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Coincidence or Extra Terrestrial Coordinated Incidents

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in extraterrestrial
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Are all events scripted or is life random?

XB-70 Midair Collision

One of the most difficult concepts for an EA to overcome in the process of trying to understand ETI is the concept of a coincidence. EA are taught from an early age that whenever an event occurs that seems to be a remarkable concurrence of events without apparent causal connection all you have to do is attribute it to a coincidence and that will explain it. Is that really what is happening though? If you read the word COINCIDENCE with ETI using porphemes it says COordinated INCIDENts. So is it possible that the events on Earth are scripted and not just random?Unfortunately, the hypothesis that is being proposed, namely, the possibility Hetlauare using an ET architecture, requires corroboration for most people to view it as fact. Obviously, the soonest that could possibly happen would be if there was disclosure. For most individuals, it is just too far fetched to believe. For some though, the interest in analyzing incidents that appear to be coordinated so that they can look for repeating patterns that will possibly produce a preponderance of evidence, is worth investing the time in. One of the best arguments people give for claiming the stories surrounding Area 51 about ET and UFOs are false, is that the base is used to develop top-secret state of the art Earthling designed aircraft. The interesting thing about that statement you never hear anyone make a case for is, if that is true, then why was the XB-70 Valkyrie not developed and kept a secret there? The Valkyrie had a far more sophisticated wing using a completely new technology called compression lift. A cockpit that was more advanced in that it allowed the crew to operate it with no spacesuit at altitude, unlike the SR-71. Its speed was equal to the SR-71 so it had as much if not more reason to be kept secret. Yet the exact opposite was done with it. It was tested right out in front of public view. Was a this just a coincidence?As with other events, it is interesting to pose the hypothesis that the possibility Hetlau have scripted the events on Earth. Then reading the information with ETI that occurs around those events yields evidence that shows a repeating pattern. Although this is not corroboration and thus make it factual, it does over time when enough events are viewed, provide a preponderance of evidence that makes it difficult to say continuously "it's just a coincidence." To start with the name of the aircraft:VALKYRIE = RIVAL KEY (enagram)This is interesting because when you evaluate the aircraft as a rival it is key to what is going on. Rival in the sense EA and ESH are rivals. Rival in the sense EA aircraft and Volutes are rivals.First, by comparing the advanced technology of the wing, similar to the advanced technology of the F-14 wing, it is key when comparisons are made to the argument Volutes (UFOs) are not flying since they do not use wings. Yet no aeronautical or astronautical engineers ever bring this up.Second, the case for why it wasn't developed in secret but was tested right out in public view. This is key because the project was ended after a test flight crash occurred killing two pilots and injuring a third. The public might not have had access to this if it was tested in secrecy. The vehicle crashed on June EighT, 1966.It collided with an F-104104 = 1 + 0 + 4 = 5 = E = ET (alphanumeric ecronym)Reading the (3) pilots last names using ETI:

  2. CROSS
  3. WHITE

WALKER CROSS WHITE = WITH valkyriE (enagram, porpheme, bracketing)WALKER CROSS WITH VALKYRIE

They were in a 5 plane formation.5 = E = ET (alphanumeric ecronym)The reason they crashed and were killed was Walkers F-104 crossed paths with the Valkyrie. Just a coincidence?The Alphanumeric designation of the plane:XB-70 X = 24B = 224 + 2 - 7 - 0 = 199 - 1 = 8 = EighT = ET (bracketing)XB-70 = ETEven more bizarre the Russian's designed a fighter specifically to deal with this threat. The MIG-25RUSSIA = SURe IS Alien (enagram, porpheme, ecryonym)


GOVERNMENTGOVERN - To Control (definition)MENT - MENTal - Mind (porpheme, synonym)Government = Mindcontrol MIG = Mindcontrol Is Government (ecronym)MIG = Government Is Mindcontrol (enegram)2520 = T (alphanumeric)5 = E (alphanumeric)25 = ETIt's just a coincidence!Follow me on vocal media for more stories at:HumanoidExtraTerrestrialsLiveAmongUs.com


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Richard Van Steenberg

Follow me on Twitter @etufodisclosureHumanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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