Toni Hux

I’m a natural born actress with a passion for writing 

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Closed Doors: Pt.2
2 months ago
The competition came to an end and the director, Mr. Lawson, invited Jenna to have dinner with him and a few other members of the agency. She was so excited and eager to start on this new journey of h...
After Hours: Another Man's Treasure
3 months ago
I walked into Tracy’s office to find her sobbing at her desk, I wanted to ask her if she was okay, but instead I quickly closed the door to give her some privacy. I went back to my desk to take a mess...
Closed Doors: Pt.1
3 months ago
Jenna decided three weeks ago that she was going to see a therapist. She was tired of being unhappy and of distancing herself from her family and friends. Jenna lived with regret for years and it was ...
After Hours: Love in the Office
3 months ago
I never thought that I would have such strong desires for my boss. His smooth caramel skin, goatee, and plump juicy lips are all I could think about everyday when I get home from work. Today was a goo...