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Connected & Divided: Eclipse Season, Spring 2022

How might we expect April's Solar Eclipse in Taurus and May's Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio to affect us in the long term?

By Kaitlyn MauraPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Rafal Olbinski

Eclipse Season is here again. The Sun darkened by the shadow of the New Moon, the Full Moon darkened by a shadow cast by the Sun, marking a time of change and fate, births, deaths and rebirths - at least for those of us affected by its power.

Last Eclipse Season took place six months ago, in the signs of Taurus & Sagittarius. This time, it is the fixed signs of Scorpio & Taurus that are affected, affecting those with angles or personal planets in Aquarius & Leo, as well. Themes that took place towards the end of 2021 may revisit us now, and whatever is foretold by the current eclipse will likely follow us through the next six months, until Autumn, when a new eclipse season begins.

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April 30's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th took place at 10'48 degrees Taurus, a sign associated with nourishment and agriculture, the resources we need to survive. A fixed earth sign exalted by the Moon, the bull represents stability and comfort, security and self-preservation, especially when placed in the Moon's decan as it is now.

Moving towards the rebellious king of chaos, Uranus, at 14'32 degrees, we may find that there are sudden changes to this area of life - or whatever area of life ruled by the house that Taurus resides in our chart. This isn't a prediction, since it is a retrospective, but on a mundane level, I can't help thinking about the rising prices in the U.S. and U.K. as a result of the current war - shown by the eclipse's sextile to Mars, perhaps? Overall, however, the sextile to Mars at 11'53 degrees Pisces is likely to be a good thing, showing that we are strong enough to handle whatever changes come our way and giving us the initiative to change the things we need to attain that security and wellness. After all, this is a North Node Eclipse - the North Node sits at 22 degrees Taurus - and the North Node is about growth and expansion.

In addition to its closest aspect, it is important to consider the position of the Solar Eclipse's ruler - Venus, planet of love and beauty! And Venus is certainly in good condition. At the time of the eclipse, it is at 27'55 degrees, Pisces, sign of it's exaltation, affecting those of us with planets or angles in the late degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) as well. Venus is separating from the dreamy and romantic Neptune (24'33 degrees) and applying to an exact conjunct with Jupiter (27'57 degrees) the planet of good fortune and luck, in addition to spiritual fulfillment and growth. In other words, despite the traditional "scariness," of eclipses, this should actually be a rather pleasant time, marking positive beginnings. The "fated changes" experienced by those affected may very well include marriages, pregnancies, and significant relationships that positively transform the way we perceive the world and ourselves.

With Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, this eclipse gives birth to new connections, new passions, and if our self-preservation has been hurting our ability to have a successful relationship or if the drive for security has been causing us to hold on to relationships that are only hurting us, the eclipse's conjunction to Uranus shows that those unhealthy patterns may begin to die.

This partial eclipse could be seen from the southern part of South America, affecting those parts of the world the most.


May 16th's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

In contrast, the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th, at first glance, seems to look a little bit more challenging. The Full Moon will take place at 25'17 degrees Scorpio, a fixed water sign associated endings, making a close conjunction with the South Node (at 22'22 degrees), another point associated with endings. Of course, we could say, once again, that we are saying goodbye to people & things that do not serve us, and for some of us who are personally affected, that may be true - but the Taurus Sun is conjunct Algol, "the most evil star in the heavens," a star with a long history of association with violence, tragedy, illness & death. According to Astrology King, it is associated with "hanging, electrocution and mob violence," as well. So, I do expect to see some destruction and loss of a more negative kind, particularly when it comes to things that happen on a mass scale. After all, the world does seem to be at war, unfortunately, and Jupiter, having just moved into Aries (0'59 degrees), reflects that war-like energy (which you can expect an article about soon!).

The aspects made by the Lunar Eclipse appear to echo its challenging nature. The Sun & Moon make a square to Saturn at 24'56 degrees Aquarius. Traditionally seen as the "great malefic," Saturn has associations with death & decay, suffering & grief, but it also has associations with government - law & order, responsibility & restriction. So, I imagine this square indicates that this eclipse reflects hardships and limitations faced at the hands of politicians. Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Scorpio's trine to it's ruling planet, Mars (at 23'25 degrees Pisces) has warrior energy. However, because trines are generally positive (and Pisces, generally not the most combative sign) this could represent people protesting against the injustice of their leaders. After all, Moon does represent the people in mundane astrology.

The total eclipse can be seen from Western Europe, West Africa, and the Americas, affecting these parts of the world the most. While I'd rather not say it (or even see it), the heavy Martial energy makes me fear that some of these areas might become involved in a full-scale war. However, the position of Saturn, square the Moon & the Sun, makes me think that this lunar eclipse could indicate some more localized conflicts as well, such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States. In either case, this eclipses comes with challenges - although not necessarily anything that we can't pull through!

Rafal Olbinski


Spring 2022's Eclipse Season seems to be a mixed bag. While the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Taurus indicates love, peace, and prosperity, it is followed by a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, foretelling signs of war and oppression. There is no use denying that there will be some challenges ahead, but at least we have each other? I do not mean to sound corny, but it truly is our connections with others that make live worth living, and the presence of community makes us stronger than we would be otherwise... After all, the influence of a Solar Eclipse does tend to have the greater, more powerful impact, on large-scale events.


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