michelin classification.

«From inside the "Neptune Spaceship" balloon, where tourists will not experience zero gravity (Space Perspective)»

Space Perspectives previously announced that the Neptune spaceship will be the largest capsule ever built, and although its name is a “spaceship,” it will not actually reach space, but rather will remain close to the Karman line, which is 100 kilometers long, which is the limit to which The atmosphere and outer space are separated according to the classification of the scientific community.

The same applies to the rest of the other leading companies in the field of space tourism, such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, which will not reach orbital space, but rather their tourist trips will settle at slightly elevated limits, so that the Earth appears in its grandeur in an unprecedented way for passengers to leave with them. The profound psychological impact that companies hope for.

Although these companies market themselves as seeking to provide their services to the largest possible segment, the amounts they offer to their customers are only suitable for the wealthy class. For example, Virgin Galactic, which is headed and owned by British businessman Richard Branson, will require the tourist to pay an amount of 450. A thousand dollars to be able to climb to the frontiers of space.

From another angle, space balloons are considered the safest model for space tourism, as they do not require rocket fuel or a powerful launch process that negatively affects the distinctive experience of the tourist client.


What do you think of this type of trip, and is it possible for you to take a trip like this in the future? Is paying $500,000 to visit space excessive in your opinion?

In my opinion, the collaboration between SpaceVIP and Space Perspective to offer luxury dining experiences on the Neptune Spacecraft balloon is a fascinating concept that combines fine dining with a unique space adventure. The idea of enjoying a meal prepared by a renowned chef like Rasmus Munk while witnessing the sunrise from 30 kilometers above Earth is truly captivating. While the price tag may be out of reach for most people, it represents a growing trend in exclusive space tourism experiences tailored for the wealthy elite. The safety and innovative approach of using space balloons make this venture even more appealing for those seeking a once in a lifetime experience.


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  • Mark Graham2 months ago

    Looks interesting and it would be nice to see the sunrise this way, but way too rich for my tastes. Will never be affordable for me.

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