Closed Doors: Pt.1

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The Quest For Healing Begins

Closed Doors: Pt.1

Jenna decided three weeks ago that she was going to see a therapist. She was tired of being unhappy and of distancing herself from her family and friends. Jenna lived with regret for years and it was controlling her personality and affecting her relationships.

Jenna took a deep breath as Mr. Gloren handed her a mug that was half way full of a thick, but sweet, liquid. Although she was a bit nervous, she was ready to begin her healing process.

Jenna dreamed of becoming a famous supermodel from a young age. She dreamt of living a lavish lifestyle with no limits. She felt like her success was right at her finger tips, but the day she lost a major competition, was the day her dream died.

Mr. Gloren could tell that she was unsure, he looked her in the eyes and said, “This will give you a clearer understanding as to why your life didn’t go as you planned.”

He knew that she would feel much better and lead a happier life once she’s able to get a glimpse of her dreamt up world.

Jenna took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and quickly consumed the entire contents in the mug.

“The room is spinning,” she said, with droopy eyes.

“Just lay back and put your feet up,” Mr. Gloren replied. He sat on a gorgeous recliner a few feet away from her and opened the folder marked “Jenna Wallace” on the flap.

“When I count to three you will fall in a deep sleep, but don’t worry, you will still be able to hear me and correspond with me,” he said. He cleared his throat and began to count “1, 2, 3” and Jenna was out.

Mr. Gloren looked at Jenna and said, “can you hear me?" in a soft whisper.

She said, "Yes, I can hear you.”

He wrote something down in the folder and said, “Tell me what happened on the day of your competition.”

This command allowed Jenna's mind to open up the memories of that day. Jenna gasped, as she felt a strong pulling sensation throughout her body, the next thing she knew, she was back at her competition, reliving the events of that day. She ran to the dressing room and looked in the mirror and saw her younger, more vibrant self steering back at her.

“What’s going on?" she said to herself, to confirm that the person standing there was in fact her. She felt her face and blinked her eyes, but she still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“You're up, Miss Wallace,” her instructor said, as she walked pass the door.

Jenna turned quickly and ran through the door, suddenly she froze and everything thing, including time stopped.

“Jenna, would you like to change history? Would you like to win this competition?” a voice echoed through the air.

“Yes,” she said, with no hesitation and time began again.

She stood in front of the runway entrance and began her routine. She smiled with cheer as she stroke a pose and pivot and came back. This time she didn’t trip and fall, this time she made it through her entire routine, just as she had practiced for weeks before.

The competition was over and she stood on stage, along side the rest of her competitors. She was overjoyed when they called her name as the first place winner, and she began to cry tears of joy. This meant that she now has a contract with the agency of her dreams and she will be able to go on tour to different countries and model for some of the best designers.

Jenna stepped forward to collect her bouquet of flowers from her instructor who gave her a big hug and whispered in her ear, “Congratulations, I’m so proud of you.”

She took Jenna’s hand as they walked off stage and the audience stood up and applauded along with her fellow competitors. She led her to her office where she introduced her to the director of the agency who congratulated her and welcomed her to a bright and promising future.

Toni Hux
Toni Hux
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