Closed Doors: Pt.2

by Toni Hux about a year ago in fantasy

A Journey in the Past

Closed Doors: Pt.2

The competition came to an end and the director, Mr. Lawson, invited Jenna to have dinner with him and a few other members of the agency. She was so excited and eager to start on this new journey of hers that she didn’t hesitate to go with him.

They left the building and outside waiting for them was a beautiful black stretch limo.

“This is how you’ll get around from now on,” Mr. Lawson said with a smile.

Suddenly, a precarious feeling washed over her, but she tried hard to fight the feeling and said, “Oh yeah, this is great!” She smiled and turned away, hoping he couldn’t sense how she truly felt.

The driver stepped out of the limo and opened the door for them. As soon as Jenna was inside, she began to relax. She didn’t know that Mr. Lawson used lavender and bergamot aroma therapy to help put her in a relaxed mood. He began to tell her all about himself and gave her wonderful, vivid details about all the luxuries that would come while she was with the agency. He could see the delight in her face, and he was eager to find out what types of favors she would do to remain with the agency.

They pulled up to one of the most expensive restaurants in New York City, and Jenna’s jaw dropped.

“Wow! I didn’t expect to be eating here,” she said with wide eyes.

This was the type of response Mr. Lawson was hoping for. It was almost like a guarantee that she would grant some sexual favors for this type of lifestyle. The driver got out and opened the door for them. When Mr. Lawson got out, he helped Jenna out of the limo and he placed her hand on his arm. He escorted her into the restaurant and watched as she smiled the whole time. They were greeted by a waiter who knew exactly who Mr. Lawson was and then lead them to a private section of the restaurant to meet with the other members of the agency.

Once they arrived at the table, Mr. Lawson introduced Jenna to everyone. They all stood up to greet her and welcome her to the team. The waiter came and took everyone’s order, and as they ate their meals, she was continuously fed a fairytale of a wonderful life that would be all hers once she signed the contract.

Just then, there was a sudden silence. Everyone and everything around her was still, and she heard the voice of Mr. Gloren echoing through the air.

"Is everything going the way you thought it would Jenna?" the voice said.

"Yes! It's exactly how I dreamed it would be," she replied with a wide smile and teary eyes.

"How did you feel earlier? Are you ignoring that terrible gut feeling you had when you first left the competition? Are you sure you want to continue on this journey?" Mr. Gloren questioned.

"I... I was nervous at first," Jenna replied, "but I feel fine now, I'm not worried at all," she continued.

With that said, time began again, and before she new it, she signed the contract with the agency and was given instructions for her first paid photoshoot in the next two days. She was so excited and ready for anything, her dreams were coming true and she was ready to take on the world.

Mr. Lawson took the contract and placed it in his briefcase. He looked at Jenna with a great big smile and said, "I would like to invite you to a special welcoming party tomorrow night. I'll send our wardrobe specialist by to help you pick out a gown to wear. Her name is Lisa and she will be accompanied by our hair stylist and makeup artist, Reeba. A car will pick you up tomorrow evening at 7PM so make sure you're ready and waiting.”

"I'll be ready!" Jenna replied confidently.

Toni Hux
Toni Hux
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