Daily Horoscope 11/12/2020

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Collective & Zodiac Sign Horoscope

Daily Horoscope 11/12/2020

Hey what's up everybody it is November 12, 2020 welcome to your daily collective horoscope. Today the Moon in Libra squares Jupiter in Capricorn, this alignment creates an energy that'll teach us wisdom through our experiences on how to react and respond to our relationships in a productive manner. This would be a great day to pay attention on how,the way we express ourselves, comes across to our relationships. This energy could also influence us to use our wisdom/knowledge in a manipulative manner toward our relationships causing a really tumultuous experience that'll teach us how to react and respond adequately to our relationships, it may be best to go through the experience first, even though that can put us in an uncomfortable space.

We also have the Moon in Libra in a square with Saturn in Capricorn, this alignment creates an energy that'll teach us how to feel comfortable creating boundaries with our relationships, though that may come thru an uncomfortable experience, it'll ultimately be to put us in a new found comfortable space whether that is physically, emotionally, or mentally. This would be a great time to detach from past negative emotions/thoughts and go within ourselves to figure out our priorities, that way we can create boundaries to uphold those priorities within ourselves.

Individual Sign Horoscopes

Aries: Everyone around you will be influenced to challenge you today, it is a perfect day to work on group projects as long as you guys can detach your emotions from other people’s opinion.

Taurus: Today will be though, your relationships will be misunderstanding your actions and vise versa. It is a good day to focus on your money instead of your relationships.

Gemini: It’s a perfect day to network with your relationships that can help influence you towards your goals, it is not such a great day to communicate socially, it can lead to petty arguments.

Cancer: Patience today Cancer’s, your relationships will need reassurance today so go easy on them. This energy will create an uncomfortable situation if you guys decide to be insensitive.

Leo: Get an umbrella today Leo’s, opportunities to create relationships will be raining down on you guys today like a heavy downpour.

Virgo: Tread carefully today Virgos, there will be many opportunities to over analyze your relationships which can create frustrating experiences for you guys.

Libra: You guys get to enjoy another easy flowing day as long as you guys do not focus too much on your relationships. Focus on yourselves.

Scorpio:Just like Virgos, it would be a good idea for you guys to tread carefully today, there will be many opportunities for hurt feelings today between your relationships.

Sagittarius: For you guys, today, your relationships will definitely provide you with many opportunities, make sure you guys choose wisely. The unwise choices will lead you to where the grass is not green. There’s just dirt!

Capricorn: Today will be a learning day for you Capricorns, the experiences you go through with your relationships today will teach you things money can’t buy. Just do not let the frustration blind you from the lessons.

Aquarius: Just like Geminis, today’s energy will influence your relationships to have an easy going day with you guys. They will easily adapt themselves to your way of thinking.

Pisces: Hang in there Pisces, just one more confusing day, then it’ll all start to make sense. Do something creative to pass the time.

As always, The choice is always ours! Stay safe out there guys don't allow this energy to steer you in the wrong direction, thank you for reading, talk to you tomorrow.

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